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1. What are the basic objectives of MCP certification?

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Created by Microsoft, MCP certification is naturally related to Microsoft products. The basic goal of MCP certification is to test the examinee’s understanding depth of a particular Microsoft product and technical proficiency degree in operating Microsoft products by utilizing scientifically established test questions. It also aims to enable the examinee to solve actual problems through tests. With the expansion of the team of IT industry experts and the increasing demand for talents, MCP certification is gradually heating up.

The certification allows individual candidates to verify their knowledge of computer software, enables Microsoft to see how its products are used around the world and provides a unified criterion for companies using Microsoft products when recruiting technical personnel for related products.

2. How many MCP certificates are there?

There are eight MCP certificates, including MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional),

  1. MCP + Internet,
  2. MCP + Site Building,
  3. MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer),
  4. MCSE + Internet,
  5. MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer),
  6. MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator),
  7. and MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer).

3. Is there any difference between MCP and MCPS?

In the current Microsoft Certified Expert System, there is no MCPS at all, let alone the difference between the two. To define MCP more accurately, it should include two levels of meaning. From the higher level, MCP is the general term of the entire Microsoft Certified Expert System and the representative term of all of the 8 certification projects. At the lower level, MCP is the name of Microsoft Certified Professional, a certification in the Microsoft Certified Expert System and also the most elementary certification.

In general, MCP refers to the entire Microsoft Certified Expert System and all of the 8 certification projects.

4. How to become an MCP expert?

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If you want to be an MCP expert, you must pass one or more advanced computer technician certification exams launched by Microsoft, which are also called MCP exams.

Seven of the eight MCP certifications listed above can be obtained through self-study. You can also go for relevant training courses in local CTEC(Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center) to pass the exams.

In order to obtain MCT certification, in addition to one of the above MCP certification exams, you have to pass other relevant exams which are much stricter. Generally, only formal teachers of CTEC can apply for MCT certification.

Once you pass one of MCP exams, you will get a MCP certificate issued by Microsoft and signed by Bill Gates. At present, there are 90 countries in the world that recognize MCP certification.

5.What is the organizational form of Microsoft MCP exams?

The establishment of MCP certification system and the design of test questions are carried out by Microsoft, but the implementation of specific certification exams is operated by two independent companies. The two companies are respectively American Sylvan Prometric and Virtual University Enterprises. Sylvan Prometric has more than 1400 Authorized Prometric Testing Centers (APTC) around the world and is responsible for specific local MCP exam business. Although Microsoft does not organize the specific implementation of the exams, as long as each candidate has registered for the exams and conducted his first exam, the company will automatically record his scores.

6. Is anyone eligible for the MCP exams?

In principle, anyone who wishes can take the MCP exams according to its rules. As MCP exams are a series of evaluations for computer software senior talents, it is of great significance to pass MCP exams for those who are already IT industry practitioners or intend to join the main forces of IT industry technicians. Because MCP certificate not only marks your competence for computer software technology and endows you with more employment opportunities, high salary and relevant academic credit exemption, but also may allow you to enjoy a series of special preferential policies conducive to professional development in IT industry around the world.

7. Is there any requirement of education background for obtaining MCP certifications?

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No. Even if you are not an undergraduate and have never participated in any work related to computers, and there is no recommendation from some experts, you can still get the MCP certificate and become an MCP expert recognized in the global IT industry as long as you pass the corresponding MCP exam. The only prerequisite is to pass the corresponding MCP exam.

8.Do MCP certification exams require a high level of English ability?

At present, most subjects in MCP certification exams are still in English. In mainland China there are only three subjects in Chinese which are 70-059,70-067 and 70-073. As a result, unless you apply for the MCP exam which only includes one subject, you always have to contact English exam subjects more or less. Moreover, the Chinese versions of the exam subjects are made by Taiwanese in China, so many habits of language expression are different from those in mainland China. It is more convenient to use English directly. If you don’t know English at all, there will be some difficulties in taking the exams. But from another perspective, the Microsoft Certified Expert exams are ultimately professional tests in the computer field. The English involved has quite professional characteristics. If your level of English ability is equivalent to level 3 of non-professional English, then it is OK. It doesn’t matter if you English ability is not so good.

