Are you considering getting into the leading dental college or school in the US or Canada? Do you wish to pursue higher studies in the dental field? Then DAT is a mandatory requirement for all aspiring scholars seeking admission to US & Canadian dental schools.

Now, getting entry into the top-notched dental colleges or schools in the US & Canada as a student is exceptionally competitive, and scoring high on DAT is very important. And to score high, you need to prepare for the test adequately.

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What Is DAT?


DAT, a short form of the Dental Admission Test, is a standardized test designed to measure the candidates’ perceptual ability, scientific information, and general academic knowledge. The test is usually conducted by ADA, i.e., American Dental Association.

It is a computer-based, multiple-objectives, standardized test usually required for US and Canadian medical schools or universities. The test is conducted to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the students directly applicable to their success in the prospective dental school.

Tips For Scoring High In DAT


If you wish to pursue an orthodontist career and study in the leading orthodontal school in the United States or Canada, you need to score highest in DAT. It is a preliminary aptitude test whose percentage decides your admission to dental schools or colleges. Clearing DAT is the first step to getting access to your desired dental school.

Now, clear this exam can be challenging and competitive. Hence, listed below are some essential study tips for the aspiring dental scholar that is worth checking out to score high on the exam. Let’s check it out-

1. Start Preparation At Least Two-Three Months Before

Clearing the Dental Admission Test is a challenging task to do. It requires a lot of knowledge, hard-working and, of course, preparation. Many counselors or sources recommend giving at least 200 to 300 hours for its practice.

You must at least give five to eight hours a day for at least three months before. If you cannot provide eight hours every day, try to study for as many possible hours as possible and never opt for skipping studies. When you start missing studying even a single day, you might forget information, which might hamper your test score. So, learning every single day is essential.

2. Look For Online Practice Questions


Looking for online practice questions when preparing for competitive examinations is always advisable. The same applies to the DAT exam as well. And the internet is the best resource for preparing for the Dental Admission Test. You will find previous year’s practice question papers which you can solve to evaluate your knowledge of orthodontists.

The best part about solving online papers is that you get to know what your weak points are and your strong points. You can quickly identify the areas you need to focus on and spend more time studying. You will also notice which subjects you must concentrate on more while preparing.

Alternatively, you can even opt for DAT online courses that can help you study and test your knowledge in the end via online tests.

3. Make A Good Study Plan

Making a good study plan is another essential tip or trick to prepare and score high on the DAT. Now, you can contact a consultant, advisor, counselor, or professor. They will surely help you make a solid study plan, including how many hours you need to give for the preparation in a day, what subjects to pick on that day and how to divide your daily schedule. All in all, they will help you structure your study plan wisely.

4. Focus On All Subjects Equally

When preparing for DAT, always ensure to give equal focus on all subjects. Some topics may feel tempting during the preparation, so you focus more on them. This thought process might hamper your score as you will start focusing on your favorite subject more than others, and you might need to learn about the less favorite one.

Hence, it is essential to give equal focus on all subjects so that you know all topics at the time of the actual examination.

5. Stay Positive As Much As Possible

It is one of the critical study tips to follow when preparing for the Dental Admission Test. Keeping a positive attitude can save you from being anxious and feeling tired. Ensure you are well-rested and in a good mood before the exam.

Furthermore, the day before the examination always ensures to get a good night’s sleep. And eat a good & healthy breakfast before going for the exam to avoid feeling hungry and anxious during the test. Since, the test usually lasts for three hours, make sure you go with a fresh mind and mood. It will surely help you do well in the exam.

6. Avoid Getting Overwhelmed By Multiple Study Materials


You will receive many study materials and practice papers when preparing for the standardized dental test. And sometimes, it can be overwhelming to prepare for all of them. You can learn repetitive things in all of the references. Hence, stay calm with so many study materials instead of getting overwhelmed.


Preparing for the Dental Admission Test can be challenging if the study is not planned wisely. You might get confused and need help remembering the information at the examination time if you’re not prepared well. And all this will hamper your score and admission to college or dental school.

As mentioned above, DAT scores are essential for access to schools and colleges in the United States or Canada. And if you are an aspiring scholar who wishes to study orthodontics in the top colleges of Canada and the US, you must clear this standardized test with high scores.