Maybe the reason we are so adamant about our pet’s suffering is that they relieve our own. It is reported on ADAA’s (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) blog site that American suffering from mental illness finds a moment of peace with their respective pets. More than half of those surveyed had claimed they reported an improvement in their mental health after their ownership. 98% have considered their dogs a part of the family.

Because you’re reading this right now, chances are, you’ve been finding a good treatment for that member of your family. Traditional medicine, alternative ones, you’re willing to try them all. If that’s the case for you, there might be a big chance you’ve stumbled upon Cannabidiol as an alternative treatment to whatever your pet ails from. But as it goes, many unfounded rumors surround CBD, and you might wonder what truth in all of those is?

What Is The Truth About CBD?


CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a compound found in copious amounts inside the hemp plant. Along with 112 other cannabinoids, it resides in the leaves, stalks, seeds, and even flowers. The hemp is another species of the genus Cannabis Sativa, but it is in no way shape, or form the same as marijuana. Marijuana is merely its sister species, still under the same genus.

The difference between these two is the amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) it has. While the hemp plant has THC in minuscule amounts, Marijuana abounds with it. THC is not favored by a lot of cannabidiol consumers because it is the compound responsible for the “high” feeling when smoking pot. They prefer to have the benefits without getting high, so they can avoid unnecessary inconveniences such as a surprise drug test at work, or going against the law.

With this thought, many companies have opted to manufacture their cannabidiol products THC-free, along with other benefits, such as non-dairy, non-gluten, etc. Companies like Holistapet offer CBD products of this nature and lay down the side-effects it may bring to your pets. Though it only borders around mild and never severe.

Although products with THC are indeed stellar in their effects, someplace very little amounts in their products. About 0.1%, an amount approved by the FDA, and won’t induce any psychoactive effects. This is because some wish to trigger the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a biological phenomenon where cannabinoids work together in synergism to elevate the effects of the product. This means the 0.1% THC, Cannabidiol, and the other 112 compounds will work as one to give a faster relief rate and more noticeable effects, compared to just CBD or THC alone.

Why CBD Oil For Your Anxious Dog Works


This might be the most common occurrence for those households that move frequently. After all, one reason why your dog experiences anxiety is situational elements, such as a new home. It can also stem from having new owners, which can be more intense than the aforementioned. Either way, seeing your dog jittery, restless, or even acting contrary to its usual joyful self is already enough to send warning bells through your brain.

CBD oil acts as an anxiolytic agent once ingested by your dog. This compound becomes an endocannabinoid and interacts with their ECS (Endocannabinoid System) to relax and calm them.

In a more detailed explanation, cannabinoid stimulates the CB1 receptor found on their nervous system, especially a part of the amygdala where it is found this receptor is responsible for either make or break your pet’s psyche. If this receptor is blocked, anxiety starts and soars. On the other hand, if this receptor is stimulated, anxiety can be minimized and even prevented.

Using this product, however, brings some side-effects as well. They’re not major, so you don’t have to worry. The side effects range from dry mouth to drowsiness. You also should not worry about overdose, as CBD oil has not been found to induce this, or toxicity and dependence.

This product is so safe, it is used for patients with habit problems. It can be used for those with trouble quitting smoking. A study even shows it helps those in rehab from heroin control their urges and appetite more. With this, I think CBD is more than safe for your pet, just as long as your manufacturer is reputable and trustworthy.

How To Look For The Best CBD Oil?


You might look for the CBD for canines with the tinctures’ shape, treats, even topical creams, and with a wide range of potencies. However, not all are created equal. So Which is better for your furry friend?

You need to begin with the source. There are a few questions for you to focus on below

  1. Is it organic? The leading quality CBD oils are produced from organically-own hemp by utilizing the ethanol to deal with the plant. The grain alcohol can eliminate the toxins from the plant safely.
  2. How is it processed? At this moment, there is a wide range of regulations for the production of CBD oil that shows the companies selling it cheaply can utilize the simple techniques while extracting it from the plant. Besides, both butane and hexane are double solvents, which are petroleum-based products that do not meet the consumption and might be toxic.
  3. Is it independently checked? The independent lab outcomes and the analysis’ certificate might be convenient to access.
  4. How about the THC count? Other companies can take the CBD oils from the higher THC plant that can even be poisonous for creatures. It could be less than 0.03% THC.

Here are crucial questions to ask since the low-quality CBD oil might not offer similar advantages, and some could even get the toxic ingredients.

Another critical element you could use like the gauge for the quality is cost. Expect to pay for the neighborhood around $60 with the leading quality CBD oil bottle, even though it is not the particular marker. It is even crucial to investigate the company’s site or discuss it with the distributor since the reputable dealers can carry out the independent lab tests and are committed to the product’s quality.

Finally, the CBD oils can change in potency so that it is good to start out as well. If you purchase the tincture, you might control the amount you are providing the furry friends and see how they react.