You just need to recite more words in the first one or two exams, and then you will gradually get used to it. The key to passing the exam is to master the English content related to the use of computers and to understand the specific corresponding process and principle of practical operation.

9.I graduated from liberal arts major and want to apply for MCP certification. I wonder if I am qualified?

Anyone is qualified to apply for MCP certification, regardless of age, education background and major. As long as you can pass the MCP exams in accordance with relevant regulations, you can obtain the corresponding MCP certificates. According to experts engaged in MCP certification training, they once taught a 40-year-old student who was already a mother. Before receiving the training, she knew nothing about computers and even couldn’t turn a computer on. But after systematic training, she also passed the exam and got the certificate. This shows that under the correct guidance, as long as they work hard, laymen can still pass the MCP exams and get the MCP certificates.

10.It’s said that if one gets the MCP certification, he may get well-paid jobs. Can you tell me what on earth the average annual salary of MCP is?

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In China, most of the MCP certified experts are engaged in high-tech research work related to software development in the IT industry, and a considerable number of them work in foreign enterprises. As most people are not willing to disclose their accurate income, it can only be estimated that the average annual salary is about $14,144.

According to relevant data, the average annual salary of MCSE in the United States in 1998 was about $60,000, slightly higher than that of MCSE. But some in the industry think that this figure is quite conservative.

Because the American society attaches great importance to work experience, individual annual salary varies according to the specific work experience. As a MCSE or MCSD, one’s minimum annual salary may start at $30,000 when he is inexperienced at the beginning.

But after three months and half a year, the salary will respectively increase greatly. And after one year, the annual salary can reach 100,000 US dollars.

Just think about it. Only if you pass six exams and get a certificate, you may acquire a job with an annual salary of more than $100,000. Isn’t it very worthwhile?

11.In addition to the opportunities to get a high salary, is there any other professional advantage that the MCP certification can bring?

Passing any MCP certification can bring a lot of benefits to your profession. At least, it shows your customers and colleagues your professional knowledge of using and supporting a special series of products launched by Microsoft, which makes you more confident in your work.
As MCP, you will also acquire the following basic technical benefits:

  • Your knowledge and mastery of Microsoft products and related technologies will be recognized by the IT industry;
  • You can get the technology and product information of Microsoft directly through the reliable channel of MCP website;
  • You will become a certified member of MSDN website. MSDN is a free system open to MCP. With the system, you are able to visit the best technical resources at any time. You can not only keep in touch with the global MCP community, but also get valuable technical resources and services with priority. Although some MSDN websites only offer English service at present, and some countries have not yet opened this website, with the expansion of MCP certification in the world, it is believed that the regions with MSDN website service will gradually increase;
  • You will be invited to attend seminars, technical training and related activities held by Microsoft;
  • You will be a free reader of Microsoft Expert Certification (readers outside the United States only have to pay the mail order fee). “Microsoft Expert Certification” is a professional journal that describes the career and professional development of IT industry. It can provide the latest technical, economic and social developments related to IT industry in an all-round way.

In addition, Microsoft will also provide MCP certificate, logo, brooch, wallet card and other symbolic items showing MCP identity for you.

In a word, MCP certification exams are launched by Microsoft for senior computer technicians. The MCP certificate issued by Microsoft president Bill Gates has been recognized in more than 90 countries around the world. The owner of MCP certificate can enjoy more employment opportunities and high salary all over the world. In most countries of North America, it can be used as the technical evaluation standard for immigrants

Generally speaking, people holding Microsoft MCP certificates can get the following benefits:

  1. Be included in Microsoft talent pool;
  2. Have the opportunity to attend various technical lectures of Microsoft;
  3. Become the hunting target of major companies and overseas institutions;
  4. Acquire strong advantages in market competition;
  5. Gain important capital for emigrating and working abroad.
  6. Obtain the maximum trust from Microsoft and its users;
  7. Get technical support from Microsoft, such as access to Microsoft Security site, technical information CD, etc.

In addition, experts with Microsoft certificate can print the logo on their business cards and resumes.

