If you ask anyone where their favorite place is, you’ll find that ninety percent of people would love to be near the sea beaches. Now, think about buying a beach house, it seems like a dream come true. And it is. But before buying a beach house, you should know some factors and economics, unless you overpay for the property and it becomes a burden to you.

Why Go For A Beach House?


We all want to live longer, but environmental pollution is affecting our life expectancy. Beachside houses will get one of the freshest air in any part of the world. What can be a better jogging place than this!

The natural beauty is what people admire most about the location. It brings peace to your mind!

You can earn money too from your beach house. It can be considered as a vacation house. Statistics show that owners of the beach house in Florida earn their livelihood for half of the year from November to April by renting their house. During those months, people from colder states come here to fulfill their craving for the sun. Your beach house could become the goose with the golden egg.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind

  • Location: A house near the beach doesn’t make it a perfect beach house. There are some areas you need to check out before buying.

– It should not be very isolated from society. Otherwise, there will be a question of security.

– Moreover, you’ll want all the necessary amenities near your reach. Check if everything is available nearby.

– Make sure you have an adjacent road of at least 16ft for the smooth passage of your vehicle. Now parking space is an essential factor for everyone.

The time it takes to reach the parking area from your residence should be a major concern. And if you put your house for rent to the travelers, the commute time to the nearest airport, railway station or city should also be taken into account.

  • Neighborhood: Your neighbors are your kith and kin after your relatives because they’ll be the first to come forward in case you are in some problem. The economic condition of the neighborhood also shows whether it is going to be a great investment or not. Apart from the beach view, check if there are some other attractions nearby.
  • Comparative Renting Potential: During the tourist season, travelers are looking for their desired beach houses. Before buying the beach house, think twice, will it be able to get the attention of those tourists. If you need to invest in remodeling and repairing, how much will it cost you?

Geographical Factors

  • Temperature and Humidity- In the beach areas, you’ll get to see more humid weather which may not always a pleasant feeling. Especially in the summertime. Make sure your area gets nice weather most time of the year.
  • Tidal and Flood History- Floods around this corner of the area could be devastating that it could wash away everything. Choose a place that is comparatively on higher ground and has less risk of getting flooded.

Economies to Look At

  • Price – Beach house is already considered an expensive property. Don’t spend more money than the actual value just because you can. Compare the price of the houses in the neighborhood and the condition of the beach house. Do your exact calculation.
  • Tax and Utility Bill – When you buy a beach house, more or less, that is a one time cost you need to pay. But you also need to pay tax every year irrespective of your economic condition. It’s a continuous cost associated with your beach house. So, be careful about the tax rate of the area where you want to buy your dream beach house.

Like taxes, utility and municipal bills also vary from area to area. The area with the latest amenities will costs you more. Make sure you get to choose different options like getting the supply of gas from line or cylinder etc.

  • Insurance Rate – We have already discussed the issue of the risk of flooding. So, you have to get mandatory flood insurance which has increased lately in recent years and is still in the uprising trend. Due to this, your beach house insurance fee is going to be higher than your primary residence.

Though North Carolina and Florida both are at the bank of the sea and both have the risk of getting flooded, insurance rates are cheaper in North Carolina. It’s because real estate prices are higher in Florida than in other places.

Management of Property


If you’re going to rent your beach house and use it as a source of income, then you have to make a budget for everything you’re going to spend on this house. Do not exclude expenses like cleaning of waste and dust, replacement of broken or damaged accessories, and so on. Occasional expenses resulting from some unexpected accident also needs to be included. Maintaining a beach house has huge costs like taking care of an expensive pet. Moreover, you have to appoint a caretaker to look after the beach house.

Appoint A Coastal Home Inspector


You may overlook some factors that are important in the coastal areas. It will be better if you let an inspector access the whole property. The inspector will inform you about all the pros and cons of the house, and advise you about the estimated cost of the house. It will help you to bargain with the broker or seller.

But first, you have to start this venture by searching for one. You can begin with Property investment is a vital decision at this time as the economy is not at its best. So, invest your money more carefully. But by following our suggestion mentioned here, you will end up with a great buy. Go, get your dream beach house!