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Intense studying leaves you physically and mentally exhausted. Weekends offer a chance to relax but still prepare for exams or write essays. When utilized properly, weekends can help you to relax in preparation for another intensive week.

Each student has a unique way to relax after a tiring study session. While relaxing, you must also remember to study and avoid falling backwards in your academic work. Here are excellent tips to help you to create a productive weekend during intense study period.

Spare some hours to study


The primary goal of being in college is to study. While you get exhausted studying, revising, or writing assignments, you must create time to rest. Hire an online essay proofreader and write to assist you with other assignments to avoid fatigue.

While you may have studied intensely in the week, you should still create time to study. Sleep longer hours to compensate for the time you have spent studying in the course of the week. The mind and body will be rejuvenated. Take a few hours of light studying to catch up. However, do not spend long hours studying over the weekend. It will result in exhaustion that compromise your productivity the following week.

Sleep longer hours


Part of the tricks to help you to study effectively is to rest. Since you are not expected to go to class, you can take more hours to sleep. Sleep helps to rejuvenate the body, leaving you energized in readiness for another study session. Sleep helps your mind to concentrate better in class or in the library. You will cover more content within a short time.

Create the perfect environment to sleep. Negotiate with roommates and neighbors to avoid noise or disturbances that would lower the quality of your sleep. The bed should also be comfortable enough to allow long sleeping hours. Sleep will also enhance your memory. Once you are fully rested over the weekend, you will study easily the next week.

Study at the park

Take a walk to the park for your studies. The weekend requires a relaxed environment. The walk is a form of exercise to keep you fit. It also provides an outdoor environment away from the boring class.

The park is an effective place to hold your academic discussion. You will not distract other students who wish to study alone like those who use the library. The change of environment also resets your system, enabling you to relax and understand even the complex ideas.

Watch videos on related materials


Books can be boring to study the entire week. However, if you still want to study, you can switch to videos and other materials that explain the concepts you are studying in class. YouTube is an excellent source of complementary study materials. Alternatively, you can use graphic content created by other teachers or students to explain the topics you are studying.

Videos explain the ideas in an animated manner. They combine images, words, and graphics, making complex ideas easier to understand. Such engaging content will be more memorable when revising for your exams. It also gives you a chance to explore other methods and explanations that will enhance your understanding.

Join a discussion group

Invite your friends and peers to discuss the subject you are covering in class. Discussion groups are informal yet provide the best opportunity to study. Each student comes with unique resources like e-books, apps, and notes. You will cover the topics faster because each student is contributing. The informal setting makes the concept studied memorable.

Members of the group assist each other in case one gets stuck. Consequently, you can ask questions and settle the areas that have been bothering you in class. A discussion group can be held at the park, in your hostel, in the field, or such relaxing areas.

Take an academic trip


Plan academic trips to coincide with the intense study weeks. Field trips are also opportunities to study. You will be covering the same content you tackled in class. As a result, it will be a relaxation moment while still studying.

The trip should be close to school to avoid fatigue. A walk to the museum or arboretum to learn about trips is a perfect opportunity. Visiting a neighboring school or club will give the best chance to study while relaxing.

Travel to relax the mind

Take time off books and travel. Visit the nearby park, waterfall, game reserve, or natural feature. The break will help the mind to relax. It also protects your eyes from damage due to excess interaction with books. Long travel could leave you exhausted. As such, make a short trip that will enable you to relax.

The engagement with friends while traveling will also help you to relax your mind. It takes you away from the boring class environment while also allowing you to focus on the ideas studied over the week. The excitement of traveling relaxes your body and mind.

Enjoy sporting hours


Join your college sports team. Play a game or join the cheering squad. You do not have to play a competitive game. Form a team with your classmates and enjoy a round of football. If you like spending time alone, you can join such a table tennis or chess.

Sports helps you to exercise while enhancing your creativity. It is also a chance to socialize as you allow the content learned in the week to sink. A jog will also count as sport.

Use flash cards

Study using flashcards. Flashcards are summaries of the topics you have been studying. They jog your memory instead of spending endless hours revising content that you already know. It is an engaging way to still revise without feeling the pressure of studying.

Play video games


Video games offer a perfect way to relax. They engage your body and mind. They also help you to socialize. You will return to class the following session with a rejuvenated mind.

The weekend gives you a chance to relax after an intense study week. Spend time relaxing but also put a few hours to study. Avoid tiring activities as you prepare for another week of intense work.