Sometimes the festival turns into a bright and colorful show, completely captivating both residents and guests of the country. The grand event is awaited with great impatience and carefully prepared for it the whole year. The most interesting festivals of the world in our review.

The history of national holidays – parades, carnivals, festivals, torchlit processions – goes back to the depth of centuries, and today people are once again returning to the roots: sewing luxurious costumes, making colorful decorations, colorful characters and props. Sometimes up to several thousand people take part in the organization of processions: musicians, actors, dancers, singers, acrobats and ordinary citizens wishing to support the tradition.

Unusual traditions of different peoples

These interesting festivals not only give a holiday to the locals, but also attract tourists to the country, providing the treasury with a huge income. Therefore, the money invested in the events immediately pay off, and every year the celebrations are getting bigger and more grandiose. Well, let’s take a trip around the world and get acquainted with the most famous and beautiful celebrations that give people joy and unforgettable emotions. You can visit this website, they offer LED Screen rentals for various events.

1. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


Let’s start with the world-famous carnival in Brazil, which is considered one of the most interesting festivals in the world.

Many people associate this holiday with a sea of colors, sensual samba, half-naked dancers moving furiously on large mobile catwalks. But in fact, the carnival is a “report show” of the leading samba schools. Each of them prepares a dance program, organizes a platform and tries to earn the most feedback from the enthusiastic public with their colorful show. The winning school becomes a recipient of a grant from the city government.

2. Chinese New Year


Another national holiday widely known around the world is the Chinese New Year. It begins to be celebrated in late January. The next 40 days are in processions, fireworks and carnivals. The Celestial people treat this event with special reverence and love, they decorate their homes with festive garlands and prepare the table for the national dishes associated with the Spring New Year.

3. Snow and Ice Festival


As we continue our journey through China, let’s stop by Harbin for an interesting Snow and Ice Festival. In early January, local and visiting artists begin creating their large-scale works of art from ice and snow. Real cities populated by fantastic animals, people and fairy tale characters grow on the exhibition area. The ice artifacts are illuminated by bright spotlights and lasers, creating a truly fabulous atmosphere.

4. Holi Color Festival


Let’s transport ourselves to India. If you want to know more about this country and feel its enchanting atmosphere, then you should definitely visit one of the best festivals on the planet – the Holi festival of colors. No other event can so accurately convey the vibrant and unique flavor of this eastern country. “Holi” symbolizes the arrival of the long-awaited spring and the riotous blossoming of all living things. It is usually celebrated in early March.

The holiday is accompanied by noisy merrymaking and is somewhat reminiscent of Pancake Day. Men and women have mock fights, light fires and jump over them. The main focus is on the deities, who are rocked on swings. The finale of the festival is marked by bathing together and sprinkling each other with colors of the rainbow, made from medicinal herbs.

5. Diwali Festival of Lights


The fall in India begins another wonderfully beautiful festival – the festival of lights Diwali, symbolizing the victory of good over the dark forces. People bring gifts to Lakshmi, the goddess of fertility and prosperity, and ask her for rich harvests and prosperity. On the eve of the holiday, Hindus clean the house, and even at night do not turn off the lights and do not close the doors, so that the goddess does not pass by their house and deprive them of happiness.

6. Carnival in Venice


Do not like to be bored in Europe. The traditional carnival in Venice takes place in Piazza San Marco and is one of the most important festivals in Europe. The holiday lasts for 12 days. During this time, citizens and tourists witness theatrical performances with richly decorated costumes and decorations. Faces of actors and ordinary passers-by hide masks.

7. Venice Riviera, Lido di Jesolo


Fireworks here and there illuminate the square, people party all night long, music plays everywhere, and eye-catching gondolas ply the canals. The theatrical celebration ends with a costume contest and a symbolic burning of an effigy to the ringing of the bell tower of the cathedral of San Francesco della Vigna. From this moment the Lent begins.

8. Burning Man Festival


On the North American continent, too, they like to have fun. Just think of the Burning Man summer festival in Nevada and the Texas Film Festival. The first event is accompanied by the burning of a huge wooden scarecrow. There’s something of the hippie tradition in this celebration – irrepressible fun, extreme contests, art exhibits, extravagant dancing and modern music from tireless DJs. Money and vehicles are not allowed in the fun area. Festival participants create fantastic figures and display them for all to see. On the last day of the contests, all the statues are surrendered to the fire.

9. Boomtown Independent Film Festival


This festival offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy new releases of American and world cinema. This event brings together connoisseurs and lovers of timeless art. Here you can meet each other, exchange creative ideas or just have a good time. A highlight of the festival are the DJ scenes and the scenario of the festival year by year is getting more and more interesting.

10. Festival of flowers


Finally, let’s look at Thailand, a country of bright sunshine and open-minded people. Here they are very fond of celebrating the festival of flowers. The traditional processions are attended by thousands of people in the country. Tourists flock here in the hope of enjoying an impressive spectacle. February celebrations are timed to coincide with the appearance of the first flowers.

The most interesting festivals in the world remain a steady source of income for the tourism sector. They give travelers the opportunity not only to enjoy the atmosphere of positivity and happiness, but also to dive into it themselves and become part of the general celebration.