The debate of which PDF editor is reigning supreme beyond its competitors stems from our individual and differing experiences with each of those applications. You may be reading this article to find something better than SmallPDF–a PDF document editor that takes pride in its massive 21 PDF tools which are essential to a variety of editing, writing, and converting to a file format task that delivers the best outcomes for your documents.

As more PDF companies emerge in the digital technology market, several have been trying to keep their subscription costs lower than SmallPDF’s pro price alone which values at $108 while they are trailblazing almost similar benefits. In this article, we will examine five picks of PDF editors which will focus on their respective functions and price that will surely make any of them be the successor of SmallPDF as your new go-to PDF editor.

1. UPDF – Free PDF Editor Desktop Offline

SmallPDF has only shed its downside of having a limited number of documents you can process in a day. Developed to be absolutely free for all PDF users, the UPDF is here to make sure you consider the app a priority option. Speaking of a better assistant in a single cross-platform, the UPDF strives to deliver the best performance as your guide to maintain your productivity at its peak. It helps you complete any PDF activity, including taking notes, completing forms, and combining text and images, by choosing the best toolset and providing an excellent user experience. It helps you complete any PDF activity, including taking notes, completing forms, and combining text and images, by choosing the best toolset and providing an excellent user experience.

Wrapping everything with this hot pick, all PDF tools in UPDF does not cost any of your amount just so you can avail a premium-feel subscription. UPDF is not joking when it proclaims itself as a 100% costless PDF editor. It shows that you acquire exactly every present PDF tool in UPDF without paying for them. UPDF must be installed on a desktop computer running either Windows or Mac operating systems.

2. iLove PDF

iLove PDF is another PDF editor that flaunts a wide scope of instruments that mainly join, split, and manage PDF documents. Moreover, a PDF conversion tool to the supported file formats of your liking is present in this PDF editor. These actions are even made easier to materialize by almost everyone, thanks to its user-friendly interface design that can surely make you feel like a pro when using them.

iLove PDFs unlimited process of documents and access to their mobile and desktop platforms are however locked in their premium subscription offer which values at $48 annually. This is $60 cheaper than SmallPDF’s pro package, which rings again at $108 per year iLovePDF optimally works on any following browser: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer +10, and Safari. For offline access, you may download their installer for Windows, Mac, AppStore for iOS, and Android for Google Play.

3. Sejda Online PDF Editor Free

Sejda enters our list with its expanded range of PDF modification procedures like annotating, signing, writing, editing, or omitting texts. This editor also allows you to put photos within the document or draw on pdf. Inserting hyperlinks that tie up the text to anything you would like it to be attributed to has been made possible by Sejda as well.

Given its amazing production of documents without the appearance of watermarks, what concerns Sejda is the 50-megabyte maximum file size requirement in its basic version which is surely unable to accept PDF documents with humungous sizes. Hence, if you opt for Sejda as your alternative, the annual subscription cost to both web and desktop versions costs $63 a year. That gives you $45 worth of savings if you deduct that price from SmallPDF’s $108 annual price tag. Sejda PDF Online works on any Internet-connected device. Meanwhile, its desktop version is available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

4. Soda PDF

Soda PDF commits to deliver a PDF editor that relinquishes authority to its users to their documents. It lets you tweak your PDF files to varied supported file formats in seconds and claims to be the quickest converter on the market. While it commits to converting files in a flash, it promises a formidable visual quality of the documents. It also bestows the power to modify pages, add and remove page marks, as well as alter texts and images.

One thing that is fascinating about Soda PDF desktop is its 3D page-flipping technology in which every digital PDF page flips like a real book. This PDF editor’s annual subscription fees start at $84 per year, which is $24 cheaper than SmallPDF’s premium access cost per annum. Soda PDF’s online version is usable on any WiFi-capable device while its desktop software can run on Windows and Mac systems.

5. Online2PDF

Online PDF Converter is a web-based PDF tool that performs common PDF editing commands like merging, and unlocking password-encrypted PDF documents. It does not ask for any fees for PDF compression, view, conversion to images, encryption-decryption, conversion to Excel, and page layout.

The website’s design feels flat and outdated but that is what makes the tool easy to navigate as the notifying prompts will appear after selecting the tool you have decided on. The best part with Online2PDF is you do not have to shell out even a single penny. Its features and appearance may not go head-to-head with the previous four PDF editors yet it is not awful to think that its services are generously for free. Online2PDF is accessible in web browsers only hence Internet connectivity is a must.

With plenty of PDF editors that have been simultaneously developed and how overwhelming this phenomenon can be for us consumers, it is important to study every single detail of them especially if you are trying to see which of them is worthy of every cent. This article has proved itself how SmallPDF’s pro subscription price is largely the most expensive of the rest of the alternatives yet their features are almost alike.

Noting that all of us may not share the same sentiments about our preferred PDF editor, the goal of this article is to help you formulate your decisions better since we spend a fortune on those subscriptions. What we all aim for in the end is a software program that will fuel the efficiency we need in accomplishing documents every day.