Among the above benefits, the most important point is to get technical support from Microsoft so that you can always maintain an advantageous position in the competition.

12. Is it more beneficial to pass all MCP certifications than to pass single one?

If you pass all the MCP certifications, there will be no special preferential treatment except the benefits that you ought to get through them accordingly. From a practical point of view, most people will choose to pass one or more certifications suitable for their own needs according to the specific requirements of a certification. It is not necessary to pass all of the eight MCP certifications. Some MCP enthusiasts have imagined such a scenario: those Microsoft experts who have passed all MCP certifications are invited to have dinner with Bill Gates and his wife at home. If they’re lucky, they’ll also have the chance to take a private plane escorted by guards to watch the NBA professional basketball game with Poe Allen. Of course, these wonderful moments are just illusions. But if you want to be a universal expert of Microsoft products, having all the MCP expert certificates may have real value.

13.What are the different professional goals and requirements for 8 MCP certifications?

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About the different professional goals and requirements for the eight MCP certifications, relevant books on the market have introductions to different degrees. The following information is the result of comprehensive analysis on the basis of relevant materials for reference only:

  • MCP is to measure the degree of familiarity with the technical performance and operation skills of a Microsoft product. You only need to take one exam to obtain this certification. People who have obtained this certification can apply for other certifications further.
  • MCP + Internet is to measure the technical proficiency related to international network business. If you have special expertise and hobbies in planning, installation, management, support of network server and related business, take this certification into consideration.
  • MCP + Site Building is to measure the level of special techniques of website building. If you have the ability to plan, build, maintain and manage websites (especially interactive websites), you can consider this certification.
    MCSE is to measure the degree of proficiency in mastery of Microsoft Windows NT server and Microsoft Backoffice integrated series server products. Anyone who is interested in mastering technology related to computer network and is familiar with the technical performance and operation method of relevant products, had better consider this certification first.
  • MCSE + Internet is to test the technical ability related to the expansion, deployment and management of complex enterprise network and international network. If your professional goal is to become a senior network technology expert, and your ideal business environment is closely related to the management and use of complex websites, you may consider this certification.
  • MCSD is to test the ability to develop commercial programs by using Microsoft software development tools or platforms. If you want to become a skilled software developer or programmer, you may consider this certification.
  • MCDBA is to test the ability to create, expand and manage the database using Microsoft SOL Server database development tools. A person who is going to apply for this certification shall reach a certain professional level in the use and management of SQL Server database development tools.
  • MCT is a special certification for teachers who provide Microsoft certification training services. Only those who have passed one of the above MCP certifications and have engaged in the training services for teachers are eligible to apply for this certification.

14. As a new player who has just stepped into IT industry, is there any tip for choosing MCP certifications?

In a reasonable way, each certification can be the preferred choice except for MCT. But as a computer professional novice, 7 kinds of MCP certification titles may have dazzled your eyes. Perhaps the best advice at this point is to focus on MCSE or MCSD, especially the MCSE certification because other certifications are derived from MCSE more or less. Because of this characteristic of MCSE, it has higher value for MCP novices and has become the most popular type of MCP certifications. The MCSE certificate has become one of the fastest increasing Certificates in the world.

15. Will it be harder to choose the way of self-study than to participate in training?

Choosing the way of self-study to prepare for the exams at least shows that you have a good foundation of computer technology. The rest is to keep good study habits and arrange study time reasonably. If you can conform to these two things, self-study will not be hard work.

16. How much time should be spent for self-study every day?

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According to statistics, among those who have passed the MCSE certification exam, none of them study for more than 6 hours a day. Some people even don’t arrange time for studying on weekends. They spend an average of 3-5 hours a day in studying. The average preparation time for all subjects required by MCSF is about 6 months. The longest is 11 months, and the shortest only one month.

The time for you to get the MCSE certificate designed by Beyond Studio is 2-4 months. For those choosing self-study to prepare for the exams, how much study time they arrange every day is not the main thing. The key is to stick to effective study habits.

