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Thanks to assisted reproductive technologies (ART), thousands of childless couples and single people can realize their dream – to become parents of a child genetically related to them. Colombia has become a popular and perfect destination for medical tourism in recent years. Surrogacy services are available to everyone in Colombia, including gay/lesbian couples, single mothers/fathers, and heterosexual couples who can’t have children. The most important thing is to find a good agency and clinic that provide the best services.

Where to apply and how much does it cost? This question inevitably arises for biological parents of the unborn child since they don’t know where to start. Although it is possible to find a surrogate mother or a couple who wants to solve their problem in this way even on the Internet, such a cooperation option is extremely unreliable.

The only right way is a reproduction center. There is everything necessary for a full cycle of surrogate motherhood. In addition, a proven organization is a guarantee of reliability. Both parties will receive high-level medical care and legal guarantees at the reproduction center. For example, turning to the World Center of Baby surrogacy in Colombia –, you will be 100% satisfied.

An important point is financing. It is necessary to prepare enough fees for the surrogate mother herself and also funds for her pregnancy and the necessary medical procedures. The surrogate mother’s fee consists of remuneration and compensation: the cost of medical examinations, enhanced nutrition, clothing for pregnant women, moving to another city if needed, and so on. The price for services in Colombia is much lower than in other countries. On average, it costs $55,000, but it depends on many factors.

Everything You Want to Know About Surrogacy in Colombia

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Couples decide to use the services of a surrogate mother for various reasons. Surrogacy today exists in different forms – it is a “teamwork” of a surrogate mother and future parents. Both parties often are not even familiar with each other at all. However, in any case, the preparation for pregnancy is carried out by all participants.

The main stage of preparation is IVF. To get high-quality material for IVF, a couple must strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations and lead a healthy lifestyle. The best samples of materials are stored in a cryofreeze. Fertilization is carried out in a laboratory under sterile conditions. Then the embryo will wait for the transplant.

There are two types of surrogacy in Colombia:

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  • Traditional surrogacy. It implies a genetic connection between the surrogate mother and the unborn child. Fertilization can occur naturally, with the help of intrauterine sperm insemination or in vitro fertilization. Although traditional surrogacy is rooted in the deep past, in most countries, this type of surrogacy is strictly prohibited and equates to child trafficking. But in some cases, couples still resort to this type of surrogacy.
  • Gestational surrogacy. There is no genetic connection between the unborn child and the surrogate mother. In this case, she bears the embryo of a child of biological or potential parents. Donor germ cells, oocytes, or sperm are used.

With this type of surrogacy, there are three options for IVF:

  • Sex cells of both future parents are used. In this case, there is a complete genetic connection between the child and the parents.
  • Oocytes of the expectant mother and donor sperm are used. In this case, the genetic connection is considered incomplete or truncated since the embryo is genetically related only to the biological mother.
  • Male ejaculate of the future father and donor oocytes are used. In this case, the genetic connection will also be incomplete since the embryo is genetically connected only to the father.

Surrogacy Agency in Colombia for All Loving Couples

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Genetic parents conclude a contract with the surrogate mother. Agency can help you if you want to use the services of a surrogate mother in Colombia. What it can do for you:

  • Consulting services. You can consult with specialists regarding surrogacy programs, legal, cost, medical aspects, and any other issues that interest you.
  • Individual approach. Based on the needs and desires of the client, the agency selects the optimal program, a donor or a surrogate mother from its carefully verified database.
  • Customer support. Constant coordination and support at all stages of the program.
  • Paperwork. Assistance in obtaining all necessary medical and legal documents, birth certificates of a child, preparation of documents for the embassy, translation, notarization, and legalization.

In a good agency, employees honestly answer any questions related to the surrogacy process, all stages and prices are transparent, a surrogate mother is selected in accordance with the norms established by law, providing a full range of services. Agency offers several options to each client at once and is also ready to provide detailed consultations before concluding a contract.

Surrogacy Laws in Colombia: Major Regulations

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One of the most important personal non — property rights of a person is to be a parent. This right is enshrined both in national legislation and in a variety of international legislative acts. At the same time, certain circumstances arise when a couple doesn’t have the opportunity to carry and give birth to a child naturally without outside intervention.

The decision to use the surrogacy procedure is a very important and responsible step. People considering the possibility of having a child with the help of a surrogate mother must decide for themselves several issues, including the choice of a candidate for the role of a surrogate mother who will be able to bear and give birth to a healthy child, a financial issue, as well some legal issues, without which conflicts of interest may arise in the future.

Many people believe that the issue of surrogacy is poorly regulated at the legislative level. Others are sure that such a practice is illegal. As the forum states, there are no clear rules regarding surrogacy in Colombia. So, it is not prohibited. The surrogacy law currently applied is equivalent to the laws of natural birth. This means that a baby must be registered by the name of the surrogate mother and a male donor in the case of traditional surrogacy.

A couple can be recognized as legal parents only through challenging paternity litigation, and this may include genetic tests.