Do you play the lottery? The chances of winning the grand prize are practically non-existent – or so we think. Some even think that we are more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery – although there is always a ray of hope. Although the odds are against us, we will introduce you to some of the lucky ones from Germany – who had the privilege to have their combinations and numbers drawn.

Not Even Germans Are Immune To Playing Lottery

When we say European Union and ask you where you would most like to live and work – in the first place, or among the first three places, people say Germany. Most Europeans have visited this big great country at least once in their lifetime. This is the country that, despite centuries of turbulent history – has always managed to rise from the bottom. Today, although a multiethnic place – Germany is still one of the countries adorned with the order, work, and discipline. However, when it comes to a lottery and games of chance – even the Germans relax a bit. Although you will not often see a German citizen give up large sums of money when it comes to gambling and playing the lottery – they are not disgusted with money and the excitement of winning.

Which Lottery Game Is Most Popular In Germany?


Each of us likes to invest a little – and get at least three or four times more. And if you’re lucky enough to win the lottery – then that’s something special. The German state lottery has its post-war tradition and dates back to 1955. The system of playing their Super Number is something like Super Ball. Six numbers from zero to 49 are dialed, and then another, an additional number is drawn. Wednesday and Saturday are days reserved for the lottery – so whoever wants can try their luck, although your chances of winning are almost 1 in 140 million. Of course, there are also those lucky ones who have beaten the odds. Some stick to some of their tried and tested strategies or lucky numbers. All in all, just like everywhere else in the world – in Germany, the lottery is also good fun that can turn your life around. Of course, if you are lucky enough.

Biggest Lottery Winnings In Germany: Where, How Much, And How Are They Spent?

Every money winning prize with the Germans, even the lottery – is considered an extra profit. This certainly means that the profit will be taxed – but also that the winner will spend it wisely. OK, mostly they’ll spend it wisely. So far, the biggest lottery winnings in Germany hit different cities and towns. According to, you can try your luck playing the lottery all around Germany – and hope you might hit the Jackpot. Some people even think it has to do something with the area where you buy your lottery ticket. Who knows, they may be right. Anyway, these are the top 5 places in Germany where the biggest lottery winnings have changed the lives of the winners – but also the people around them.

1. Mysterious Winner Of 6 Million Deutsche Marks, 1996

We’re gonna go back to 1996 and we’ll take you to Berlin – the capital of Germany, but also one of the largest cultural sites not only in Europe but also in the world. One of those lucky people who won the great European lottery still lives in Berlin, and he was considered to be the greatest winner since the merger of East and West Germany. Back then, he won the unbelievable 6 Mil. Deutsche Marks. Little is known about this winner because it was difficult to get any information at the time. However, one nun said after a long time that the church orphanage where she was working – has received a large donation from a person who won the lottery but did not want anyone to know about it. The thing he said to the reverend sister is still remembered today. He said: It fell from the sky right into my lap – so I should share it with those who need it and the ONE who sent it to me.

2. 8.5 Million Euros In The German City Of Entertainment, Munich


This win marked the year 2005 in Munich. Munich is also known as a city of entertainment – and of course, we should immediately think of Oktoberfest and the famous beer festival. This city is visited by millions of tourists every year, and at the beginning of autumn- and it is additionally visited – because millions of visitors enjoy the festival of beer and sausages with sauerkraut for twenty days. However, this city is also known for being the winner of the German lottery 6/49, who bought three tickets in 2005 and received eight and a half million euros. We don’t know if he was at the Oktoberfest and paid beer to the visitors – but we believe that he invested his money in smart things.

3. Biggest Profit: 45.4 Million Euros, Frankfurt, 2017

Frankfurt is a huge industrial city as the seat of the European Central Bank – so it’s the important financial center for Germany. It is a trade fair city and the center of many important events at the world level – and at the same time, it is a major transport hub for both Germany and the European Union. What is also important to note is that in 2017, one of the three winners of the German lottery from this city – made an incredible profit of as much as 45.4 million euros. Three golden jackpot winners from Germany have made this enormous amount – and one of them comes from the beautiful city of Frankfurt.

4. The Golden Jackpot Also Went To Schwartzwald

Schwartzwald is a beautiful tourist place that was known in the nineties for the famous TV series Die Schwarzwaldklinik. This beautiful forest area abounds in natural beauty surrounded by two rivers Rhine and Neckar. But the area of the Schwartzwald itself is also a place of the spring of the most famous European river, the Danube. One of the 3 winners of the Golden prize of over 45 million euros is from the Schwartzwald area. It is known that this winner invested a good part of his money in preserving this natural beauty resort of southwestern Germany.

5. The Third Golden Jackpot Went To Ulm


Ulm is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and is located on the banks of the beautiful blue Danube. On one side we have old Ulm with beautiful architecture – and on the other is a modern and newly built city. Surrounded by the Danube and beautiful lakes, this is the place where the third winner of the greatest prize in Germany lives. In addition to the natural beauty with which he is surrounded, he also enjoys his lottery prize.