Without any doubt, a number of kills is one of the main units of effectiveness in Dota 2 games, as it indicates the potential advantage of one team over the other. Even though the superiority of one team in kills does not mean a final victory for that team, it still shows the number of destructions made to their rivals.

Up until recently, many Dota 2 gambling sites were limited in offering specialized wagers that could improve the overall betting experience. As for now, bets on the number of kills have expanded. You can find a wide range of betting markets with a versatile set of kill options that a team can collect during a given match, at

These usually include but are not limited to:

  • Team Total Kills
  • First to X Kills
  • Team to Score Kill X
  • Kills Advantage
  • Total Kills Odd/Even
  • Highest Killing Spree
  • Total Roshan Kills

Below, we will go over three of the most basic and popular ways to wager on kills in Dota 2. More so, you will find out how to use these wagers to your advantage, as well as what patterns and features should be taken into account.

Team Total Kills


In this Dota 2 item wager, your focus is on the total number of kills scored by the stated team during a given game. For instance, if you are wagering on over 25.5 Team Total kills, you can win if the individual kills of this squad are 26 or above. Like all kinds of betting options, totals involve some risks. But you can improve your chances by following a few tips below.

Betting Tips

The outcome of total kills directly depends on the player’s skill. One of the most vital indicators is matchmaking rank (MMR). In addition, the number of individual total kills most often depends on the region in which a specific match takes place. In this regard, SEA, Europe, and South America are better options for Over bettors. Conversely, North America and China often become a win for Under bettors.

First to X Kills

This bet option means that one of the teams will be the first to reach a certain number of kills within a given amount of time (5, 10, or 15 minutes). So, if you are betting on such things, it is important to analyze the starting segment of the game.

Betting Tips

Curiously, the first moments of the game are better controlled by underdogs. The latter understand that their only chance is to take the initiative and try to create a comfortable advantage from the beginning. Therefore, if you are betting on first to X kills by the 5th minute, pay your attention to outsiders. After that, it is recommended not to take risks and wager on favorites, who most often get to 10 (in 68% of cases) and 15 (in 85% of cases) kills.

Team to Score Kill X


Another option for betting that bookmakers actively offer Dota 2 fans is “Team to Score Kill X”. It implies comparing teams by kills. Performers of one game position, such as mid laners, carry heroes and hard supporters are compared. For the entire duration of the match, they can only wager on one player.

Betting Tips

Firstly, it is worth noting that most kills are made by mid-laners, as they are active from the very first minutes of the game. Carry heroes are put right behind mid laners, they usually make the most important kills, reaching the forefront at the end of the match.

Hard supporters rarely reach an individual total. The latter usually try to gain experience from the first minutes of the match and absorb maximum damage later on. That said, let’s look more closely at the best heroes for making kill streaks.

Dota 2 Heroes with the Best Kill Streak


Dota 2 has a wide range of heroes with a versatile set of abilities. These heroes can wage war and dominate the game with their prowess on the battlefield. Here is the list of heroes with the highest kill streak in Dota 2 Patch 7.32b.

  • Axe. This is a tank hero, best revealed from the first minutes of the game. His abilities are designed to provoke rivals into attacking him, giving Axe’s team a chance to obliterate hordes of enemies within seconds.
  • Zeus. One of the best heroes to increase kill streaks in a team. His abilities enable him to strike enemies from a great distance. Arc and Bolt Lightning can be effectively used to punish rivals with magical damage.
  • Dragon Knight. The hero has a versatile set of skills that make him exceptional at getting kills. His base movement speed allows him to chase enemies within seconds. More so, Dragon Tail is a handy ability that allows him to deal with enemies for 2.3 seconds.
  • Phantom Assasin. This hero has awesome evasive skill, also what keeps it good to play with is its mobility, with which you can teleport repeatedly, agility-wise. For stealth kills from woods, the first one on the list. Stifling dagger slows enemies for 4.0 seconds. This hero has all tools to be deadly.

Apart from these top three, there are many other Dota 2 heroes favored by Dota 2 players for getting kills throughout the match. In patch 7.32b, we can include Shadow Fiend, Chaos Knight, Lina, Kunkka, and Vengeful Spirit, among others.