It is amazing how fast OnlyFans managed to become one of the top trending platforms for sharing and watching various content. While the intentions of the creators were never focused only on adult content, the fact is that it represents the most you can find on this website.

What makes it different from other adult websites is a unique approach where you can get a more personalized experience with the ability to communicate with creators. Also, you can easily search through different categories, such as celebrity, or teen onlyfans.

Another amazing detail is the influence this platform is having on people. That is especially related to those who have switched from typical websites to enjoy only content found on OF. On the other side, the number of creators is also getting significantly higher.

There is also a huge financial advantage. When it comes to the most popular profiles, they are making millions each month. On the other hand, the majority of more popular names are getting a few thousand, which is still a decent amount, especially when compared to profits made in other areas of the adult industry.


As a creator, you also have flexibility in pricing, where the minimum is $5, and the higher limit is around $50. It is common for stars to set the lowest price for standard content while leaving some exclusive photos and videos for those willing to pay a higher price. There is a rise in those who are sharing explicit content, but the most popular profiles are celebrities. Here are the most popular models in 2024.

1. Mia Khalifa

Even though her career as an adult star was quite short, she managed to make a huge influence. Also, the OF was the perfect solution for her to continue sharing content without having to star in adult movies anymore.

We could find multiple interviews where Mia was arguing that adult stars are not treated properly, especially when it comes to financial terms. On the other side, a creator on this platform is completely independent. Therefore, it was a perfect solution for her to profit from the extreme popularity. She is earning more than $6 million each month.

2. Melrose

This is another example of a well-known adult star that managed to gain even higher popularity through this website. As we already mentioned, it is all about the unique approach that OF provides to both creators and users.

Also, she chose to set an even lower price than the standard minimum and share content with her fans for only $3.75 per month. That price attracted followers from all over the world. She is known for sharing content every day, along with livestreams where you can send messages and leave tips.

3. Cardi B


You don’t have to be an adult star to gain more followers on this website. Cardi B is the perfect example of that. She is one of the most popular hip-hop artists today, and a lot of her fans are interested in seeing something more personal that she shares on OF.

Her approach is quite different. She uses this website to get closer to fans and share some exclusive news, including photos and videos. The results of that are amazing since she is earning nearly $ 10 million per month.

4. Bella Thorne

Announcing and then creating a profile on this website can easily turn into an instant success if you are already a celebrity. Bella is the perfect example since she managed to earn over a million dollars in less than a day after setting her profile.

The former Disney star has a lot of fans from all over the world, and the OF account made her even more popular. Also, we have to mention that the basic subscription to her account is free, but you will have to pay for some exclusive content.

5. Blac Chyna

Angela White, known as Blac Chyna, is the highest-paid star on OF. She was a celebrity before the introduction of the website, but her unique style and the way she chooses the content for sharing are the main reasons for such high popularity.

Moreover, she chose to have only one category for subscribers where she could surprise them with various content every day for $20 dollar per month. That leads to a record-breaking $20 million per month.

There is something for everyone


While it is interesting to follow a favorite celebrity, the key feature is that you can find all kinds of profiles, and enjoy a much more interesting experience when compared to any other platform. For example, social media have certain limits when it comes to posting explicit content. On the other, hand, there are many free adult websites, but none of them will provide you with the ability to reach such a personal experience as OF.

Therefore, you can research by using your preferences, and find a profile that matches your expectations. After that, you can even send a message to the creator. It is common for them to chat with the users, which is the feature that makes this platform so unique.

Also, we have to add that there are many profiles where explicit content is not the focus. In that matter, you can find art creators, fitness instructors, and many other creators who are using the benefits of this website.

Last Words

As you can see, it is up to your preferences when it comes to the selection of profiles that you will start following. A lot of them are free, but in most cases, you will need to pay at least a minimum fee to check out some more exclusive photos and videos.

It provides a whole new experience when it comes to adult content, but you can also check on your favorite celebrity and learn more about their personal life. As more people are interested in creating accounts here, the selection of unique content is also on the rise.