The vast development of cryptocurrency makes people think twice about investing their assets into the traditional currency. Investing in the cryptocurrency world seems tantalizing. However, you need to know that investing in digital assets can be complicated and intimidating. You need to think about the rate, return, and the most critical ones, security issues. Even cryptocurrency is quite hard to do, the profit is amazing. Before deciding to invest your money in it, it is better for you to understand how to calculate your profit (or even loss) from your digital assets. The following article will explain the crypto calculator, cryptocurrency converter conversions, the most popular cryptocurrency calculator, and the interest calculator. Click here to know more:

Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator


The main issue that is concerned among the critics is that how it could be something abstract or has no physical form can be very valuable and even considered ‘money’. However, the thing that most people forget is that a valuable asset is not always in the form of money. It can be in the form of diamonds or gold. What makes those two assets so expensive? Social status. Those two can be exchanged with real money if necessary. Similar to this analogy, cryptocurrency’s prices are based on the value’s store. Bitcoin is the benchmark to verify a certain transaction, Ethereum is making sure that the contract is executed, and other crypto values depend on the reason they were made.

The value of each crypto is different as it has exclusivity. You cannot determine a certain cryptocurrency’s value on your own. Here are some aspects that can affect the cryptocurrency’s value:

  • Mobility

While money must be easy to transfer from one to other parties, non-physical assets like cryptocurrency sure will be much easier to do.

  • Durability

Real money that has been degraded cannot be used. However, if you use digital currency and store it on the blockchain, your assets will remain good. If you are using decentralized currency, it needs to be eliminated to erode the currency.

  • Scarcity

Commonly, rare things will have more value than general ones. It is similar to Bitcoin that the amount of Bitcoin will only be available for 21 million coins around the world. That is why this cryptocurrency is so exclusive that it is mostly placed in the first rank as the most expensive cryptocurrency in the market.

  • Divisibility

Cryptocurrency is totally flexible in that you can purchase the cryptocurrency by a certain amount of Satoshi. It is possible if Bitcoin is not divisible into 100 million Satoshi, the market volume will not be as crowded as nowadays. A beginner platform such as Webull or Robinhood provides fractional shares too.

  • Utility

As the currency is vital for trading, the currency must be reliable. Cryptocurrency is considered a good representation of a function. Anyone who owns it can use it for several purposes, including trading.

  • Non-counterfeit assets

Cryptocurrency is more likely impossible to forge as blockchain technology is hard to be manipulated.

Based on those considerations, it is important for you to determine that you are investing the right cryptocurrency in the right platform as well.

Popular Cryptocurrency Conversions


Those who have used cryptocurrency as their digital assets must know that the most valuable cryptocurrency is Bitcoin (BTC). BTC plays a major role in determining other cryptocurrencies’ value. If the BTC price goes down, so do the other cryptocurrencies. However, this condition may not last forever. As people are getting more interested in cryptocurrencies and altcoins are getting stronger each year, Bitcoin may not dominate the market anymore. In fact, nowadays, Bitcoin still holds the most popular cryptocurrency among the others. Here is the list of most popular cryptocurrency conversions based on the cryptocurrency calculator:

  • Bitcoin to USD (US. Dollar)
  • Bitcoin to EUR (Euro)
  • Bitcoin to GBP (British Pound Sterling)
  • Bitcoin to KRW (Korean Won)

Even Bitcoin dominates the most popular cryptocurrency conversions, the competitor, Ethereum (ETH), also has huge conversions compared to other cryptocurrencies. With the same conversions to Bitcoin, Ethereum cryptocurrency conversions are mostly to USD, EUR, GBP, and KRW as well. Still, we cannot make sure that those two biggest cryptocurrencies can dominate the market. The newcomers such as ADA (Cardano), EOS (EOS), ICX (ICON), and TRX (Tron) also grow so fast that we cannot guarantee that Bitcoin and Ethereum still have their victory or not in the next following years.

Crypto Interest Calculator


With the huge hit of the covid-19 pandemic, global interest rates tend to have zero rates and even negative in certain countries. Because of this condition, more people are moving to invest their assets into cryptocurrencies to earn more. Similar to fiat currency, you can also gain cryptocurrency interest through passive earning or lending platforms. By using this platform, you can earn interest either on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You do not need to trade on the market to gain interest. The things you need to do are only lending or borrowing your money to other users and getting the cryptocurrency loan that can be paid in fiat currency or earn interest that can be received in the form of Bitcoin Ethereum, and many more. If you are interested in earning interest using cryptocurrency, there are several platforms that you can try. Those are BlockFi which is the best platform to earn interest for Bitcoin. is the most popular application in digital currency. Nexo is the best platform to earn interest on fiat currency, Binance is the best for trading using an interesting account, Gemini is the safest platform to earn and buy and many more.

However, you cannot just merely join those platforms without consideration. The thing you need to do before deciding to earn interest is to calculate it and well-predictor. An example of a cryptocurrency interest calculator is Blocker, where you can calculate your investment in a certain cryptocurrency. Another good cryptocurrency interest calculator is by Crypto Head.  For instance, if you want to deposit your Bitcoin, you can use the calculator to measure how much you will get in certain years. The calculator consists of Interest-Earning Crypto Aset, Bitcoin Deposit, Deposit Term, and also Interest Rates based on several platforms.