The world is waiting for the second cycle of the frightening coronavirus pandemic that was officially announced in March this year. The first case of coronavirus infected patient was registered in China last year, and the World Health Organization was hoping it will stay concentrated there, without spreading all around the world. But now, in June 2024, many countries are still under lockdown, or they are maintaining crisis situations, so people can be more responsible and careful about themselves.

Sadly, by 16 June 2024, there more than 7.8 million confirmed cases all around the world, with over 432.000 deaths caused by complications due to coronavirus infection. A lot of governments around the world are bringing back the temporary lockdowns and states of emergency, for most affected cities or the whole country.

A lot of people are still working from home and don’t go out very often, so they can avoid potentially risky contacts and stay healthy. That also means that we have a lot of spare time that we use to workout at home, listening to online courses, reading books, home remodeling, playing online games, and so on. Many people finally have time to improve their skincare routine, sleep better at night, and eat healthier.

Many young people play online games with their friends, so they can have fun during lockdowns. Here are some of the most popular game applications you can play together with friends, even after the coronavirus crisis ends:

1. Puzzle games


We all love puzzles, like Tetris, Candy Crush, Gardenscapes, Meow Match, you can find puzzles similar to them here. You can create a team or league and play these games together with your friends and try to win over the other teams, or compete against each other. Some of the puzzle games may require strategy so you can win with fewer moves and make the most of the game. In a lot of cases, as you pass the levels, you need to build towns, villages, farms, decorate rooms, or conquer new worlds. These games are funny and entertaining, because they don’t require too much effort, but you need to be concentrated and careful because one wrong move can cost you a lot of high scores and missing amazing prizes.

2. Spin games


Games like Coin Master and similar to it also require a lot of focusing on the game and planning it carefully, so you can always balance between the number of spins and the pile of money you own. As you spin the wheels, you are getting coins, money, and many other rewards that can help you build towns and villages, earn gold and use it in a fight, or steal money from your friend, without letting them get revenge. Spin games are entertaining too and they attract a lot of people to play them, so they can compete against their friends.

3. Casino related games


The games of luck like a casino, poker, BlackJack, and many others can be played on gaming platforms like Poker369, online casino websites, or appropriate smartphone applications. There are two types of casino-related games. The first type is just for fun. People don’t use real money, they have virtual wins, and no one is financially affected by these apps. But, the second type is paid online casino games, where the player needs to make a deposit with real money, so they can join the game. You must be careful with these games because, as we know, you can easily get addicted to them. That will lead to spending a lot of money on deposits, that can never be won back. Online casinos and poker games are addictive just like the real casinos, especially right after you win some money and you are dreaming for more. But, you may need to avoid the real online casinos during the crisis, especially if you earn less money, or have lost your job due to coronavirus layoffs.

4. Cooking multitasking


You can choose a café or restaurant based game, where you need to pick the orders and prepare the food and beverages before the customer leaves without taking it. These games can improve your cognitive skills, and also your multitasking features. They also will improve your memory, because you will need to remember the orders and which customer ordered first. As you pass the levels, you will open a lot of new options and upgrades, but the orders and requirements will become more complicated.

5. Strategy games


A lot of the most popular video games have mobile versions that can be synchronized with the PC game, so you can continue where you stopped. But, also you can choose to start new and lite versions of the strategy game you love, earn weapons and gold, and fight against your opponents. You need to develop a good strategy so you can take them down and win their territories, or make them give up. You have an option to play as a team together with your friends, or even against them, just to have fun.

6. Trivia quizzes


You can find a lot of trivia games and quizzes on PlayStore and AppStore, depending on the device you use. With these games, you can check your knowledge in so many fields, including science, movies, sports, brand recognizing, pop culture, arts, and entertainment. Most of them are full of interesting facts, and you can increase your knowledge and learn more about something you are interested in. You can choose your opponent randomly, or you can play against some of your friends who play the same game, and you can compare the results in the end.

The new coronavirus is not that new right now, but we name it like that so we can separate it from the other types in the same group of viruses. The virus is still strong and dangerous, and we can save the world by staying at home and playing our favorite games. Yes, it’s easy like that. So, follow your government measures and instructions and protect your health. Books, games, hobbies, they all can help you cope better with the situation that Is affecting the whole world.