Clinic Management System, abbreviated as CMS, is a software tool that assists medical practitioners such as doctors, staff, and other clinic assistants to take care of their clinic, streamline clinic operations, improve clinic efficiency, reduce manual staff labor, and clinic expenditure and prepare accurate claims for patients.

They provide their patients with utmost love and care. Take a look at this article and learn more about a clinic management system.

Keep track of the Patient Records

  • The clinic management system safely stores the details of the patients in the cloud storage.
  • This software manages the personal details of the patients, including a contact address, photograph, age, and occupation.
  • They take care of the patients’ medical history, diagnosis, and dental history.
  • The clinic management system deals with the teeth structure’s graphical representation.
  • They manage the lab report, patient’s documents, and print prescriptions in the software.
  • They look after the billing appointment history along with the payment structure.
  • Patients get the option to register themselves with utmost ease.
  • It allows the patients to share their valuable feedback online or through a tab.

Schedulers and Appointments


Thanks to clinic management software, patients won’t have to worry about missing their scheduled appointments anymore.

This software helps dentists remind their patients of the schedules or appointments they have via message. It enables dentists to send personalized computerized messages to the patients so that they never miss an appointment.

Moreover, patients have shared their views that getting such personalized messages from the dentists makes them feel that the dentists care about them. Several patients decide on making another appointment right after they get the notification alert of a missed one.

Now, let’s see a summarized version of how CMS helps dentists with their patient’s schedules and appointments:

  • The doctors can view appointments in the clinic management software.
  • An appointment scheduler enables a quick management system.
  • It comes with a feature that sends reminders for follow-up calls to confirm the dental appointment.
  • It enables the patients to schedule an online dentist appointment through the official website.

Email Notifications and SMS

  • An email is sent to the patient through a dental application.
  • Receipts, email bills, reminders, and prescriptions are being sent through email.
  • With a single click, send emails to many patients in this clinic management software.
  • The same goes for SMS. One can send an SMS bill, prescription, reminder, and receipt through email. Also, they can send texts to a large number of people through SMS.

Cash and Accounts Management


The world is pacing towards complete digitization with many changes in digital payment interfaces. There’s no doubt that these interfaces have made things simpler and easier when it comes to paying dentist and pharmacy bills.

However, every dental clinic will need software to process the payment, accept it, and forward the generated bill to the bank and the patient. Most dental clinic management software, such as, enables an online payment interface to make things more convenient for all.

Now, coming to the health insurance part, most people claim it after treatment or surgery by a dentist. Now, amid so many clients and appointments, it’s not always possible for the dental clinic staff to verify the claim and see if it’s genuine or not.

Here, the clinic management software again comes to help. It helps the dental clinic coordinate with the insurance company and understands the claim and its terms and conditions.

Conclusively, when it comes to online payment and claim management, the CMS can be of great help. Let’s check how it does so in a listicle format.

  • The clinic management system comes with the option to safely accept payment in an online mode.
  • Option to receive the advance payment.
  • For discontinued treatments, this software comes with the option to issue a refund of payment received against invoices.
  • One can print the receipt in several languages.
  • One gets the option to personalize the receipt of the payment.
  • Option to keep track of the bills for multiple treatments or single treatments.
  • Option to analyze and settle bills.
  • Option to take out a print of the bill in different languages.
  • Option to personalize the bill and store it in df format.
  • Keep a record of the expenses involved in the clinic.
  • Optimize the expenses.
  • Manage your bank accounts.

Adequate Reporting

  • Customized analysis of the patients
  • Outstanding reports
  • Collection reports
  • Doctors reports
  • Revenue analysis
  • Clinic insight
  • Online patient payment analysis with clinic management software.
  • Maintain a record of appointment reports
  • Email analysis
  • Waiting for analysis
  • Events report
  • SMS analysis
  • Lab report
  • Customized report
  • Stock report


Every dentist must have the health record of their patients, which can be easily accessed. Although the dentists may have some new patients, most clients visit regularly.

If the records of patients’ past health and treatment are available right at the fingertips of the dentist, it will help them ease out the entire treatment procedure. To make this possible, it’s important to use a virtual desktop which provides fast, secure access that enables the clinician to access their critical applications quickly. This, in turn, allows the dentist to provide information to their patients faster.

Amazingly, all dental clinic management software comes with this function.

  • Safely stores the documents of the patients such as digital images or X-Rays
  • Store the profile of the patients suffering from bad oral health.
  • Share documents with the patients
  • Store the testimonials of the patients in a digital forum.


  • Take care of the time slots and manage appointments.
  • Look after the clinic’s information with the help of clinic management software.
  • Manage treatment categories.
  • Manage dental chairs.
  • Manage medicines.
  • Prepare backup data.

Inventory list

Every dental clinic requires a wide-ranging array of disposable and reusable instruments and equipment. Apart from that, there is a necessity for medicines and extra supplies like pens, prescription notepads, cleaning essentials, etc.

To keep track of all these inventories, dental software can be of great help. It will track the pending payment and receipts, inventory stock, scheduled payment, and billing.

It reduces the stress and workload of the dental clinic staff as they will be left with the only task to update the info in the software. The software processes, analyzes, and responds to the information for making the inventory list accordingly.

In short, it helps to:

  • Take care of item categories
  • Look after the item list
  • Manage customers
  • Look after sales order
  • Manage purchase order
  • Manage stock

The Bottom Line


These are the functions taken care of by a reputed and highly-functional clinic management system. Cloud-based dental software can contribute a lot to your overall wellness. So, get one for your dental clinic today!