Studying in your home country allows you to be closer to your loved ones. If you study close to home you can also save on travel and accommodation costs and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that you get from familiar places. However, studying abroad is worth considering.

When you choose to pursue education away from your home country you get a unique opportunity to combine travel and study. You also meet new people, make friends, create wider networks, learn new languages and explore new cultures, to mention just a few of the benefits of studying abroad.

However, when you think about whether you should study overseas, you may not be sure about the best places for you to study abroad. Fortunately, this article looks at some of the great places where you can pursue your dream, meet friendly people in a new environment, and achieve your goals.

Below are some of the best places to study abroad:

United Kingdom


Are you looking for one of the best places to study abroad? The United Kingdom is one destination you should consider for several reasons:

· It has world-renowned institutions well-known for their famous alums, including Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, and others.

· The UK is home to several incredible student cities spread all over the country, in locations as diverse as financial hubs such as London and the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

· It has a rich art, culture, and history that offers international students so much to explore

· It is an excellent gateway for students to explore the rest of the continent

However, the United Kingdom is infamous for its gloomy weather, which some students may find a bit uncomfortable at the start of their stay there. The stereotype of a businessman with an umbrella exists for a reason…



Australia is considered among the leading destinations for pursuing international education. Some of the factors that win Australia a spot near the top of any list of the best places to study abroad include:

· It has a wide variety of courses, conservatively estimated at around 22,000, and offered across a total of 1,100 institutions. You can find a course in any educational field you would like to pursue.

· Australia is home to fantastic wildlife, both animals and plants, so international students have a lot of adventures to explore. The country has nine unique regions and boasts twenty UNESCO World Heritage Sites

· It has some of the most beautiful beaches the world over, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy

· Plenty of entertainment spots with pubs and cafes spread all over the vast country, and the rich cultural diversity makes the place a home for all.

· Its trendy cities are perfect places for international students. The cities include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and others.

Among the few things that may make Australia a challenging place for international students is the cost of living and this is on top of the costs of studying.

But for the fantastic lifestyle it offers, many still find it a great destination to study abroad.

Also, given that Australia is in the southern hemisphere, its academic calendar runs opposite Europe and North America. This can inconvenience students who have seasonal engagements, such as summer internships or sports, in their home countries. However, the positive side of this is that it offers a summer lasting a year.



The United States is one place that serves as one of the best study-abroad destinations.

With its expansive landmass, the USA has everything to offer- bustling cities, mountains, forests, lakes, seas, and deserts; so students will never run out of places to explore.

So, why should you consider the USA for your international studies? Here are some reasons:

· The USA boasts of some of the finest and most prestigious universities, many of which get top spots in the world university rankings.

· The US institutions offer an excellent support system to help international students settle in and make it through their courses.

· The education system is flexible, allowing students to select the content and structure of their courses. Also, there is a myriad of programs and courses to choose from.

· The massive diversity of weather patterns and other things offers more choices for students. For example, New York is the best place if you want a city that never sleeps. Or, if you wish to enjoy the sun throughout the year and have recreational areas nearby, then choose southern California.

· The USA is the melting point of many cultures, ethnicities, and races. Its diverse environment also ensures there is friendly co-existence among everyone and no room for discrimination.

While there is a general opinion that the cost of getting an education for international students in the US is among the most expensive, the country’s diversity and high-quality education make it a leading destination for studying abroad.



People worldwide regard the institutions in Germany extremely highly. This makes the country regularly feature on lists of the best places to study abroad. Moreover, the country’s strategic location also makes it a top choice for those interested in adventure and experiencing what other countries in Europe have to offer. International students can find an institution among the many spread all over the country. They can pursue their area of interest as they enjoy the diverse traditions, history, and culture that each German state offers.



When you think about a myriad of natural wonders, look no further than Canada. The country’s rich diversity of landscapes creates picturesque scenes thanks to the snowy mountains, rocky coasts, arctic glaciers, and much more.

If you want to learn a new language, Canada being a bilingual country (many people speak French and English), is one of the best countries to choose to study abroad. Students also have much to explore, especially in cosmopolitan cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. The people are welcoming, warm and friendly so you will feel at home no matter how far you are from your home country. Studying in the country will help you achieve your dreams because of the flexible and high-quality education as well as research opportunities.

Wrapping up

You now have some better ideas about the best places to study abroad. Of course, there are other places in addition to those discussed above. Other great destinations, such as France, Norway, China, Japan, and Switzerland, to mention a few are worth thinking about. You need to consider the educational area you want to study vis-a-vis the courses offered. Other considerations include the cost of education and living, weather, and others. Based on these factors, you can pick the best destination to pursue your education abroad.