If you want to not just get into the world of video content in 2024, but succeed in building a following too, then you’re in the right place. Pretty much anyone with a smartphone can create video content nowadays, but to really stand out and create engaging videos that people want to watch and share, it takes a careful and specific process.
This will leave you with videos that will get you those views and follows, no matter your industry or space. These tips from are a mixture of video production advice as well as knowledge about how to promote your videos. So, let’s get started.

Video Remains a Powerful Tool for 2024

In the digital world over the last decade or so, video has emerged as a highly effective form of content. From marketing to social media, video content is by far one of the most engaging content types. Not only is it easy to digest, but anyone can create video content and become part of a huge online community.
It all started with YouTube, but other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have followed suit, pushing video to the forefront of their apps. And of course, new video-centric platforms like TikTok have carried this trend on.
If you want to grow a following for your personal brand or business online nowadays, video content is becoming a non-negotiable part of that growth. So, in 2024 it’s clear we all need to get behind video. But doing it well is a skill.

Elements of an Engaging Video


So, we understand that video is super important in any digital space. But just because anyone can make a video, it doesn’t necessarily mean that will lead to success. Not all videos are built the same, and it’s only the engaging ones that will garner attention and possibly even go viral. So, it’s important to know what makes the successful ones stand out from the rest. Let’s look at the elements of an engaging video.

Clickable Title

An engaging video is always one that grabs the user’s attention from the second they scroll across it. This one is relevant for video platforms like YouTube where users scroll through results pages for their search, and the search functions on Facebook and Instagram too.

Interesting Topic

Of course, the most engaging videos are ones that cover interesting topics and subject areas. Video producers should shape their content around what their audience, or target audience, wants to see.


The online world can be difficult to navigate for disabled users, so making videos accessible for all is crucial for producing a video that everyone will be able to watch.

Attractive Graphics

Eye-catching videos always have bright, bold and informative thumbnails and even can include attractive graphics in them. This helps videos stand out from others, even if they’re covering the same topic.

Winning Caption

While the main focus is on the content of the video, a video’s caption is crucial for more reasons than one. From optimizing your video so it reaches more people to giving users more information and encouraging them to further interact with your content, captions are always important for engaging videos.

Tips for Creating Engaging Videos


So, now we know what makes an engaging video, let’s look at how exactly you can create your own engaging videos.

1. Plan for Success

Preparation is a key part of success for any type of content, video included. You don’t need to plan every single second of your video, but it’s much more effective to prepare the structure and content of your video before recording so that you save yourself time and create a higher quality piece of content.
This includes writing a script, prepping your caption and creating a content calendar so you can make sure you’re creating content at the right time in accordance with your other commitments.

2. Write a Clickable Title

Clickable titles are usually made up of two elements: the informative part and the emotive part. If you want users to click on your video, then you need to give them the right information about what your video is about. Then you need to elicit an emotional reaction from them so they’ll be compelled to click on your video.

3. Show Off Your Expertise

Part of creating an engaging video is showing your audience that you know what you’re talking about. If they’re going to trust in the message of your video and share it with others, you have to show them you’re an expert in your field.

4. Do Your Research

If you’re talking about topics that are based on facts, rather than opinion, it’s important to do your research before recording your video. Presenting trustworthy information is an important part of making your video engaging.

5. Closed Captioning

No matter the platform you’re posting on, your content should be accessible to all. So, it’s really important to include captions in your video, whether they’re included in the video production process or added in before posting, which many platforms offer.

6. Craft an Informative Caption

Your caption should provide relevant information about your video, summarize what you cover in the content and encourage viewers to interact with your video or account. You can also include things like hashtags to extend your reach across the virtual world.

7. Create Attractive Graphics

As we covered previously, including graphics like a custom thumbnail and logo in your video will make it much more engaging. This is because then your videos will become recognizable and memorable to users.

8. Include Calls to Action

There should be calls to action in a few different places in your video to maximize engagement. You should encourage viewers to engage with your video or follow your account during the video itself, either at the beginning or end, and also in the caption.
And there you have it: 8 tips to help you create engaging videos in 2024. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on the growing popularity of video content and will help take your account to the next level!