We’ve come a long way through from how online casinos were in the past. The most significant change in casino activity since the advent of the internet, almost a revolution, has been the introduction and spread of the mobile internet. Before the appearance of iPhones and androids, the online casino was only possible on a desktop or laptop (laptop, notebook). And these were mostly found in a person’s workplace or at home, and needless to say, the workplace isn’t the most ideal place to play online games, and not everyone at home is “single” to play calmly on the internet. In principle, of course, the laptop can be taken away from home, but in the past, the bandwidth and speed of the mobile internet hardly allowed a person to even think about being able to play like this.

So this situation was changed radically with the arrival of smartphones and in parallel with the 3G, then 4G (and now up to 5G), high-speed mobile broadband providers. Online casino providers like Admiral Casino then set out to make their platforms and software mobile-friendly at lightning speed. But not all companies succeeded in the transition quickly. Interestingly, it was among the big-name service providers that had a very bumpy, slow transition. While the online casino companies that were set up when it was clear that the future of internet browsing will be through phones, they already built their platforms in such a way that their website and games should be accessible on mobile devices in the same way and as easily as on desktops or laptops without any problem.

Browser and application


However, to this day, there is still a kind of confusion in our heads about how mobile casinos work. To most of us isn’t that clear which one is better? To download the mobile app or to run the game smartphone’s web browser? We would like to dispel the veil on this dilemma with this article. The situation is this: both of the above options are good, you can play by opening your mobile phone’s web browser, typing in the URL of the desired online casino in the address bar, then registering, topping up your account, and playing. But it’s also an option to tap the App Store icon on your phone screen on your iPhone (or the Play Store icon on Android devices) and find the mobile app you like, download it, and then register. And of course, you can use both options side by side.

Before you choose


Well, which one should I use now, the browser online casino, or the casino app? Which has the advantage and what is the disadvantage? At all, why are there two options? Then let us clarify these perfectly legitimate questions. First of all, we recommend everyone to type the address of the website of the selected online casino into their browser, look around the website, and check out the FAQ section. You’ll see all the games work on your phone (or tablet), be it roulette or one of the latest slot machines.

Another you can do is to read the reviews when downloading the game. Just by the 5-star rating system, you could get a general overview of the performance of the game. If you’re still not clarified then read the comments as well. But check out the person who wrote the comment. There are still many fake users whose reviews are not showing the truth.

Why are there any applications?


Okay, but what are the use of mobile casino apps for when it’s so easy to play in your browser? The answer to this is that the only advantage of casino apps is the check-in system. On browser games, you will be automatically logged out of your account after a period of inactivity (for security reasons). While on the app you only need to log in the first time and then reopen the app at any time if you feel like spinning a roulette or a quick round of blackjack. You can do everything you want in seconds without having to log in again and again with your username and password. In fact, this is the advantage of casino apps, because otherwise in almost all cases you will find fewer games in the app than on the website itself.


So in summary, we recommend that you first visit the casino’s website in your smartphone browser, and only if you see that you have become a regular, returning player at that online casino will you also download that provider’s mobile app as it will make it much easier for you to know at any time, play without any login procedure. And while it’s true that we’ve said above that there are fewer games in the mobile app than on the website, chances are most of your favorite games are still available in the app, as online casinos are constantly developing and increasing the number of games available here.

However, the most important factor that you should consider is your own behavior. If you spend most of your time before a desktop computer then it’s advised to choose that, and a game that is optimized for both pc and mobile. If you’re only going to access the platform through your phone then just make sure there is an app from your provider.