We first heard of diamond Painting in 2010 from China, and since then, diamond painting has been getting traction from every part of the world. If you require a creative outlet, this unique art form is the way to go.

Diamond painting has numerous health benefits; one of them is a stress-free activity. While highly recommended as a creative outlet for unwinding, stress relief, and relaxation, it can be highly addictive.

Going by the name – with emphasis on the ‘painting,’ you might be surprised to learn that diamond painting has nothing to do with paints and brushes.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is applying shiny resin rhinestones on a canvas covered in glue. The result is a vibrant, sparkling work of art, which is beautiful on the walls.

Diamond painting is unique in the art community because it provides a much quicker and stress-free result, and no previous experience is needed to create this beautiful art.

To begin this art, you need specific tools called the diamond art kits, which you can get from

The Diamond Art Kit

Diamond art kits are for persons who want to create spectacular artworks without starting from scratch. To begin this fantastic artistic hobby, you need some tools. If you have ever done sand painting before, you will find similarities between this and sand painting because they both need patience, focus, and a steady hand.

The tools include;

  • A canvas (they come in different sizes)
  • Diamonds/Colorful Resin Drills
  • Adhesive
  • Stylish Multi-Applicator Pens also called a diamond pen
  • Tray
  • Wax pad
  • Tweezer
  • An organizer for your diamonds
  • A Light pad to avoid eye strain
  • Washi tape (a multi-purpose type of masking tape, perfect for keeping dust from your glue)
  • An Ergonomically designed area for crafting to work smoothly with your body.

A vital thing to note is that the art kit is different for each skill level- beginner, advanced, expert.

Round diamonds are great for beginners, but the downside is that you may be able to see the canvas in spaces between the diamonds.

A smaller canvas is best for beginners because the larger the canvas, the harder it gets and the longer it takes to finish. Also, round diamonds are easier and faster to complete. Meanwhile, square diamonds take more time and focus on placing each one straight.

Here are a few benefits of engaging in diamond painting:

Diamond painting has mental health benefits

The mental health benefits of diamond painting cannot be overrated. When someone makes something beautiful through art, they fuel the creative mind while letting go of mental strain.

A low-stress level leads to a better, improved lifestyle and helps improve overall mental health.

Diamond Painting helps with meditation

While making your diamond painting, you can become mindful through focus and repetitive movements.

Diamond Painting helps with stress and anxiety

Engaging in any form of art can help free our minds from our worries or anything that causes stress and focus only on the positive things in life; diamond painting is no different. Relax your mind with a gorgeous DIY diamond painting kit, experiment with shapes and colors and you’ll feel better in no time.

It helps with depression


Working on an art project can provide a sense of achievement. It opens the door for communication with other people in the art community when you feel depressed.

Can be used to deal with substance abuse & eating disorders

Diamond painting can help persons dealing with these issues get in touch with their feelings. The meditative effect of diamond painting can help patients calm their minds while giving them another means of expression.

Diamond painting provides a community

It can be fulfilling to find a community bound by the same thing. Diamond painting provides this avenue to be a part of a large community of people who enjoy it as much as you do. You can find groups of people who can be lifelong friends on different social media outlets.

Diamond painting helps you concentrate & stimulate creativity

As we have covered, diamond painting helps with focus. Engaging in diamond painting continuously trains your mind to concentrate and improves the mind’s ability to focus- which could help us in our everyday work/life. It allows us to pay attention to the work at hand for an extended period.

It stimulates creativity, too, while we are paying attention to the project. Diamond paintings are essentially a DIY project which we have to focus on to get it right. It spurs our creative juices. Just make sure you practice this art regularly to get all the benefits.

Diamond painting boosts artistic confidence


Participating in diamond painting involves the brain’s right hemisphere, linked to our imagination, intuition, and the arts; we partake in creative stimulation.

After choosing the canvas and diamond painting kits and finally creating a beautiful piece of art, we become artists in our own right with a beautiful work of art to back our claim.

The incomparable sense of pride and accomplishment derived from a finished piece of art- whether beginner or expert is beautiful.

Diamond painting refines our motor skills

Because diamond painting takes a long time, it helps us improve our hand-to-eye coordination.

Because of the size of the diamonds, it needs a lot of focus to fix them at the right spot, which improves our physical motor skills. If you make complicated designs, your skills improve faster, unlike the uncomplicated ones, which are easy to do and don’t require much hand-eye coordination.

Putting each diamond in its slot also flexes your hand and finger muscles, causing us to be more skilled, agile, and adept at everyday tasks. Plus, it improves your overall concentration and focusing abilities.