Games with skins are very popular among gamers. This is a great way to monetize in-game items, and in case of luck – to acquire more valuable cosmetics. CS2/CS:GO roulette is one of the most popular games with simple rules that even a beginner can understand.

If you want gambling to bring fun and the possibility of withdrawing money or skins, it is necessary to choose proven CS2/CS:GO roulette sites that have a good reputation. Our review has picked reliable portals that can be trusted.

What CS2/CS:GO Roulette Sites Are Best for Gambling?


Here are the top 10 best sites to play CS2 roulette:

  • CSGO500 (500Casino) – the largest selection of withdrawal methods
  • Duelbits – the largest selection of gambling games
  • CSGOPolygon – the longest uptime
  • Bandit.Camp – the best website design
  • Clash.GG – the most responsive tech support
  • RustClash – it supports different deposit methods
  • WTFSkins – the most elaborate site
  • CSGOLuck – the most-rated site
  • Hellstore – the fastest withdrawal
  • – the best game animations

Let’s take a look at the features of each of the listed sites.

CSGO500 (500Casino)

The portal offers roulette with drawing rounds every 20 seconds. There are many players online, so the bets are always active. Besides roulette, there are also other games with Provably Fair offered.


  • many options for withdrawing funds;
  • Provable Fair;
  • fast registration via Steam.


  • few bonus offers.

CSGO500 has an extensive game library to play with CS2/CS:GO skins.


The site offers not only roulette but also slots, live games, and table games. Ace rewards enable you to bet even more with free coins.


  • withdrawal with skins and crypto;
  • generous bonus system;
  • P2P system.


  • restrictions for some countries.

Duelbits is a famous portal among CS2/CS:GO roulette sites with lots of active players.



The long operating time indicates the reliability of the site. The selection of games and sports betting enables users to play Roulette, Dice, and Crash with the Provably Fair system.



  • several different domains after rebranding.

CSGOPolygon is one of the sites with a large range of games and cashout methods.


Despite the absence of roulette, the portal offers several similar gameplay experiences with no less exciting rounds. These are Spinners Battles and Wheel of Fortune.


  • daily bonuses;
  • original site design;
  • chat support.


  • CS2/CSGO skins cannot be withdrawn.

Bandit.Camp does not offer roulette like other CS2/CS:GO roulette sites, however, it will deliver just as much adrenaline while betting on other games.


The developer offers a modified roulette, which involves not only colors but also images. Excellent optimization enables users to make accurate bets.


  • live chat for players and support;
  • large selection of games and cases;
  • a range of withdrawal methods.


  • the only bonus so far is rakeback

Clash.GG allows to withdraw skins, as well as fiat and cryptocurrency funds.



The roulette with high-quality design attracts a lot of players to the site. Newcomers get a bonus for registration. There is a game chat with a choice of language on the left side of the screen.


  • the best game graphics among all roulette websites;
  • many top-up options;
  • Provably Fair.


  • CS2/CS:GO skins cannot be withdrawn.

RustClash has a conveniently simple interface, so nothing distracts you from gambling.


Here roulette is offered in the classic version, so you won’t have to get used to new rules and design. If you win, you can withdraw CS2 skins as quickly as possible.


  • elaborate payout system;
  • games, cases, drawings;
  • bonuses every day.


  • high commission on fiat withdrawal.

The platform stands out among CS2/CS:GO roulette sites with meticulous attention to detail and process.



Instead of the usual roulette, the portal offers the Wheel where the Jackpot is drawn. Beginners get 5 free cases. The drop can be used in bets.


  • generous welcome bonus;
  • new cases every day as a gift;
  • Jackpot games.


  • there’s no classic roulette game.

CSGOLuck has a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 stars. which indicates a high level of player confidence.


While the developer is just planning to integrate roulette, you can test your luck by playing the Wheel with 4 betting options. High attendance contributes to vibrant rounds.


  • there’s a daily prize;
  • large selection of skins for withdrawal;
  • nice design.


  • there’s no P2P.

Hellstore has a good reputation. Since 2016, it has brought together thousands of active players.

The site stands out for its big Jackpot draws, although it doesn’t offer roulette in its classic version. The loft design and blazing graphics appeal to players.


  • one of the best animations in gaming;
  • exclusive bonuses;
  • it can be launched on all platforms.

Disadvantages: can hardly be described as one of CS2/CS:GO roulette sites. Nevertheless, there are many entertainment options that are no less exciting.

How Can Beginners Play CS2/CS:GO Roulette?


Classic CS2/CS:GO roulette resembles its conventional counterpart where there are several colors for betting. Usually, it is red, black, and green, although the colors may vary from site to site.

The player makes a bet by choosing one color. Green is the rarest option, so it has higher odds. Rounds are launched every 15-20 seconds. When it stops at a certain sector, the result is displayed.


Playing CS2/CS:GO Roulette requires a well-thought-out strategy that will help you make a profitable bet. However, everything is decided on a random basis, so you need to believe in luck. By choosing reliable CS2/CS:GO roulette sites from our list, you will avoid risking your inventory and personal data.

Is it legal to play CS2/CS:GO roulette?

CS2/CS:GO Roulette is available on dozens of famous portals. Thousands of players play it at the same time. It is a completely legal game that provides a sea of adrenaline and winnings.

What CS2/CS:GO roulette sites are the best choices to play?

All the best CS:GO roulette sites are presented in this review. We thoroughly examine each and every site. The best platforms are as follows:

  • CSGO500
  • Duelbits
  • CSGOPolygon
  • Clash.GG
  • RustClash
  • WTFSkins

Bet wisely and trust the best platforms.