Football has changed, in the past players didn’t worry so much about their physique and relied on their position on the pitch and their skills with the ball; many ran a lot. But many needed to be given the ball, and they worked their magic.

Cruyff smoked before every game. Maradona was never a player who was a physical prodigy. Romario went out partying every weekend before games. Riquelme didn’t run, well; they used to be players who made a difference with their ability.

Nowadays, players are athletes, capable of running a marathon or perhaps entering a CrossFit competition, and the reason is simple; football is faster, more physical, and much more dynamic. That’s why it’s so difficult to predict a winner. But if you feel like you want a little more excitement, you can go to

These are the 6 fittest players in the world:

6. Mohamed Salah


The Egyptian entered the gym and dedicated himself exclusively to taking care of his diet after his time at Chelsea where he didn’t have a good time, the demanding English game took its toll on him, so he decided to become stronger, in order to add one more weapon to his arsenal.

His footballing talent is excellent, but it wasn’t enough to make him an elite player, so when he started a high-protein diet and a much more strength-based exercise routine, the Pharaoh began to make a name for himself.

This led him to Liverpool and his revenge with the English league which he finally conquered, he is one of the best in the league and on the planet, and to prove his physical condition, it is enough to see him without a shirt to see the amount of muscles he has built.

5. Leon Goretzka


The Bayern player is very talented with his feet; he didn’t really use his physique much because he has the ability. But he kept losing minutes against stronger players. Already when he was playing for Schalke it was hard for him to beat stronger players, but when he came to Bayern he understood that he had to change.

That’s what he did, his diet changed completely, he began to count macros and eat in a caloric surplus to gain muscle, obviously, he began to do heavier exercises to make him stronger, this with his daily training so as not to lose that quality with the ball that characterizes him so much, and basically, he became an athlete, who surprised us with a photo after winning the Champions League.

4. Adama Traore


The now Barcelona player looks like a Marvel superhero; even the uniforms are too small for him with so much muscle. But his speed has not been lost, and stopping him becomes an impossible task because when he breaks away there is no way to stop him.

When he was a youth player in Barcelona, his physique was not imposing; he had a lot of skill. But it didn’t make a difference, that’s why the Catalan club let him go, but he got into the gym and completely changed his diet, which is now very high in protein, and he started to put on a lot of muscle.

At Wolverhampton, it was surprising to see this tank running down the flanks, they even wondered if he was the same skinny player who had arrived from Barcelona, he is so strong that he has to grease his arms and legs to prevent opponents from grabbing him to stop him.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimović


The Swedish lion has always been in enviable physical shape, but when he started to age, he thought he could extend his football career if he changed the way he trained and ate.

This led to him recovering more quickly from injuries and remaining at a spectacular level despite his age.

When he left for MLS, Ibra knew he still had many years of high-performance football left in him, so he decided to return to Europe with a new understanding of his physique and training. The Swede is getting better and better, and now with Milan, he is navigating the top half of the table and still scoring goals.

2. Robert Lewandowski


One of the best strikers in the world was another of those who knew that if he did not change his diet and emphasize stronger training focused on improving his muscle mass, his career would be short.

His eye for goal is enviable, that’s natural, but nothing is left of that slender Polish player, now; he is a muscle machine that when he has a ball does not forgive you, and marking him becomes a problem because of his physical strength.

It was in Germany that he knew that, if he wanted to fight and stretch his footballing life, he had to hit the gym hard and eat properly, and every photo he uploads to his social media sites just goes to show how impressive his fitness is.

His career is still at a high level despite his 33 years, and maybe he will start a new adventure with another top team like Barcelona, who believe that the Pole has 3 or 4 more years of football in the elite.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo


What can be said about the man who arguably changed modern football with the way he trained and ate, from the moment he arrived in Manchester under Sir Alex Ferguson, he knew that to compete with the team’s heavyweights he had to hit the gym.

His discipline and determination quickly transformed his body, and his football became complementary, skillful on the ball, and physically strong. Basically, the recipe for being one of the best in history.

He is 37 years old and seems to have no ceiling; he is still the reference point for everyone and continues to score goals; his speed seems to be intact and he is getting stronger every day. CR7 is probably the fittest player in history. How old will he play until?