Myths are a common part of our everyday lives. Just about any human activity has myths tied to it. However, it is hard to find a subject more riddled with them than luck and games based on it.

From black cats to horseshoes, omens and boons of luck are present in just about any shape and form. The same goes for slots, these luck-based games are frequent subjects of scrutiny and superstition. That’s why today we’ll debunk some of them.

1. Only maximum debts win big


Whenever you see people lose a lot on slots it’s usually because of this myth. Rather than going slow and easy with smaller bids, some players will just dump their cash on a single huge bid. The idea being that this is the only way to earn any amount of cash.

Of course, the reward is proportional to the bid in most cases as more prizes are unlocked and combinations get tossed into the mix. However, while a few more bucks could enhance your chances of winning, going in too deep can have an adverse effect.

Past these beneficiary effects, the truth of the matter is that you have way fewer tries when dipping too much. It’s also harder to return more money than you are bidding. That’s why low to medium bids are far better in most cases.

You’ll get to play longer, get more chances to try your luck, and most likely win a fair share of cash simply by partitioning the bids. It doesn’t even matter where you play slots as long as it is a trusted place such as, the chance of winning doesn’t change.

2. Slots can’t pay out a jackpot multiple times in a row


The jackpot is definitely something we all chase and because of that, we want to make sure it is equally possible on each machine. To maintain integrity, slot owners follow the same line of reasoning. That’s why jackpot wins are completely random.

The myth, however, says that the jackpot cannot be won on the same machine within a short span of time. The idea behind this myth is that there is a certain cooldown period for the slot before it is able to give a jackpot again.

This is completely false, the jackpot win is entirely left to random chance. The chance may be rather small but the wins can happen in a rather small span of time if the player, or players, are extremely lucky.

As you can see, this too boils down to luck. Whether the machine has paid out a jackpot recently or not doesn’t matter in the slightest. It is purely a superstitious belief around slots.

3. There are cycles where slots pay out


The next myth kind of goes hand in hand with the jackpot myth. It too assumes that there’s a certain logic and timing to the machines. However, this is still false.

The myth says that slots pay out in cycles. So a slot would pay out for a certain amount of time before going into a mode where it doesn’t pay. This myth has many variations.

Some assume the slots need a certain number of spins to pay out, leading to this weird waiting game where players will engage only after a specific number of rolls has gone on. Others have far more convoluted mathematical equations. Regardless, the pattern is always tied to the machine itself when this myth gets brought up.

The fact of the matter is that slots are still completely random. A properly working slot has absolutely zero algorithmic bases for the frequency of its payments. The only way you could manipulate or calculate these wins would be if the machine was tampered with in some way. In which case, we aren’t talking about a regular game of slots but a defective machine.

4. Slots pay out more during slower parts of the day


The business of slots, both online and offline, is a constant variable. There are definitely some ays where more people are guaranteed to come in but most of the time this will be completely random with surges of new players being a surprising occurrence. This doesn’t mean much to most players but some have another myth that ties into the numbers of currently active players.

The myth says that the slots will pay out more during the slower business hours. Meaning that the more people there are the lesser the chance of a payout. The logic assumedly being that lowering the number of wins during fuller hours makes sure the business doesn’t end up losing money from frequent wins.

However, there is no easy way to alter slots. There is especially no switch you can pull or a valve you can twist to immediately alter the frequency of payouts. If a business was to tamper with the machinery and the way it works it would not only be a rare occurrence but an illegal one too.

The odds of winning a slot machine stay the same during any hour of the day, despite the myth assuming it changes. Besides, if there were ways of mandating how often players win it would make more sense to have a prominent number of wins be during busy hours as a way to reinforce the other players into betting more. As we’ve said, this isn’t a thing regardless so the logistics of it all don’t really matter.

5. Auto play features pay less than spinning the slot itself


There are plenty of superstitions tied to spinning the slots. These can vary from the style of pull you do or go even deeper and be related to the items you have on your person while playing slots. Regardless, they are all just superstitions and nothing more. The same goes for our next myth.

The auto feature on slots exists for those players who prefer to just sit back and look at the results of their spins without having to constantly spin the machine over and over again. It can also be useful when you are going in for a lot of small bids, shortening the amount of time it takes for rolls to play out.

Some players think that this too affects the rolls of their machine. The automatic rolls have fewer chances of paying out than manual ones due to some weird qualifier. To cut this myth short, there is no such thing. No matter how you operate the machine, the chance of payout is the same.