CS:GO is a play that is known for its captivating lore, millions of active players, and numerous accessories that can make the game far better. One of the most popular things about this play is the fantastic skins that every player can acquire, and there is a lot of talk and questions about them. Here, we will tell you if CS:GO skins hold value, and what you need to be aware of when getting them.

Why should you get one?

We all know how many different types and accessories there are in this play, so this begs the question – are skins crucial, and why you should invest in them? Well, the only reason why players choose to get them is for aesthetics. They are extremely interesting to have, and they can make your character look more powerful and far more intimidating, so even though they are not going to affect your skills in any way, they are a neat thing to have in your inventory.

One of the most important things you need to know is that the quality and state of the weapon do not depend on the quality and state of the skin. This means that you can invest thousands of dollars on the rarest units that you can find, and they may be in perfect, mint condition, but that won’t make your rifle any better. On the same note, even if you use extremely common skins that are really worn, that will not reflect on your weapon. This is both a good and a bad thing, and many users make the mistake of believing that if they get a mint-condition skin, their skill will automatically improve. Unfortunately, this is not true, so you need to work on your aim and shooting skills no matter if you are a collector of the accessories, or if you just have one or two in your inventory.

What should you look for?


When thinking about investing in these coatings, you should think about which grade you want to invest in, and what their condition is. As you can read further in this article, the quality and the value of these coating depends on the color of it, and they are ranked depending on these characteristics.

You should also consider the state they are in, and you should look at the float value and quality hierarchy. They are graded with numbers that vary between 0.00 and 1.00. The closer the skin is to the former, the better quality it is, and the closer the number is to 1.00 the more worn it is going to be. The ones that are above 0.45 are considered battle-scarred and they don’t hold almost any value, no matter the grade they are in. So, if you choose to purchase any used goods, you have to check this out. On the same note, if you choose to resell any items from your collection, you should know that the closest they are to 0.00 the more value they are going to have.

You should always educate yourself and read more about the quality, the condition, and the options you have, and when purchasing any coatings from a third-party store, you need to make sure that you are going to get the item that you paid for.

Will they lose value?

Now let’s try and answer the most important question that every collector has – will the skins lose value with time? Well, the answer is a bit complicated and it is both yes and no. It all depends on the type of model that you have, its rarity, and its condition.

For example, every skin that is in mint condition is always going to keep the price, and in time, it may even grow in value. As you probably already know, there are eight main types of skins, and they are sorted by color or grade. The most common ones are the white ones, and they can be found pretty much everywhere.

It is not recommended for you to invest any money in these coatings because they are extremely easy to acquire, so if you put your funds in them, there will be either little or no return at all. Even if they are in mint condition, and even if they look perfect, they are still not worthy because everyone can get them any time they want.


On the other hand, if we talk about red, orange, or pink coatings, they are pretty rare and can get pretty expensive. They can cost you hundreds of dollars per piece, and it is pretty difficult to get them without putting your cash in them and purchasing them from a third-party source. So, the better they look, the more expensive they are, and since some of them can cost a whole lot of money if you keep them in a mint condition, and if you don’t use them, you can resell them later on and you can even make profits. As long as they are not in a worn state, they will not lose any of their value.

When it comes to the rarest models of them all, the gold ones, they are close to a myth in CS:GO, and if you find one, then you are one of the very few players that have this type of coating. They can be worth thousands of dollars, and in some cases, users don’t care about the condition of the piece as long as the grade is right. They are not only going to hold their value, but in time they may even become more expensive.

As you can see, it all depends on the state of the coating as well as the grade, so if you are interested in having something that is going to bring you profits in the long run, then you should put your cash into the rare collections and you should keep them as safe as possible in your inventory. The more worn the item is, the less it is going to be worth, and on the same note, the more worn it is, the less money you can get for it in case you ever choose to sell it.