Are you someone who likes to travel quite often? Maybe you’re looking for a transportation vehicle and a solution on how to move around from one city to another?

People often wonder if it is better to rent a vehicle, use their own car or completely rely on public transportation. Keep on reading as we answer and debunk some of your questions down below!

7 Benefits of Renting a Car when Road Tripping

1. Its price point


Different kinds of cars will come at different price tags. Their optimal price & performance will depend on the size, brand, manufacturer, as well as your headed location. However, booking in advance and ahead (weeks before) will lead you to ideal prices. Booking your vehicle and your accommodations ahead of time is just one of the important parts of your road trips.

PS: Car rental companies love to upsell you on the prepaid full tank option. You can actually fill up the vehicle yourself with cheaper gas than they would initially charge you.

2. Know where to rent a car

Rental companies have locations on-site at the airport, as well as some off-airport with shuttle services. Do you need a vehicle once you land, or are you looking for a road-trip vehicle? Here’s what to look for or avoid:

Do not pick it straight from the airport: did you know that plenty of states charge an additional airport tax for cars that are rented at the airport?

Aim for suburbs since they will have a lot more affordable rates & pricing systems than busy capital cities or urban areas.

3. You will not damage your own car


One of the biggest reasons to rent a car is to avoid tears or damages of your own. Why add extra miles to your vehicle and risk it breaking down in the middle of a road?

Depending on your trip and the length of it, the prices will vary. In most cases, renting will be seen as a pricier option, but it is a lot more common & safe, especially if your vehicle is not as trustworthy to drive in some poor conditions. If you own a luxurious car that you’re worried about breaking or malfunctioning at the worst given moment – make sure you rent it.

4. You get to try out new, fun & fast cars

You might need a larger vehicle than your own since there is a lot of you going on this trip? Trying to accommodate all of your friends and family? If so, you are going to enjoy the variety of different cars that are presented in different rental shops & car shops. Why not try out and give it a go with a 4×4 Jeep for a road trip to enjoy off-roading and ”dirty” experiences?! It is a must-have for extreme conditions and poor weather.

5. You wish to be careful during the winter season


Is your own car prepared for the ultimate winter, snow & ice? A lot of rain & dirt? If not, make sure that you get the right vehicle that can withstand these conditions. You won’t have to change your tires or worry about how your engine is going to bear cold weather. Rather go for an SUV for your unlimited mileage vehicle rental needs.

6. Cross-country journey

One of the most exciting & fun trips for millions of people is renting a car and going cross-country. Most U.S. rental vehicle companies offer unlimited mileage car rentals, which means that you can visit any state that’s on your bucket list without double-checking with the company. Simply go for a car dealership that offers the best solution & condition for your purposes & your headed destination.

7. Renting can be cheaper than a plane ticket


Airplanes have now become quite tricky, with their constant new rules, updated laws, as well as proof of negative tests or vaccination. When you rent a vehicle this is all up to you and your preferred ideal scenario. No reason to sit next to someone who is a complete stranger on a plane, no masks, no awkward conversations! The price for your rental could be on the lower side than a plane ticket, but the comfort of you doing anything you want per your own preference is priceless!

FAQ about cars & insurance options

1. Do you need one?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. These policies are not too pricey yet they can come in handy. In case of a car crash or tire damages, you won’t have to pay for any repairs and spend your hard-earned money. Go for a deal that best suits you and that is acceptable price-wise.

2. How about your own personal car insurance, can it help?

Every company is different and this rule varies from one place & country to the other. You should call your insurance company or local agent to double-check that your specific full coverage policy includes rental cars before your trip. If it doesn’t get one from the dealership. Having your own personal car insurance can save you a lot of money when traveling. For more information, click here.

3. Can credit cards cover rental car insurances?

Many credit cards offer some kind of rental car insurance worldwide. While it’s less common, some cards even offer primary coverage for a somewhat practical level of coverage. Discuss & look into this fact before you head out.

Do you need a vehicle?


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