One major idea I often hear people talking about when it comes to AR-15s is the wear and tear that they can produce on the rifle. Although they are not always the biggest gun in everyone’s collection, they can often be volatile and unreliable in terms of kickback, recoil, tipping, and internal mechanisms.

This is not ideal if you are in an intense competition, using it for defense in a sticky situation, or even wanting to go to the shooting range without your body feeling completely overwhelmed the next day.

Most of these issues lead back to the amount of gas that is used for the firing of this weapon and controlling the gas pressure can make a world of a difference when we are shooting.

An adjustable gas block is one of the most helpful upgrades you can make to your AR-15 upper receiver. Check out this website for upper receivers that accept adjustable gas blocks.

Issues of Non-Adjustable Gas Blocks

These problems point to there being too much gas going back to the extent where it is really not helping our shot at all. Although there is not a way for us to lessen the amount of gas used overall, there are attachments to help us regulate it. Depending on many factors, we may want more or less pressure from the gas, leading to heavier or lighter weights.

Many people have scoffed at the use of these external attachments and adjustments, stating that if the gun actually needs it, it would have been designed with it already attached. These people are often ones who brag about the amount of control that they have over the gun and their love of doing things the old school way.

While I will not speak to the validity of those statements, I do know that customizing your AR-15 can make for a much more pleasant shooting, cleaning, and experience when you are using it.

AR-15s Are Highly Customizable


AR-15s are among the most versatile and customizable guns that you can own. There are so many components that you can add on to your rifle to make shooting a better experience. One major add on is called an adjustable block.

If you decide to install this onto your gun, it is going to be one of the best upgrades that you could give yourself. You will see a huge change in your shooting and form. In addition, you will also have a huge advantage over those who do not have this addition.

It is specifically designed to take care of the gun and the shooter during the activity, all while working to preserve the longevity and the cleanliness of the firearm. Although you may have to adjust and tune depending on the different types of ammo that you may want to use, it is truly a small price to pay for how much better your shooting will be.

How The AR-15 Gas System Works


Before I go on, there are so many different kinds of adjustable gas blocks that serve many purposes for varying customizations. If you are inexperienced with AR-15s or guns in general, please consult a professional about installing these pieces on your gun, or any pieces in general. Even if you are an expert, please be careful when you are putting on these pieces, ensuring that the gun is not loaded, and the chamber is clear.

This is a piece that sits on the barrel and over the hole on it. When you are shooting, this piece essentially acts as a gas monitor. When you shoot your gun and it fills with gas, the gas block will judge how much gas the receiver will get. This will, in turn, affect the reliability of your gun, since if there is too little your gun will appear faulty.

Improved Reliability


Reliability leads to better performance when you are shooting. Since the specific gas block in question is adjustable, there will be much less carbon left over, causing it to be less high maintenance in terms of cleaning.

Another very appealing thing about the adjustable gas block is it also has much less recoil than others. Ultimately, more people are worried about recoil than cleaning, so this is usually the reason that people look to buy one.

There are many reasons that someone would want to have less recoil in their shot, but some examples could be because it is less strain to their bodies, and it could give them a legal leg-up in competition.

Function Over Form

Although this rifle is very well known for its external customizations, the benefits can be both internal and fine-tuned to meet every individual’s needs. I have already spoken about the recoil and the cleaning, but there are more. The internal parts of your gun are going to benefit from an adjustable gas block.

When you install this piece on your rifle, you can fine-tune the amount of gas that is needed for it to function and customize the setting to different ammunition types. This will keep the system from containing and using too much gas, which can be detrimental to the gun with more than just a heavy recoil.

With all of the extra gas floating around, the gun is essentially going to overheat, which is one of the number one reasons why adjustable gas blocks make your gun cleaner: there is less carbon buildup.

Also, lugs could get locked before it makes reasonable sense and keys could come loose because of pressure and force, which are both interruptions to the mechanics of the gun.


There are more elements that benefit from this tuning as well. Customizing the gun based on the type of ammunition that we are looking to use is very helpful. When we find the ballpark amount of gas that we want being circulated, this can help us to lessen the amount of kickback that we are going to experience, as well as giving up better leverage to reset it.

Different ammunition with prefer different amounts of gas being sent back, so this is a very beneficial feature. Overall, this attachment is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

It truly is one of the best investments that you could make for yourself and your gun.