Economics tuition for A-level economics is quite popular in Singapore. Therefore, many tuition centers operate in the area. Every tuition center guarantees the best result for their students. But a few fulfill the promise. is one of the few. This is due to the fact that all the institutes operate differently with separate policies and methods. And in the end, the best combination of these methods is the one who produces the best results.

In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of tutoring independently and with collaboration. Moreover, we will discuss the importance of the right tuition center with the best policies.

Importance of Good Policies


To ensure the success of a student, effective policies at the tuition center are essential. There are many ways an economics tutor can help their students. It is easy to throw information at the students, but explaining each concept with relevant examples from practical life is the key.

Other than that, the best economics tuition should have the policy of allowing and encouraging their tutors to have one on one sessions with the students. It ensures that there are no doubts left. Moreover, students get the confidence to appear for the examination.

Covering the whole course outline is good, in fact, too good to be true. There are many concepts in the economics A-level course. Explaining all in detail is not a good idea. Therefore, the economics tutor mainly focuses on the essential concepts and practice of sample papers. Covering all the concepts is the job of a teacher.

There should be a policy of extra time after the session where students can discuss their doubts. Clearing doubts is significant as all the concepts of economics are interlinked. Therefore, if they don’t understand one concept, there is a possibility that they won’t get the whole chapter.

Working independently in comparison to working with collaboration


As we explained the two different types earlier, there are two ways that tuition centers adopt while tutoring. First is individually tutoring the students; this means that only one tutor handles all the sessions. Second is coaching with collaboration, where a group of tutors teaches the students. There are pros and cons to each method. Let us discuss the main points.

Positive and Negative effects of tutoring with collaboration


First of all, let us look at the positive points of teaching with collaboration. If the tuition center appoints a group of tutors, they can share the burden of sessions. Each tutor can have one session under them. It will ensure that the system runs smoothly and effectively.

Other than that, the tutors can collaborate to produce the right economics notes. Every tutor can give in according to their experience in the field.

But the negative point is that all the tutors might have different levels of efficiency. There is a possibility that every student prefers a single tutor’s session. As a result, the concept of sharing the burden would fail. Secondly, if an economics tuition center appoints many tutors, then they might compromise in the experience. They might hire inexperienced tutors; as a result, the students would suffer. Thirdly, training all the tutors to teach likewise is a tough job. They might confuse the tutors and students.

Positive and Negative effects of tutoring independently


There are many benefits to teaching independently. First of all, the tuition center has a centered system; it comes under a single tutor. That tutor is most probably well experienced and qualified. If there is any confusion, the students and administration know who to ask for help. A single tutor can ensure that all the sessions are well synchronized. As a result, there are going to be no differences among the students typically.

Other than that, the tutor would have one effective way to teach all their students. The students would know the method and would register themselves, knowing precisely what to expect.

It is a plus point if the tutor produces their model essays and resource books. The students will have all the guidance from one authorized person. And they are more likely to create the best results.

There is, however, one negative aspect of individually tutoring the students. The tutor might feel burdened; however, if he can manage the students by making small groups, it will be beneficial for both parties.

A single tutor, Anthony Fok, run JCEconomics Anthony Fok. he has his own published books and notes that the students use. His best-produced results are proof of his teaching skills. Anthony Fok is known as the best economics tutor in Singapore and is well trusted among the students and parents. To conclude, we can see it clearly that an individual tutor is best for effective economics tuition.

Economics Tuition – Fight Against Inflation

Singapore is a country with many hard-working people. They burn the midnight oil to achieve their life goals. However, how does it affect the economics tuition students? When economics tuition comes to your mind, you probably think about A-level students trying to get good grades. But there might be other reasons for it, such as fighting against inflation. How is it possible? When a student learns about economics, they make wise decisions with their money; as a result, it helps with fighting against inflation.

In this article, we will learn about how inflation and economics tuition is linked. Moreover, we will know how to deal with low, high, and very high inflation levels.

How Are These Related?


The prime question is how inflation and economics tuition is related? People take economics tuition for better grades and understanding the concepts. So, taking economics tuition for inflation is something new. Firstly, we need to understand what inflation is? Inflation means an increase in the general price of products and services. It means that now you get fewer things in the same amount of money. For instance, previously, you could buy three products in a few Singaporean dollars. Now, you can only get one. Economics helps you to make better investments to deal with inflation.

Secondly, you should be wise about your tuition options. There are many options available for economics tuition in Singapore. But you should choose who not only focuses on throwing information but also teaches how to implement it in practical life. Therefore, the best option is JCEconomics by Anthony Fok. Anthony Fok conducts all the sessions himself. Furthermore, he is not just famous for producing the best results, but he plays the role of a mentor and a guide in his students’ lives.

When the Inflation is Not Very High

There are many opportunities for investments to deal with inflation. However, every investment has different levels of risk in profit. So, making a wise decision is crucial. Some investment has lower benefits and lower risks. Similarly, others have huge risks. In weak economies, where there is high inflation, the investment has to be fruit-bearing enough. However, some economies require small investments—for instance, government bonds. Government bonds include low risk and low investment returns. Through economics tuition, you can have the knowledge and information that allows you to make the right investments. The economics tutor should guide the students by dealing with them as real adults.

When the Inflation is high


Here, let us introduce real estate investment trusts. These funds involve high risks and high investment returns. However, there are different types of real estate investment trusts, such as Cambridge Industrial Trust and Ascendas Industrial Trust. These different types have various risk factors. And they produce different liquidity and cash reverses. As the risk is high, one should be vigilant while investing the money. Reasonable economics tuition makes it easy to make the right decisions. Through economics tuition, you will learn that Cambridge industrial trust is better in terms of higher return, low volatility, reinvestment scheme, and share price.