Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life in ways we can’t even predict. There are a number of ways in which artificial intelligence is already useful to casino brands. It allows them to create a better environment for their players, but also a more secure one. The use of AI is subtle in a lot of ways, and sometimes undetectable by players, but it is becoming more prevalent in the industry.

How do online casinos use this kind of technology to improve their services? Casino brands are already using this type of modern technology to help their users, and to spot suspicious activity and create a better gaming environment, as well as for personalizing offers, according to TheGameDayCasino.

Let’s dive into some of the ways in which online casinos are using AI to improve what they are providing to customers.

To improve personalized offers


AI can track what kinds of promotions work and which ones really don’t. AI is also an incredible tool for personalizing offers and can analyze data in a way that humans can’t, at least not on the same scale. Due to this, AI can provide enticing offers to keep consumers coming back, and to improve their experience overall.

Have you ever signed up to a gaming or gambling account and then received emails or adverts about your favorite games before? There’s every chance that the data regarding what you are playing and when is being analyzed.

Your experience with the casino itself can largely be dictated by how an AI has read your behavior and the behavior of other users. For instance, the system may spot patterns in similar games that other consumers like and provide a personal recommendation as a result. This sort of activity is all to do with marketing, of course, but it also helps to provide a rewarding experience.

Improved customer service

Many online casinos can struggle to keep up with the demand of thousands of customers playing at the same time.

While AI or “bot” technology for customer service can be frustrating at times as a consumer, it is incredibly helpful, and the technology is only getting better. It is best to have an AI bot as your first line of defense and to allow consumers to access a human if they really need to.

Modern AI bots can literally trawl through a website’s knowledge base, or any other huge database of text, which allows the system to “learn” the answers to customers’ problems and then provide them with real, actionable help. In some instances, AI can be a lot more efficient than humans.

To spot any suspicious activities


This is more regularly used for sportsbook gambling, but there are potentially suspicious patterns that can occur in online casinos too. The option to use artificial intelligence monitoring systems to keep track of how people are behaving provides casinos with protection from illegal activities or attempts to cheat.

Undeniably, cheating is difficult on online casinos due to the already-robust systems of security, but with AI, casinos can be even more certain that if any user should attempt to beat the system, the activity will be flagged for investigation.

To assist with security

AI helps with all kinds of security, from cryptocurrency exchanges to shopping carts and gambling companies.

AI can help with a few different aspects of security. As well as ensuring that accounts aren’t compromised, AI data can be used to help to check for any patterns of shady transactions and activities as they happen on your platform. Even with SSL in place, there is the potential for sophisticated fraudsters to gain access or even potentially cause a security threat to an online casino. AI systems for detecting this can be another layer of security.

To keep customers engaged


Some casinos have started to use their AI technology in order to try and keep their customers engaged or detect when they may have moved to another casino, or stopped playing. This means that they may send you special offers or emails when they notice you haven’t logged in for a while.

Also, the AI may be able to read whether you are engaged with a particular game or even analyze your betting patterns to see if there are signs that certain games aren’t working.

They can also use this kind of data on a huge scale to analyze which of their games are the most successful, for instance, some slot games might be better than others in terms of keeping bettors on the platform and ensuring that they are enjoying themselves. The power of this huge amount of data cannot be understated, and AI makes it a lot more straightforward to check the data, spot patterns, and more.


Summary: The future of AI and online casinos

Now that Pandora’s box of AI technology has been opened, there really is no going back. In fact, the systems that are in place are only going to get better, and that should lead to a better customer experience as well as enhanced security for online casino brands and gambling companies.

Virtually every aspect of gaming, and online casinos, can make use of artificial intelligence. Better marketing activities, and a crackdown on fraudulent activities means that there are a lot of incentives for casinos, including increasing their profit. Casinos are able to learn more about their customers and keep more bettors from leaving for competitors, as well as giving them a better experience in the process, and even more security.

AI is still regarded to be in its infancy when we consider all the ways in which it can potentially be used in the future. Undeniably, there are plenty of things we can’t possibly predict, but for the betting folk out there (well, we are talking about casino customers after all) the safe money is on AI becoming a mainstay of gambling for years to come, whether the customer can tell AI is being used or not.