People love interesting quotes. They can be motivational, funny, and inspiring, and what is most important, they can make people feel more comfortable in different places. For example, that can be a small detail that will make people more interested in your store, bar, or any other place.

On the other side, we also have to mention that neon lights are a trend again. It is interesting how some trends are circulating all the time. In that matter, adding these lights in your store, home, living room, or any other place can be a great idea to improve its ambient.

While most people choose these lights for a sign or symbol, there are modern pipes that you can use for interesting quotes as well. The best solution for this type of Neon Lights is to choose handmade products, and you can find more here about them.

Before you choose an interesting sentence, be sure to make it suitable to the place and the occasion. The key is to make an impact on people. Here are some of the best ideas that you can choose for motivational sentences that you can present as neon signs.

Store Branding

It depends on the type of store you have, and how you want to present your products with these lights. It can be a simple instruction, but the effects can be much better when you include some interesting sentences above them. For example, if you are selling products for the kitchen, you can include the sign Good Food, Good Mood above these products, or the sentence But First, Coffee, if you are presenting a new coffee machine in your store.


There are numerous ideas to choose from. It is all up to your preferences and how many of these sentences you want to add. While it can be a good idea, make sure to don’t go too far since it might become annoying to visitors if they are surrounded by these lightning signs.

When it comes to stores that are selling various home equipment, furniture, and many other things, the selection of sentences is even bigger. Some that we found very interesting are Let’s Stay Home, Take it Easy, Good Vibes, This is Our Happy Place and more. The last one can be a perfect idea for a doormat.

There are some interesting things for the bedroom as well, like It Was all a Dream, Love You to the Moon and Back for a more romantic approach, or a simple Sweet Dreams in some corner of your bedroom. The great thing about these lights is that they won’t irritate the eyes, and you won’t bother even if you keep them on all the time.

Endless Solutions For Your Office

Offices in bigger companies are often full of banners and ads where you can read various motivational sentences. In that matter, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to add these lights as a more attractive alternative.

When you are choosing something inspiring, make sure to don’t use sentences that are too long since it can become an issue when you have to install some long pipe with all those symbols. A much better approach is to keep things simple, On the other hand, you can use a separate pipe for each word. Some of the best options are Do What You Love, Nothing is Impossible, Think outside of the box, and more.


The point of these signs is that they can significantly improve the ambient and make it more comfortable to spend eight hours or even more time every day.

Perfect Decoration for Weddings

The fact is that these lights are easily recognizable and very attractive. They won’t affect the eyes in the same way and it can be pleasant to watch them. Therefore, it can be a great idea to decorate your wedding by adding a lot of random words and sentences along with symbols.

There are numerous combinations of words that are very popular at these events, such as Crazy in Love, Better Together, Until Death Do Us Part, and much more. It will help you create a unique ambient since you can add random signs all over the place.

Improve The Ambient in Your Bar

Bars and restaurants are known for using these lights as decoration for a long time. You can go one step further and combine words instead of symbols. There are many interesting things that you can add. Also, we have to mention that there are flexible pipes that will allow you to play around with words more often.

For example, you can determine a wall where you can attach these lights. After that, you can change the sentence once every week, and do that by simply changing the outline of pipes into different letters. You can use this approach to promote some deals, free drinks, music selection of that day, or add some interesting quotes. Here are some popular examples:


Take it Easy;

Save Water Drink Whiskey;

Alcohol You Later;

Wish You Were Here;

Good Vibes Only;

There are only some interesting examples, but the options are endless. You can share funny quotes, jokes, team results, and many other things.

Last Words

The best part about this option is that you can be flexible since choosing a different layout is quite simple when you buy a flexible model. The only thing to pay attention to is to get the right size so it won’ become too much for a place where you want to add it.

The effects will be much better when compared to some other options since the way how these lights are glowing and attract the eyes. There are also models with a dimmer, which is an even better solution since you can control the power output.

In the end, the key is to find producers that will secure a high-quality product that will provide quality, proper visual features, and durability. When you find that, you can play around with any type of motivational sentences.