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Although most men’s haircuts do not become a trend, two-block haircut styles have been trending for some years now, and young men love them. Two block hairstyle is a style similar to the undercut, where the barber gives you aside and back shave and leaves the hair on top longer. You can style the top to achieve a different look.

This hairstyle is easy to achieve, and it needs very little maintenance. If you want to change your hairstyle to something classy, this is an easy one to go for. There are different versions of the two-block haircut styles, and we have compiled the most popular and trendiest ones. Take a peek.

1. No-Style Hairdo

Since the two-block hairstyle is already a hairstyle, you don’t need to add more style. However, ensure you do not keep the top too long and wavy for it to look neat. If you have short or medium-sized hair at the top, it is okay to leave it at that.

2. Disconnected Undercut

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This hairstyle is unique, and many people might not know about it. Besides, most of those who know about it do not try the hairdo. Your barber will give you a side cut to separate the sides from the crown. If you like being unique, this is the two-block haircut for you.

3. Slicked Back

Slicking back your two-block-styled hair gives you the gentleman look. If you work in an office or your work involves many formal meetings with not too strict rules, you can confidently wear this hairstyle. You can also opt to wear it down for a casual look.

4. Two-Block With A Side Part

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You achieve this hairstyle by getting a side cut and partying the top crown sideways. This separates it from the short sides. It is not picky with face shapes and can be worn on all occasions.

5. Leaving The Hair Long

If you are not sure of managing the top crown, this style is not worth trying as it can mess you up. However, if you like it when your hair is long, this is the hairstyle for you.

6. Curly Top

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The curly top hairstyle is choosy to those with naturally curly hair. The curls become more highlighted due to the contrast created between the curly top and the undercut. If you have a forehead, you can let the bangs cover it.

7. Red Asian Style

If you are a lover of color and pop styles, the red Asian style will go well with you. You can choose an easily noticed color like red. You will, however, need to use a special shampoo to maintain the color because it is a dye.

8. With Glasses

Most hairstyles look good when you add glasses to them, and two block haircut is on the list. Most people go for this style because it is easy to achieve and maintain. There are also many effortless styles of styling. It would look even better if you have a beard or mustache, and then you add glasses on top.

9. Layered Two Block

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Most teenagers love messy hairstyles, and here is something for you. This hairstyle makes you look younger, and it suits school-going teenagers well. It can also be styled to make you look like a gentleman.

10. With Highlight

You can highlight your two-block haircut with a fringe. To get the perfect touch, use a flat iron and lay your hair on one side. You can also comb some towards the front to get the fringe. This is one of the easiest two-block haircuts to style and maintain. It is also very trendy.

11. Caesar’s Cut

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To achieve this hairstyle, your barber will give you an undercut and leave you with straight bangs. If you have a well-defined, thick beard, this hairstyle will fit you well.

12. Featuring A Temple Fade

You can add a temple fade to give the messy top a highlight. To make the hairstyle more appealing, clean-shave your beard and shape your eyebrows.

13. Two-Block For Thick Hair

You should try the two-block haircut if you have thick hair. You can opt for layers on the top or even get a sharp straight cut. This also goes well with people with a thick beard. It helps define masculinity look.

14. Edgy and Short

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This fun Korean two-block haircut gives the freedom to set your hair according to your imagination. For example, you can consider setting it with an edgy fringe. The shaved parts add some irresistible details to the hairdo.

15. Short and Messy

The hairdo gives you a relaxed and youthful look. It is ideal for informal set-ups. For it to look more stunning, curly hair is needed.

16. Haircut with Straight Bangs

This modern hairstyle gives your face an awesome touch that leaves everyone wondering what it is you have added to it. Ideally, the top of your hair is transformed into bangs to create a chic look.

17. Punky

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It does not have a specific styling, which makes it fun to wear. A punky two-block haircut can be set into a Mohawk, a quiff, or even a bowl-over-fringe.

18. Middle Parted

It is suitable for wearing medium hair. Teenagers love this haircut and it also looks stylish in modern society. The style is inspired by the 90’s vibe and involves brushing your block from the middle to one side and repeating the same for the other side.

19. Sharp and Textured

Looks great on medium hair although its version on short hair is more popular. This style can leave necks turning when styled using superior hair products such as a small amount of tousling and a texturizing hair spray.