You are passionate about new knowledge. You want to be a diligent college or university student. Still, there is one obstacle on your way to success. In the majority of cases, the money you have cannot cover all your courses. There is a perfect way out for brilliant applicants. You can apply for a scholarship and get your education funded partially or in full. Your priority task now is to learn how to write a scholarship essay as it is your ticket to the future. If you do it effectively, you allow the school authorities to understand that you are the most suitable person they are looking for. Have you studied all the scholarship criteria? Now it is time to meet them all and exceed the expectations of the committee.

Whatever background you are from and whatever achievements you have, you are on an equal footing with all other applicants. All are now the players on the same field and you can win if you make every effort to be the first and the best. Your essay may open a lot of doors if you study all the program requirements. Is there any universal method of making your application a winning one? Have a look at the sample essays at that show the history of success. You can see that all of them have a different approach to the achievement of the set goal. The common thing is that they all have a unique style and an insight into the aspirations of an applicant. You have to tell about your past and your present with a focus on your future. We have developed a list of steps that could bring you to excellence in writing or rewriting essays and increase your chances to be awarded with a scholarship!

Step 1. Learn everything about your audience


Do you understand who you are writing for? It is one of the most important aspects to take into account. Do you believe that your potential readers are your professors? It is a common mistake of many applicants. Your audience is either a panel of non-expert scholarship members or a group of experts in a specific area of studies. They decide whether you can get the money you need so much. Still, there is no reason to sacrifice your opinions or position in your pursue of a successful future. If you present your strengths in a clear way, the members of the scholarship commission pay attention to your application. You can be a perfect applicant even if your ideas are different from those of the committee.

Step 2. Engage the committee with a hook

You have heard lots of times that a hook in the essay introduction is important. What are the most effective ways to hook your potential audience? The most common of them are the following:

  • shocking statistics
  • touching facts
  • strong statements

Let’s imagine that you have to focus on a distracting power of social media. Now you have to get a hook to engage the readers. What do you think about such an opening?

I feel a weird attachment to my smartphone. Although it sounds extremely odd, no iPhone can tempt me to get a new phone as I cannot imagine mine is not in my hand.

Do you believe your readers could be interested in reading these sentences? They could!

So, the first step to your success in writing or paper rewriting is to incorporate a strong hook and engage your audience.

Step 3. Be sincere and share


You have started using the scholarship essay tips and you have already got closer to your dream. Explain the reasons why you are the best person for this particular scholarship, revealing some facts from your personal life. The length of your essay is in the range from 500 to 1,000 words. You cannot give an account of your entire life in this text. So, you should think which part of your life could be the most illustrative.

There is no use in trying to cover too much. Focus on one of the aspects and make your readers believe that it is a valuable experience. It can be your participation in a certain project or one of your accomplishments. There is no need to touch upon everything you have done in your life. List only the most meaningful facts; otherwise, it will be not an essay but a list from the resume. Instead of superficial essay rewriting, make an in-depth analysis of one memorable period from your life. Sound frank and share something that you believe is essential about you.

Step 4. Manage your time

You are busy with a lot of things except writing a scholarship essay. Still, if you postpone your writing all the time, you have to rush too much. It is not the best approach to the essay that can determine your college future. A lot is at stake and you need some time to be successful in your writing. You have to spare some hours for writing and then for editing and revising. Brainstorming and proofreading also take plenty of time! If you need some professional help, it is fine to contact a rewrite essay service for it!

Step 5. Learn something about your scholarship provider


Which organization runs your scholarship program? Learn as much as you can about its background. It is nice if you can open their website and read not only the home page, but also some of the other sections. It is essential to find out about the mission and motivation of this organization. It will be easier for you to satisfy the requirements of the committee if you are well aware of them. Check on the availability of the essays or rewritten essay assignments from previous years and draw conclusions from what made them winning. Your scholarship providers may have some preferences and they can give you a hint about which qualities you have to highlight in your writing.

Step 6. Meet the requirements

You may seem to know how to write a scholarship essay but you ignore specific instructions for this particular scholarship essay. It is a gross mistake! There are specific requirements for the essay length, specifications, and content. Follow the guidelines and submit your essay only after you have checked everything. Neglect of the instructions can cause a failure. You need the scholarship funding and you cannot lose your chance!

Step 7. Organize the essay body


A perfect essay has every paragraph devoted to a separate idea. All of them are directly related to the common topic, and the entire story is consistent. Your readers will find your writing interesting if they understand what you want them to know. Talk about your passions in a sincere and organized manner and the scholarship is yours!

Step 8. Put yourself in the position of the committee

These are questions you have to ask yourself: Does this essay sound special? Do you sound convincing? Can the committee believe that you deserve the scholarship? Would you choose your application if you were one of the members of the committee? Be your own advocate! Believe in yourself! Demonstrate your confidence!