The crypto market moves at a relatively fast pace, mainly because of the developments of the global economic structure. New concepts, ideas, and upgrades set the tone of the market. From the past couple of months, the crypto world has been completely revolutionized by a new entrant. This new entrant caught the attention of several crypto investors across the globe. Battling big entities including Bitcoin, altcoins were the most purchased crypto coins for the past couple of months. This investor-driven demand called for market analysts to analyze and reassess the trends and predict whether this increase in the purchases calls for the spike in prices or will the investor’s assets plunge.

As far as the trading of cryptocurrencies is concerned, it has attracted worldwide attention since the beginning. No matter the investment in this specific type of digital currency comes with risk factors, but the unimaginable profits lure many into this industry. People have made major profits and losses, but the growing scope and potential of this market keep their interest in the market. Altcoins on the other hand come with fewer risks involved. Providing a better chance to the traders, these crypto coins offer huge returns and percentages. This is the primary reason for the increase in interest from the trading and investing sector. The article provides some considerate insights into altcoins, how they work and what makes them different from bitcoin.

Understanding the working


Starting, it is better to undermine how altcoin works. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, these coins are mined through various processes. A private key is needed by the owners to transfer their money across different digital wallets. A public ledger of altcoins commonly called blockchain is present in the crypto industry to book all the transactions. This booking makes the exchanges unchangeable and constant. Moreover, with the availability of several apps on the internet such as Bitcoin Prime, the process of investing in cryptocurrencies has become quite easier as the traders are already making big money. These applications provide a foolproof and reliable trading mechanism, supported by their use of AI software and Blockchain technology.

What makes altcoins different from bitcoins?


One of the primitive advantages that make altcoins superior is speed. For every bitcoin to produce, the mining takes around 10 to 12 minutes which is a lot compared to the altcoins. Altcoins, on the other hand, take around approximately 3 to 4 minutes. For instance, the analysts concluded that this momentum provides an advantage to litecoins (a type of altcoin) over bitcoins, in terms of data mining. The market data indicates that speedy mining is responsible for the production of over 80 million litecoins, whereas bitcoins stand at 20 million.

Although altcoins have several kinds including dash and ripple they cannot match the market value of bitcoins. Today Ripple stands at a little over the one dollar mark and Dash is valued at less than $300. However, Bitcoin has not only breached the $60,000 mark, it is still valued at around $54.000, and is expected to grow further in the future. It is because Bitcoin was among the first crypto coins that were introduced. Bitcoin is the driving force behind the increasing popularity of the concept of cryptocurrency. The value of Bitcoin also has an impact on the price of these altcoins. However, bitcoin mining is far much more expensive and complex than altcoins. It is due to the fact that the altcoin’s mining process works on a clear set of regulations. Bitcoin makes use of complex hardware, which is why mining litecoins is much easier and cheaper.

Learning the types

  • Stablecoins

These specific kinds of altcoins have a pinned market value against a basic asset. Stablecoins prove helpful as they address all the relevant fluctuations or swings in the crypto market. The example may include Tether or Libra. They provide the much-required stability in the unpredictable crypto market.

  • Digital Tokens

Digital tokens on the other hand work by using vigorous blockchain technology. Tether (a type of stablecoin) was founded on the Ethereum network therefore it is called a digital coin. These digital tokens facilitate payments and transactions in the real world.

  • Realizing the benefits and drawbacks

From eliminating the drawbacks present in other cryptocurrencies to having affordable transaction costs, altcoins offer a very healthy competition to all the competitors present in the crypto industry. All the limitations that bitcoins face have been completely addressed by altcoins. With much less mining costs, altcoins are much speedier than bitcoins. Moreover, they are more accessible, and have a better profit potential, mainly over small investments. The margin of profit in Bitcoin is limited for shot-term traders and for those with minimal investments. On the other hand, traders have a high chance of making more profit via altcoins, that too, with a minor initial investment.

All the operating guidelines of bitcoins are modified by the altcoins and as a result, the transaction costs are much less as compared to bitcoins. All in all, this kind of cryptocurrency works on robust blockchain technology. However, there are certain disadvantages of using altcoins. Like every project involves certain risks, the risk involved in investing in altcoins is unpredictable fluctuation in prices. Apart from stablecoins, like Tether, other altcoins are always traded at significant risk. Their prices may surge or fall, citing their highly volatile nature. It all depends on the nature of the market. Secondly, as we never rule out the possibilities of scammers, altcoins are too prone to different scams. There are tonnes of scammers, waiting in line for traders to make a slight mistake or error, so they can plunge onto their digital assets. Many traders have lost their assets, therefore, it is advisable for people to use credible and highly secured crypto wallets, which will indeed, save them from misery.

The bottom line


As every investment comes with certain pre-attached risks, financial market analysts advise carefully to invest in the crypto industry. Traders should do their own market research and should study the latest market trends to have a better chance at a more sustainable trading career. The chances of the market going boom or collapse are almost always equal. However, the investors can still get a handful of returns while trading altcoins.