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For the last several years, there has been a shift in the whole recreational product industry. Many any countries and regions in the world are moving to legalization as the best choice for regulating the selling and consumption of infamous substances.

However, there are also new products that dance carefully on the legality line and as such they have carved out a large portion of the market for themselves. The leader of those is cannabidiol, or CBD for short.

About CBD

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Differently from THC products that give the consumers the infamous state of being high, CBD lacks those psychoactive properties and is therefore legal. The THC concentration is so low that they are legal and exempt from all the rules and laws. CBD has taken the world by storm as there are dozens of different products that contain it.

It is a whole new industry actually that is slowly but surely becoming its own thing. From consumables and edibles, to topical cosmetic products, to the classic takes on smoking and inhaling, there are all sorts of things you can do with it.

CBD Oil is King

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However, it is all about the oil products. CBD oil is the main type of consumable that can be used for many different things and in diverse ways. This is why most talk revolves around it, like the topic of how you can make it more effective.

Making the oil more effective is really about getting more benefits from it and increasing its effects, which is exactly what we talk about here. If you wanted to know how you can make CBD oil you are using more effective, keep reading to find out. In addition, toc check out some of the best oils on the market, make sure to visit HappyGardenCbd.

Making it More Effective

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When it comes to making something that is packed with all sorts of ingredients and benefits more effective than it already is, it seems at first that there is nothing much that can be done. Apart from simply taking more and increasing your doses, what can you do to make a finished product more effective? Well, this is true in theory and for most things, but nor for CBD oil.

When you first start consuming CBD, you need to start slow and build immunity before you can increase its effectiveness. Just like with other things, the human body needs some time to get used to the new product you are consuming. This is why the brands have oils with different concentrations of CBD inside of them, from those for absolute beginners to experienced consumers who need much more. So before you decide to start making your doses larger and consume more oil on a regular basis, you need to be smart about it, read the instructions and recommendations, and take things slowly.

How You Take It Matters

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Since it is oil, it can be consumed in a wide variety of ways. From straight up drinking of drops from a spoon or dropping it straight to your mouth to adding it to food, there are many ways of doing this. You can also take it orally under your tongue and hold it for about half a minute. But which one is the best and the most effective?

Right away we need to tell you that you should be consuming full-spectrum oils that have all the right ingredients and the right balance between them. However, dropping the oil straight into the mouth and swallowing it like any other liquid is not the right way of doing it. This way, most of the oil will just slide down your throat and into the gut to be further processed. What you need to aim for is a longer time period during which the body can absorb all the active compounds. For this, the under the tongue tactic works the best. The body has enough time to absorb everything from the oil straight into the bloodstream and transport it around the body.

Once you start consuming it as you should, you will realize that it is not about changing the oil so much as it is about consuming it the right way. Topical products could also work but you need to apply them every day to work. Also, they are usually used to relieve the area covered in it and not as full-body products.  In case you wish to add them to food and drink, the similar thing will happen to consuming it straight into your mouth. If you really want to try it, you should switch to CBD tincture instead of oil, as it mixes with teas, juices, water, and smoothies better than oil. Even then though, it will take longer for you to feel the effects, as long as 2 to 3 hours instead of half an hour to 60 minutes when you go with the under the tongue technique.

Combining with Other Things

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You could combine oils with other ingredients, for example melatonin if you use CBD to treat insomnia, other sleep issues, or stress. Melatonin occurs naturally in our body so it is good for it. It regulates our sleep-wake cycle and combining it with CBD oils is a great way to deal with its lower levels. Finished products also exist that come in the form of CBD sleep syrups. If the oil on its own has not been enough for you so far, try adding some melatonin to it and see what it does for you. You can always go back if you do not like it or if it does not work.

If you live in an area where weed is legalized, or if you can get a medical marijuana permit, you could also switch to CBD products that have higher doses of THC. Technically, they are no longer CBD oils because of this but the industry is diverse enough right now and there are blends with very different concentrations of both. You may need something halfway between THC and CBD to reach the effectiveness levels you want.

There is also a new trend now, one in which people add CBD oil to super coffees. A super coffee is a coffee that has saturated fats like palm oil or cot butter. If you add these to your coffee as well as some CBD oil, it is said that the higher level of lipids will pick up the active cannabidiol ingredients and make it more effective. It is not proven nor tested, but it is worth checking as it is not really dangerous at all.

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