Your garage door is one of the key components that add to the appeal of your home’s exterior, so it is important that it leaves a good impression. A garage door that is outdated, in a bland colour, and has no personality will almost always dampen kerb appeal, so putting some thought into the colour, material, style, and hardware of your garage door is very crucial. With a little makeover and some primping here and there, you can make your outdated and boring garage door very eye-catching.


Below are 8 ways you can accent your garage door to revolutionise the impression your home makes on onlookers.

  1. Play Around with Some Paint

A new coat of paint can dramatically transform the appearance of a faded and worn-out garage door. When done right by a professional spray painter like PBM Paints, garage door spray painting offers a way for you to breathe new life into a tired-looking garage door while also protecting it from the elements and boosting kerb appeal. An added benefit of garage door spray painting is that there are no architectural alterations necessary, so you won’t have to break the bank getting things done.

There is also a wide range of colours and finishes available to perfectly suit whatever look (modern, rustic, luxurious, or custom) you are going for.

  1. Install a Pergola

Having a pergola attached to your garage is an excellent way to revamp its appearance. Pergolas offer the benefit of being completely customisable (variety of colours and styles) and multipurpose. In addition to framing your garage door, the pergola can also provide shade under your garage and serve as an area where lanterns and lights are hung to give your garage door that extra decorative accent.

They can help display beautiful flowers and greenery, which only adds more of a statement to your home’s exterior. If you want your garage door to make a bold architectural statement, pergolas are the way to go.

  1. An Above-the-Door Arbor

Who doesn’t like a little cottage couture?

Installing an arbor bedecked with curling vines (wisteria, climbing hydrangea, or bougainville) above your garage door can really capture the cottage-chic look and leave quite the statement. This type of accent is an excellent choice if your home has arched-top doors and Mediterranean accents.

  1. Add a Stone Facade for Sophistication

If you’re looking to achieve a fancier and more sophisticated exterior, pairing your garage door with stone accents (mini pillars, stone veneers) is the way to go. This can work even if you don’t have other stone accents around your property’s exterior. Also, since stone comes in a variety of colours and styles, you can easily choose a palette of colours that match the overall colour scheme of your home’s exterior. Neutral colours are a great option to go for, as they will be beneficial should you change the colour scheme of your exterior in the future.

  1. Molding

Molding is another great way to accent your garage door. It can bring cohesiveness to your entire home. The best way to do this is to match the molding of your windows and front door to your garage.

  1. Use Spotlights

Who says your garage door only has to look beautiful during the day?

Adding spotlights and ambient lighting can go a long way to creating an attractive setting for your garage at night. This will, of course, boost curb appeal and draw more attention to your garage. Invest in some recessed spotlights or LED strip lights. As decorative accents, these lights will illuminate your garage door (for safety) and highlight features of your building.

  1. Install Decorative Hardware

Adding decorative hardware to the exterior of your garage door is one of the easiest yet highly impactful ways of making a statement with it. Some garage door hardware that you can invest in includes; door pulls, fancy knobs, and hinges.

  1. Adding Windows

When considering which type of window would be best for your garage door, there are a few factors you should take into account. You need to consider how much natural light you want as well as the pattern and size of the window frame that best suits your overall design aesthetic. Depending on the look you’re going for, there are different types of windows that might work better than others such as frosted glass or clear glass panes with grid patterns. Additionally, there are several color options available that allow you to customize the look even further and find something that perfectly complements your overall design theme.

Maintenance Tips


Maintaining your garage door is key to keeping it looking its best and preserving its lifespan. Regular maintenance is essential for effective and safe operation, as well as to minimize any potential damage. Start by cleaning your garage doors with a soft brush and mild cleaner. Then, check the door for any signs of wear or rust. As necessary, apply a thin coating of lubricant to keep the hinges and moving parts functioning smoothly.

It’s also important to check that all parts are properly tightened in order to reduce rattling noises while the door is in operation. Additionally, check that the weather stripping is intact and not worn away with time or through use. Rearrange the track of your garage door if they have come loose over time – you may need professional assistance for more difficult repairs such as replacing springs or repairing tracks due to safety concerns. Lastly, inspect all safety features like the auto-reverse feature working correctly for added assurance.


Your garage door is an important component of your home’s exterior. It is one of the features that people tend to notice, so leaving a good impression is important. If you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, accenting your garage door with the above ideas is a guaranteed way to do so.