The idea of using custom branded merchandise for promotions and merchandise marketing is a tried and true marketing strategy. It works for many businesses and typically gets results. As a small business owner, you undoubtedly look for opportunities to drive traffic to your organization and help your business succeed. In that regard, custom journals make a superb marketing tool. In this article, we’ll tell you why and provide four ways to use them to boost your business.

Why Custom Journals?

Journaling provides a way to systematically and methodically analyze your business ideas and highlight potential issues. By identifying bad ideas early on, you can develop a more realistic perspective and make better decisions about your business venture.

It might seem counterintuitive to sell something that requires pen and paper in our digital world. After all, everyone has a smartphone they can use to jot down notes anytime. But think about the convenience and functionality of a journal or notebook. They’re not connected to anything, so they are inherently private.

They also make it easier to write anything on the go instead of needing to launch a program or type. They can capture ideas, spur of the moment writings, your deepest thoughts, or grocery lists. They’re so functional and versatile, customers can find something to do with them easily. Designers, illustrators, and other creative types love to have a journal in which to jot down their ideas.

They are affordable, beautiful, and easy to use as well, making them an excellent starting point for advertising your brand effectively.

Sell At Your Business


Selling journals at your business might not always seem like a sound strategy, but it’s one that can pay off greatly over time. Soft touch notebooks, notebooks with ribbons, hard shell notebooks, large notebooks, notebooks with calendars, planners, stationary, small notebooks used for quick notes, notebooks with straps around them, and many other varieties of notebook are available and can be customized.

All of these offer different types of value to customers who might buy them. If you purchase them wholesale, you can get them printed with your company information and sell them at a profit. Ultimately, selling custom journals can be a great way to make a little extra profit while simultaneously generating brand awareness.

Give Them Away As Gifts

Don’t think that custom notebooks are only suitable for sales. They make a fantastic gift for customers, longtime clients, and more. Everyone loves to receive a nice, heartfelt gift once in a while. This is especially useful for employees of your organization. Consider giving them the gift of a cussing notebook, especially when they go above and beyond for your company! Your staff will love being able to use a new notebook every day (or every week) in order to stay organized, whether it’s in meetings with clients or brainstorming ideas with coworkers.

There are plenty of reasons employees would love notebooks, and customizing them makes them even more valuable. Plus if your logos are on the notebook and they’re using it in a coffee shop or somewhere else, other people can see your logo and might decide to visit your business. That makes them twice as effective and useful for promotional purposes

Make Them Part Of A Birthday Recognition Package


There’s nothing quite like receiving a personalized gift, and that’s exactly what you’ll be giving when you opt for custom notebooks and journals as part of a birthday or employee recognition package. Not only will the recipient appreciate the thoughtfulness, but they’ll also get plenty of use out of these practical items. Whether jotting down notes during meetings or brainstorming sessions, or simply keeping track of thoughts, custom notebooks and journals are sure to come in handy time and time again.

Nothing says, “happy birthday” quite like a customized journal with the person’s name and your company logo on it. You can print them in bulk with different names to make them available or you can create them on a person to person basis. Whatever you do, personalizing a gift like this is a great way to drive business because people like personalized marketing in this day and age. It’s effective, it works, and ultimately makes customers happy all around.

Use Them As A Marketing Tool

Custom notebook and journals are a remarkably versatile marketing tool. Marketing with stationary, notebooks, and paper products is useful because people use them all the time. If your logo is printed on an item, it acts as a sort of passive advertising/marketing. Using them for marketing purposes seems like a natural extension of their usefulness as a writing tool.

Do it right, and you can generate more impressions and leads that might become regular customers. Your logo should be prominent, but you should also include your name, contact info, website, and any other important information you feel would help deliver impressions for your brand.

It can keep your business on a roadmap


Custom journals are a great way to track your goals and progress. They can keep your business on a roadmap, and help you stay organized. There are many different types of custom journals out there, so find one that works best for you.

Some people use custom journals to track their daily tasks, while others use them as a way to brainstorm ideas. Whichever type of journal you choose, be sure to make it interactive and fun. This will help you stay motivated and focused on your business goals.


There’s no doubt that journals can be a powerful tool for boosting your business. Whether you’re a creative professional or an entrepreneur, keeping a journal can help you reflect on your successes and failures, learn from your mistakes, and grow as a professional.

Not to mention, it can be fun to write in your journal every once in a while! Use these tips to get started with custom journals and see the benefits they can have on your business.