Descriptive Essay vs. Argument Essay: How To Write Them?

Writing essays is fun, as you can insert different alliterations, facts, and figures and use your creative sense to create a beautiful piece of writing.

Today professors view essays as the critical part of developing the writing skills of a student. It contains all the necessary condiments to build a student’s language proficiency and essential thinking ability.

Therefore, it is safe to say to present the worldview of essays, and it is imperative to know different types of essays:

  • Argumentative
  • Persuasive
  • Critical
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive, and so on.

And to present them as they are, there are some features and techniques that you must follow to refine the information and present them directly in multiple paragraphs.

Leaving aside what I said earlier, today focuses on two particular categories, i.e., argumentative and descriptive essays, and ways to pen them through your keyboard.

I will broadly discuss the features and writing techniques that will ensure that you can A+ in your next semester.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

Great Greek Scholars in the past used the argument method to point out exclusive points and expand their critical thinking and knowledge. Similarly, today professors use argumentative essays to develop the thinking ability of a student.

It allows students to study two sides of the situation and defend their worldview. And this is where the challenge comes in stating information and facts to ensure the point is credible and valid.

The most important goal is to make students choose a side and defend their point of view. Even in the book, “Punk Sociology” by David Beer, the author argues it is important to encourage students to speak boldly, take sides, and expand their sociological imagination.

This way, you can develop better thinkers and make the lesson plan more interesting and fun.

For example, if you have to write about Israel and Palestine, you have to take someone’s side and write extensively, which is an argumentative essay if there is no middle ground. You should pick a side and speak your mind.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Mostly every essay has its own structure and technique, which are used to enlighten writers’ writing ability.

Normally, an article follows:

  • Introduction: The part where you introduce the reader to the topic and give an overview of what you will write. After that, you must present the thesis statement or the argument you support.
  • Body: It is the part you need to start to explain the idea in three or four paragraphs, as it is usually the essay format. Further, you should carefully develop the statement by clearly stating the issue.
  • Debunking the other argument: You must go the other way around and discredit them by defending your point. You can include charts, facts, and figures to explain your point here.
  • Conclusion: In this section, you will present the essay’s primary points and recommend something that should be altered shortly.

Methods of Writing Argumentative Essays

Methods of Writing Argumentative Essays

Here are a few techniques you can follow while writing argumentative essays:

  • Figures of speech: You can use different figures of speech like metaphors, personification, simile, and alliteration to enhance the quality of the writing
  • The tone of the essay: It should be formal and authoritative. Try not to use big flowery words out of the blue in the article.
  • Point of view: It is the most critical aspect of writing. You should always showcase the issue from a three-person viewpoint because a first-person argument might downplay the controversy.

Lastly, try to keep it simple and structured. You will deliver a masterclass of an essay to the professors.

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are quite similar to narrative essays. All you need to do is type down what you have seen or heard. It is the best way to develop a student’s academic skills because it will brainstorm and provide new ways of describing the event.

They are a brilliant way of allowing students to connect with things more deeply and use them to describe them because even mundane things have meaning in life.

To justify the point, here is an example of Albert Camus saying, “Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?” Thus showing how each event signifies our existence in the world. And that is what you need to explain in descriptive essays.

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Usually, when it comes to essay writing, most teachers ask their students to write quite a few They ask them to write:

  • Your favorite toothbrush
  • Your favorite book
  • The football match you visited with your parents

The essay writing structure is similar to the abovementioned part, except you must avoid debunking the other argument. It is because you get to share your feelings. This is a chance to be William Wordsworth.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

You must follow certain styles and techniques to connect with the readers. Here is what you can do to write an effective descriptive essay:

  • Vivid details: Just as Sherlock Holmes asks his client to describe the points and events that took place vividly. Somewhat you have to do the same and present all the things you saw and heard and even special things that happened during the event.
  • Figurative language: To enhance the quality of your writing, you can use analogy, simile, and metaphors. This will add depth to your report.
  • The essay’s tone: It is the significant part where you must use a formal manner to describe the events. You can write the essay in first-person, as you are detailing what you saw.

Lastly, structure your essay chronologically and concisely present your points. Be clear and precise in what you pen down in the document.

Creativity Is Key!

Creativity Is Key

No matter what type of essay you think of writing, you should be creative and use different ways and techniques to tell your point. It is because those few changes that will be made in the essay will make it unique and presentable for your teacher to read.

Additionally, essay writing is an essential skill that goes beyond just making a paper look good; it’s a tool that equips you with critical thinking and communication abilities vital in your academic journey. Crafting essays helps you synthesize knowledge, express your ideas clearly, and develop a deeper understanding of the subjects you study. As you hone your essay writing skills, you’re not only improving the quality of your assignments but also gaining valuable tools for success in school and beyond, for that purpose be sure to check

Thus, you will score an A+ on your paper and be among the best students in class.