Modern girls throw off their clothes (and with it their inner prejudices), and decide to plunge headlong into the world of VR modeling. However, not all of them can boast of popularity. So what separates super-successful models from, frankly, average ones?

The technical side of the issue (the availability of high-speed Internet, good camera equipment, a fast computer, and proper lighting) is very important.

But in this article, we would like to go beyond the technical aspect and focus on soft skills and personality traits that will allow you to create some kind of average portrait of the ideal model for the viewer.

1. Be A Good Conversationalist

A VR model must be able to capture attention and establish a strong connection with her viewers. A promise to do something will attract people to the chat, but to keep members coming for more, quality interaction with them is important, and the more the better. The work in VR cams involves maintaining a constant dialogue with the audience.

Experienced beauties ask the viewers questions, and ask for their opinion. Some of them specify which piece of clothing is best removed first. In addition, the best VR cam girls call viewers by their first names and remember the most active fans.

Maybe it will surprise someone, but many men join virtual reality chats for adults not only to see how a girl undresses. They also need to establish a mental connection with the model.

So it’s a good idea to anticipate the thoughts of the viewers and communicate with them sincerely and truly. This can even include telling the men how their day went or about a movie they saw.

2. Be Interesting


The art of teasing. Shy smile. Wink. Playful look. All this favorably highlights the personality of the model. The last obstacle to success as a model is the feeling of fear when working on camera. Self-doubt and fear of public speaking can play a cruel joke even on the most seductive girl in ordinary life.

This is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. since the VR model works with hundreds or even thousands of people with a wide range of interests. Her goal is to remain interesting but at the same time a sensitive companion.

It’s necessary to choose the right topics for conversation so as not to inadvertently frighten people who have other interests. In other words, the best models are both interesting and fun at the same time.

3. Love Her Body

Our love for diversity has made VR chats such a popular service. When you enter a chat, you never know what to expect. That’s what turns most men on the most.

Loving your body is what matters greatly to a model. To love means to accept every part of the body. But being comfortable in your own body is only half the battle. The model must necessarily be in some way an exhibitionist.

Stripping in front of hundreds of people and having sex in front of thousands of members shouldn’t affect mental health in any way. A good model should sincerely enjoy her sexual freedom, the level of which is much higher than that of most people.

4. Be Stylish and Well-Groomed


Surely appearance plays a major role in the success of any model. However, everything starts with the room. Many do not consider it necessary to somehow equip the workplace, although every detail is important.

Pay attention to the interior and decor. What did you like the most? What produced that wow-effect? If the environment in which the model is located does not create a feeling of comfort, this model is not always worthy of your attention.

Creating a unique style also includes grooming. Mandatory care includes makeup, styling, and manicure. With experience comes confidence in her abilities. The model is only required to emphasize her natural beauty without overdoing it.

5. What Should a Good Model Do?

The task of a girl working as an online model is to keep the attention of viewers in a free chat and go private as often as possible. Therefore, all the efforts of the model should be aimed at pleasing customers to such an extent that they are willing to pay for individual communication. To achieve the interest of the audience girls usually use the following simple steps:

  • The model must show affection to the audience, and demonstrate friendliness and sincere smiles.
  • A girl should constantly demonstrate herself. Chat guests should see her body from all possible angles and in different positions.
  • It is very important to send non-verbal exciting signals to clients – stroking the skin, hair, unobtrusive erotic movements of the lips, and tongue.
  • Do not forget about the entertainment of the audience, whose attention must be kept in any way. Communication, jokes, dancing, games – everything should be in motion if it keeps the client connected.
  • It’s recommended not to ignore the questions and remarks of the chat participants. On the contrary, it’s best to push them to talk and show interest in them.

6. What Are the Signs of a Bad VR Model?


The viewer’s interest in the model has its limits. And if a girl allows herself to do something that clients cannot like in any way, then their interest disappears, and therefore they disappear. The main points that a VR model should exclude from her broadcast program are:

  • immobility or sluggish, lazy movements;
  • fiddling with a smartphone and making phone calls;
  • ignoring the audience, distracting to extraneous things – books, magazines, TV;
  • counting live money earned on the same stream;
  • absence in the frame;
  • sleeping while streaming.

If the model intends to seriously engage in this work, she must strictly comply with these prohibitions, since behavior that includes any of the items listed above can permanently discourage clients from returning to her broadcast.

The considered qualities do not fully reflect the whole variety of personality characteristics that a model should have but are perhaps the most important so that you can spend your leisure time pleasantly.

The best models in virtual reality chats are always ready to spend time with you on the chosen portal. They have all the necessary qualities for girls worthy of your attention.