Dubai offers business possibilities to businesses of all sizes; in other words, it has a pleasant business environment. The city has newly become home to enthusiastic multinational organizations and entrepreneurial ventures. Every individual who wants to build their career in Dubai looks for various options there to reach success. Finding a good job is a challenging task. However, reading an advertisement to choose if a position is a decent match for job seekers. It catches a job seeker shorter to decide that a position is not a fit: a simple 50 seconds. As per the recent survey, it is found that candidates spend an average of 55 seconds seeing text-only ads. However, job seekers spend 5 minutes and 23 seconds watching a video classified ad (when they decide to play the video advertisement).

Many organizations have posted video ads for jobs in Dubai to attract job seekers. These video job ads advertise job postings and give job seekers a selective glance at the organization’s workspace and culture.

Let’s glance at how to create engaging job ads on the video to assist in hiring employees.

Sparkle Interest through Emotion


Job ads should tell a story about the company and encourage job seekers. After viewing a video ad for jobs in Dubai, an individual should feel encouraged to apply for the job quickly. As indicated by a survey, positive emotions that make high excitement of interest incorporate exhilaration, inspiration, hilarious and astonishment.

Illustrate Core Company Values

Candidates who are searching for jobs need to work for employers with values like their own. Simultaneously, making a video classified advertisement for jobs in Dubai, layout, mission, vision, and organization’s fundamental beliefs. This will help job seekers decide whether the work would be a solid match for their requirements and objectives.

Offer A Sneak Look Of Organization Culture


Job seekers need to find out about what it’d resemble to work for a company if they were recruited for the position. A video ad for jobs in Dubai includes a video of the workspace, office, events that happen, and how employees interact at the organizations. Such video will help potential candidates decide if the employer offers an environment that matches their work style.

Incorporate Interviews with Current Employees

Video segments highlighting current workers are an incredible route for expected contenders to meet the team. Current employees can share their experience working for the company, how they have improved personally and professionally, and the chances they’ve had. Such personal tales can explain to job seekers what they could like to deliver whenever recruited for a similar position.

Captivate Job Seekers with Advantages & Perks


One part of a possible story that could be told is the advantages and perks gave to employees. For employers that offer incredible benefits like more limited work weeks, paid get-away, and openings for professional developments, these things should be publicized in the job advertisement video classified. Keep in mind; this is an advertisement, so it’s essential to sell the organization however much as could be expected.

Provide Contact Information

Video ads classified for jobs in Dubai should make applying for a position available for job seekers. Ensure the video ads delivered incorporate connections to the business’ professional website and social media. The video should also incorporate the details of the individual responsible for recruiting. This will accelerate the application procedure for the candidate.

Ensure the Video Is the Appropriate Size


The average size for an online video is 4.3 minutes, as per the survey. It also noticed that the normal length of online video advertising (not determined by type) is practically half a minute. While making a video classified ad for jobs in Dubai, make it long enough to clarify the essential information, yet short enough so the job seeker will not lose interest.

Both employer and job seeker can use classified video ads for their best. It assists in advertising your business; nonetheless, big, small, or medium establishment it is. There is no pre-defined procedure of free posting your video classified ads for jobs in Dubai. You attract interested individuals, ones who get what you’re about. It makes the entire procedure that bit simpler, bringing about more compelling, meaningful, and better connected with candidates. Video classified websites are launching newer job categories to include a broader range of job seekers. An intelligent employer can draw out his particular manner of free posting the promotion simply by publicizing his abilities and talents to look for a job.

Connect With Askvider to Post a Video Classified Ad for Jobs in Dubai

Askvider is a UAE-based free video classified website that allows a wide range of businesses and individuals’ services. Refining the ads immediately according to their geographical patterns is its unique feature. It is a website that is using online video classified to an exceptional level. By permitting an individual to post advertisements online for free, this webpage has built up a significant local area of online vendors and purchasers. It also offers a wide range of categories and simplifies it for the customers to precisely determine what they are searching out for.

In a nutshell, good recruitment for your company means selecting suitable candidates. However, to be a step ahead of the game and finding out the source of great talent implies that this is much more achievable. You need to be creative with your content. Job advertisements are just a part of your brand image, so you need to reflect who you are. It would help if you made them appealing to the right people, which you wish to add to your team. So if you create an engaging video ad, you stand out from competitors, and you may promote your company and the job itself via a compelling medium.

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