How Much Money Does YouTube Pay for 1 Million Views

According to statistics, there are 5 billion video views on YouTube every day. The average duration of a single session is about 40 minutes. Every minute, users add about 400 hours of video, and probably even more. There are established stars and leaders on YouTube, and the competition among aspiring content creators is extremely high.

Nevertheless, anyone can make money on YouTube. To do so, you need to understand what the user wants to see, what content he is missing, know and use promotion strategies and invest a lot of time and effort into improving the quality of the content. You should also understand that an empty channel will not interest anyone, so you should take care of the presence on your channel of an impressive number of views, likes and subscribers. You can find for YouTube at – excellent quality and low prices.

For most youtubers, the main source of income is online advertising that accompanies or is integrated into their videos. The thoughtful use of advertising really allows you to make a lot of money without alienating viewers. The algorithms of targeting advertising on YouTube help the advertiser to find the interested client and the potential client to find the goods and services he is interested in. This significantly helps the blogger, who acts as an intermediary, to increase his income. Note: YouTube doesn’t have any fixed rates for views. Revenue for commercial ad views can vary from 30 cents to several dollars. Payments associated with commercials are based on clicks and full, or commercial, views.

In its analytics, YouTube indicates a rate per 1,000 commercial views. A thousand commercial views is not equivalent to a thousand regular views because ads are not shown to the user on all monetized videos, but only on every second or every third show.

It is assumed that the service introduced this norm to make users less annoyed and tired of advertising, and to make them less likely to use apps to block it.   The share of commercial views, for which the user gets money dropped, from the total number of commercial plays is about 0.5-1.15%. Due to the different sizes of the charged rate it is impossible to calculate in advance how much income 1000 plays of commercials will bring, as we do not always have a complete picture of the audience and what percentage of people will finish watching the video to the end. In any case, we have no full information about the factors influencing the channel authors’ income, since YouTube’s internal algorithms are not transparent and there can be an unknown continuation under the “tip of the iceberg”. According to the terms of the partnership agreement with YouTube, the service pays 55% of the income from videos to the channel owner. Let us have a look at an example to see what kind of income this can bring.

Conditions: You have 20 full video views out of 1000 and advertiser’s rate is $0.15. Consequently, for each thousand commercial playback advertiser charges YouTube 20 * 0.15 – $ 3. Of the money the service charges the owner of the channel 3 * 0.55 = $ 1.65. Total – $ 1.65 for every thousand impressions of advertising. To get an approximate idea of how much income 1000 regular views would yield with the same raw data, divide the income by 3, since the share of commercial works is optimistically estimated to be a third or even less. For 10,000 views 1.65/3*10=$5.5 So for a million views on YouTube you will be paid 1.65/3*1000 = $550. These are very optimistic rates according to the experts, but lately we’ve been seeing rates that are WORKING MUCH LESS.If you want to grow your YouTube channel it is also important to invest in it using services such as to promote it.

How to quickly increase income from views on YouTube


Now let’s move on to the water data. Your video viewing income is affected by several factors: the ability of your audience to pay; the gender and age of the majority of your viewers; the language spoken in the video (as well as the titles and annotations of the video). In other words, your income on YouTube depends in no small part on which audience is your regular viewers and subscribers. Your income on YouTube does not depend at all upon the country you live in, upon the country you have specified in your account settings, or upon the language of the videos you are watching. Also, the service doesn’t care at all how old you are, what your gender, nationality and race are. Another factor in profitability – seasonality. Maximum activity of advertisers, and therefore the profitability of YouTube channels, is observed in the pre-New Year’s months (November and December), the minimum – in January and February. That is, around the time of the New Year holidays there is a sharp decline in profitability. Individual goods and services always have their own specific seasonality.

Factors that severely harm channel profitability include:

  • Various problems with monetizing videos;
  • Content ID applications;
  • adult and offensive content discrimination of any kind

YouTube affiliate account


Users with a YouTube affiliate account can earn in other ways, such as subscriptions, Super Chat, privileges and more. However, a certified partnership with YouTube requires the channel to comply with several conditions: full compliance with the service’s rules (including advertising); at least 4,000 hours of video views; and at least 1,000 new subscribers over the past year. If these requirements are met, the channel owner will be able to see a green dollar symbol next to the videos in Youtube Studio – an indication that the video can be monetized.

Additional sources of income


Besides video views, there are additional ways to earn on YouTube: affiliate links which can be used to recommend a product reviewed in a video and earn money by following the links to a customer’s resource. Your viewers should trust you and know that you will provide them with the only useful information on the topic of the video for this method to work; crowdfunding, i.e. the ability to collect money from your subscribers for large projects. Works for non-commercial and commercial channels that already have a good reputation; YouTube Premium – in some situations allows you to significantly increase your ad revenue. Connecting a channel to a media network that collaborates with YouTube also allows you to increase viewership revenue through additional ad buying and contracts with specific advertisers.

In order to connect to an affiliate program, you need to fulfill a number of conditions confirming your advertising potential:

  1. Accumulate a minimum of 4,000 hours of views;
  2. At least 1 thousand subscribers should subscribe to the channel during the last year;
  3. Uploaded videos must not violate the general rules of the service governing monetization by Adsense Youtube program.

Another easy-to-start way to make money on YouTube is to sell merchandise to your subscribers, with the section called the Merch Shelf on YouTube. But there is a premise, you must have enough subscribers before you start to sell your stuff and make money with the strategy. start small and grow big gradually until you get a steady income from it. Lots of product’s options are available that can help you start your merch business with your YouTube channel.

Selling merchandise—stickers, keychains, pins, magnets, you name it—has other benefits besides income. By bringing your online personality and brand to your followers in the offline world, these customized branded items will deepen the relationship between you and your followers and increase your exposure. Your followers literally “buy” and “touch” what you’re doing on YouTube. Selling merchandise is much easier than you thought at first. You can order products using online e-commerce sites like, and they even have free designs tailored for all products.

On YouTube, you can make money from advertising, receiving payouts:

  • CPM – the cost of 1,000 commercial block impressions. This category takes into account all the popular formats of ad integration: prerolls, midrolls, postrolls, which, in fact, are the receivers of traditional TV commercials. Such ads can be annoying, can be skipped after a while, or can be purchased with a premium subscription. Payouts last year averaged $9.88 per 1,000 views, on a per-advertiser basis;
  • CPV – payment for video views. Placing links to other videos, viewing ads is initiated by the user by switching to another channel;
  • CPC – pay per click, which pays the advertiser for each transition of the client to the site after viewing the video. The median payout is 3.61 USD.


The evolution of social media is a continuous and intense process, constantly adjusting to changes in the world situation and people’s new needs. As social Internet services change, so do the strategies of Internet marketers. During the last YouTube-blogging and vlogging are experiencing a real boom of popularity, conducting activity on YouTube lets you deliver your content to multimillion audience all over the world and earn big money on it. That’s why a lot of beginning youtubers want to know what to expect from this platform and how much money they can get for the views of their videos and hopefully we’ve answered this question.