Arrange 2-4 hours of fixed study time every day and if possible, arrange 5 hours for exam preparation at the weekends. Try not to fail and avoid interruptions. Reduce the number of consecutive interruption days if you cannot avoid. Most people have to go to work while preparing for the test, and also take care of family. Therefore, it’s better to make a relatively practical plan for exam preparation and review. After all, work and family are more important.

17. Is it important to have practice exams on the computer?

The exact meaning of practice exams is to operate simulated test questions on computer. The operation mode of test questions in practice exams is the same as in the real exams. If you properly have some practice exams on computer, you can be familiar with the question types and operation skills.

Beyond MCSE Terminator cd2000 includes many simulation software. However, the content of practice exams is easier than that of real exams. The examinee should not focus on practice exams, but on understanding the basic operation principles.

18.What is the best order to take the certification exams?

The basic principle is to take the easy exams first and difficult exams later. Try to pass the exam subjects required by the MCP certificate first. Sometimes the order of exams is not completely synchronized with the order of subject study because some subjects takes longer to prepare and examinees need to make schedule accordingly. Taking the most popular MCSE as an example, it is generally considered that the better exam sequence is as follows:

  • 70-058: Networking Essentials
  • 70-067: NT Server
  • 70-073: NT Workstation
  • 70-068: NT server in the Enterprise
  • 70-059: TCP/IP4.070-087: IIS4.0

19. When can I get the corresponding certificate after passing all the exams required by a certain MCP certification?

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If you have passed all the required exams for a certain MCP certification, you will not be awarded with the MCP certificate by Microsoft immediately. Generally, within 3-4 weeks after passing the exams, you will receive a Welcome Kit from Microsoft.

This email includes a congratulatory letter, a logo use agreement, a logo use guide, a logo item list, the MCP certificate with your name and ID number and your current transcript. And then you can proudly prove to the outside world that you are a veritable Microsoft Certification expert.

20. How is the certificate given to its owner? Through the exam center or sent directly by Microsoft?

The certificate is sent directly by Microsoft to the certification expert himself, usually from Hong Kong. The results of the examinees will be automatically sent to Microsoft. Microsoft will automatically decide the certificates that the examinees should obtain according to the subjects they have passed, and send the certificates to the them within 3-4 weeks.

  • Question 1: how long does it take to get the certification?

A: The time cost depends on your preparation status, training status, training methods and other factors. Generally speaking, you should plan to spend about a month preparing for each exam subject.

  • Question 2: Some ads of Microsoft Authorized Training Centers claim that “MCSE, MCSD and other certificates will be issued within the course”. Can I get the certificate without taking the exams? In addition, this kind of exam is said to be available every day and provides instant results. Are the corresponding certificates universally recognized?

A: you can’t get the corresponding certificates if you don’t take the exams. This kind of exam is available at any time as long as you make an appointment in advance. This kind of certificate is generally issued by authoritative companies in the field, and represents the standards of this industry. So, it is recognized by most people.

A: No. Once you sign up and take your first exam, Microsoft will automatically receive a record.

  • Question 4: Can I obtain several kinds of Microsoft certifications at the same time?

A: Of course, you can even get all nine Microsoft certifications.

  • Question 5: How can I get the news if I have passed Microsoft Certified Expert Certification or check my status?

A: The customer service number of Microsoft Certified Expert program in North American is 1-800-636-7544. Please contact the Microsoft company nearest you in other areas.

  • Question 6: Is there a special title for those who have obtained all Microsoft certifications?

A: No, actually not.

  • Question 7: How long is the certification valid?

A: As long as you keep your current certification, your certification will be valid. Microsoft notifies the program to Microsoft Certification experts through the WEB site, listing already canceled examinations and the ones to be canceled, and formulating the re-certification requirements. Microsoft will notify you of these requirements by your registered email. By meeting these requirements, you can maintain your current certification. Find more here.

  • Question 8: Are Microsoft exams all in English? What’s the difference between exams in English and those in other languages?

A: The language of MCP exams is generally English. At the same time, in order to strengthen the international fame of its certification, Microsoft has also introduced some non-English language exam subjects. For non-native speakers of English, the exam time can be extended by about one third, but the amount of questions and difficulty of the exams are increased.

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