If you’re planning a corporate event shortly, succeeding will be crucial for the morale of your employees. Corporate events are similar to team building events in the sense that you strengthen the bond between the employees at your company while also keeping spirits high.

There are lots of other benefits to planning these events, but that not the topic of this article. The topic of this article is to have the event on a party bus. It’s not unheard of for businesses to hire party busses to have a great night out as a company, and we are going to help you plan it by giving you our 7 tips on doing so.

So, without wasting too much of your time, let’s start.

1.  Always Plan In Advance


When planning a corporate event, do know that your biggest ally will be time. Don’t think for a second that this isn’t a daunting task. It’s safe to say that thinking ahead and strategizing will ensure success.

It’s also likely that you’ll need a helping hand in organizing and managing things, so you might want to ask for volunteers to help you with it.

Just make sure to select people you can trust, as anything but a successful outcome will come as a huge morale boost for your employees.

2.  Always Plan Plenty of Activities


The purpose of this event is to strengthen the bond between employees and associates. It’s meant to be fun, exciting, and for everyone to have a blast.

But the only way for you to meet all of these criteria is by planning for fun activities to do on the party bus. Your ultimate goal would be your employees and/or associates to interact with each other and get to know each other better.

This will be especially helpful for any recruits on your company’s books. These activities could be literarily anything imaginable and you choose what they’ll be. There could be an educational twist to it to spark up creativity for upcoming projects, or there could be activities that’ll allow your employees to loosen up their hair down.

One important thing we’ll mention is to plan plenty of activities so your employees don’t end up bored out of their minds.

3. Incorporate A Theme


It’s generally advised, from a professional’s point of view, to always incorporate a theme for your upcoming event. While this might not work in every case, it will most definitely do if the event is supposed to be more laid-back.

By theme incorporation, we’re simply referring to planning the entire thing around a specific topic. If, for example, you’ve recently finished a huge project for your local Zoo, then maybe the event could spin around that?

But regardless of the theme and the topic, your employees and attendees will love it. And since we’re going to be planning it on a party bus, there isn’t a better reason to do something like it.

4. Book the Best Package


Regardless of the event, regardless of the occasion, and regardless of the people attending, every corporate event deserves an all-inclusive package.

Since there is no better way to transport your attendees from point A to point B than with a party bus, your ultimate goal would be to book the best one out there.

Since most of these services pride in being the best possible solution for your corporate event, discussing terms and agreements is nothing short of convenient.

But when doing so, make sure to ask whether or not beverages, food, and entertainment are included. Most professionals in the industry, such as the ones at have you covered regardless of the event.

5. Plan For a Unique Venue


Ultimately, the night is young and so are we. So, partying on a bus might be the best way to finish the night. While we do agree that it is a unique way to celebrate something important, most of your attendees would have never imagined it to be true.

If you do manage to get them in the spirit of the party, then you will have achieved your ultimate goal. A party bus is excellent for corporate events since it is something different that none of your attendees have ever experienced.

A unique event, such as this, deserves a unique venue and names us something more unique than a party bus.

6. Set the Budget


Now that you know certain things related to the event and the bus itself, it’s now time to set your budget. Trust us when we say this, it’s always better to plan the finances than to be left with empty pockets.

This should be something you do straight up from the begging, but the reason why we’ve included it so late is that we wanted to let you know what you’re getting into first.

Party busses are amazing, but they can cost a pretty penny. Some are capable of transporting 50 people, so it’s only reasonable that they cost more.

But regardless of the size of the party bus, make sure to set your budget and play around it.

7. Set the Date


And now that you have everything that you need, it’s time to set the date.

Since we’re in a somewhat unpleasant situation thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, time is your biggest asset but also your biggest enemy.

Frankly, there is no real way for us to know when it will be safe to plan a corporate event. Luckily for you, this gives you more time to plan for the perfect event.

But not only that, you should act fast the moment things start loosening up as you’ll never know how fast things get booked.

These were some of our tips on how to plan the perfect corporate event on a party bus. One small disclaimer before we go is that some companies offer a shared package deal with their party busses.

This means that you’ll pay less but will share the bus with another group. If this is something that interests you, make sure to ask how many people from the other group will be on board the bus.