Cannabidiol, in a “molecular” capacity, is the same when produced in cannabis plants regardless of where the THC level falls. Once the compound is extracted from either the marijuana or hemp species of the cannabis plant, differences become apparent as far as the effects the substances will have, the cannabinoid profiling, and the legal status of the oil.

Marijuana and hemp are different, meaning the CBD oil derived from each won’t be the same product. The cannabinoid content in the two species is among the most significant difference. Hemp is bred with a high concentration of CBD but only traces to no THC designating it as non-psychoactive. Marijuana is the exact opposite.

While marijuana is included in the “Controlled Substances Act,” hemp was legalized for commercial growth, manufacturing, and sale of CBD oil products. These are available in shops or with various online sites, see Cheef Botanicals. The federal government doesn’t identify marijuana in a medical capacity.

It’s cited as a substance with abuse potential. It is federally illegal, but there are states passing legislation to legalize marijuana use in either the recreational or medical form.

Differences In CBD Oil Derived From Hemp VS Marijuana


Though cannabinoids, including CBD, form with the same molecular profile throughout the cannabis family, once extracted for manufacturing into the various formulas, the differences are revealed, whether derived from marijuana or hemp. One of the primary differences is the legality.

Hemp has been designated as federally legal. Marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug known to be federally illegal. But some states have legalized it recreationally and medicinally. Follow for details on differences in growth processes for cannabis according to ratios of cannabinoids Other differences based on the derivatives:

  • Content Of Cannabinoids: CBD oils from hemp have high concentrations of cannabidiol with minimal (0.3%) to no THC, which is the legal limit. The products that source from marijuana come from plants that are bred with high concentrations of cannabidiol.

These also present with high levels of THC, typically in the 5-30% range. There is the potential for these to offer equal amounts of the two cannabinoids.

  • Property Profiles: Hemp CBD oil with low THC is non-intoxicating with no chance for you to get “high” from any of the different formulas. The effects range from relaxation, physical/mental relief of discomfort, positive reactions with wellness, a feeling of being alert.

While marijuana CBD oil is psychoactive and can produce a “high,” the result is not of high intensity because CBD counteracts the intoxicating effects of THC. These products act in an analgesic capacity as well as an antidepressant, relaxant, and has the potential to help with symptoms of various chronic conditions often known to be treatment-resistant.

  • Products: You can find CBD hemp oil products in shops and online with a designation as a substance that can help to “restore the body’s chemical balance” through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, overall enhancing a person’s life quality.

Companies are not allowed to speak of CBD hemp in a medical capacity. Instead, you should do your homework regarding studies that have been done in that regard.

Marijuana cannabidiol oils are only available through recreational/medical dispensaries based on your location. It is not legal in every state. For instance, Penguin CBD analyzed the Illinois CBD laws. Be sure to check the laws in your area before you purchase substances. Take this to read about the buds from different cannabis species.

Benefits of CBD

To conclude, there is a good reason why you just read this article. CBD can bring different benefits to your life. That especially counts if you are dealing with different health issues. Because of that, we will highlight some of the most relevant CBD benefits. 

Good for Diabetics

Thanks to its characteristics, cannabis has the capacity to positively affect insulin. Because of that, CBD can be a good choice for those that want to regulate diabetes. Different researches confirmed that CBD can control lower blood pressure and blood sugars. Despite that, it also shows great results when improving blood circulation. 

Good for Depression and Anxiety

There are many wonderful things in today’s world. However, we do not want to say everything is perfect. We are dealing with many everyday problems and stressful situations. Some people have enough strength to deal with those problems. Yet, that’s not always the case. That is the reason why many individuals chase for something that will improve their mood.
Cannabis is a good option for anxiety and depression. Thanks to endocannabinoid compounds, plant-based medicine can stabilize your mood. Of course, you will have to find the right dosage for your needs. That is the only way to enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

All the components of the cannabis plant work in synergy to produce unique results based on the profile of the cannabis strain. These properties are substantially more potent than those that can be produced by individual cannabinoids on their own. When the elements work cohesively, it’s referred to as the entourage effect.

Scientists researching the compounds claim that CBD and THC in equal quantities deem the most effective, and, yet, a substantially high CBD to THC ratio offers potent therapeutic results as well. Those who hope to achieve the benefits of THC without the extreme intoxication from high levels of the element and low levels of cannabidiol should try CBD marijuana – in a state where you’re allowed.

The beneficial tips for deciding which cannabis strain to try


Here are some criteria you will need to take into consideration when selecting the strain.

Aroma and flavor

The strain’s terpene profile might create subtle or intense flavors and even aromas. Based on personal hobbies, you might select the strain which offers that flavor and aroma around the intensity, which feels appealing for you.

Expected effects

Each of us reacts to cannabis differently, and there is no guarantee that the strain can have a specific effect. You could, however, use strains with the cannabinoid and terpene profile, which can create your expected effect. For instance, when you need to experience nonpoisonous effects, it can make sense to move with a thing for a higher THC amount. When you were searching for a more relaxing experience, you can use the strain consisting of linalool; the terpene reported to get stress-relieving attributes.


Based on the cannabinoids’ concentration, especially for THC, a lot of strains are quite potent compared to others, and the potency level you are searching for could assist you in determining which strains to use—seeking out the intense high? Use something more potent. Are you searching for a less intense experience? Move with something less potent.

Growing technique


A lot of individuals get preference for weed, which is developed in or outdoors. When you are one of those individuals, you will particularly need to use strains that align with your personal hobby.

Potential medical advantages

Based on the strain’s cannabinoid rate of the terpene profile, it might get a wide range of possible medicinal attributes. When you are considering trying cannabis to treat the medical circumstance, discuss with medical experts to pin down which strains could be useful.


Here are strains at each price point, from budget-friendly to high-end. When you get a particular budget in the brain, this could surely play into which cannabis strains you determine to attempt.