Digital Marketing has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is expected to grow more in the near future. Companies are leveraging their brand identity with help of digital marketing channels, and they are working considerably to offer great results. With an increase in demand for digital marketing approaches, people are believing that email marketing is not proven to be beneficial for businesses as it was a few years back.  

Organizations think that the recipients nowadays, ignore the emails they receive in their mailbox. The emails are believed to be inundated with spam or contain content that is not able to provide value to the consumers. Also, they are not often opened by the recipients, and most of them ignore it. There is no denying the fact that spam mails bother users a lot more, but they still prevail as the extensively powerful weapons in the digital world of marketing.  

Prevailing as a digital marketer you should use them at the right time, containing the right message to reach a large consumer base. You can furthermore use the power of electronic mails to complement distinct digital marketing techniques so as to obtain desired results. Email Marketing still delivers remarkable marketing results in 2024. It still holds great value in the marketing industry. Also, you can employ it significantly to make things work in your favor. Use robust tools to make your procedures work best and drive maximum conversions. One such example of a highly beneficial tool is Yespo, which is helping marketers for years to obtain preferred outcomes.  

Emails are used by Everyone 


You will be stunned by having a look at the number of users as of 2019 who are using emails every day to communicate with each other. Almost 4.33 billion people have access to the internet at present, and 4.00 billion people are believed to use mails daily worldwide. Isn’t that a whopping amount to derive what is needed? An individual, nowadays, has more than one active email address that they are using for varied purposes. This practice is more common among the younger generation. The idea of using more than one email is to keep their personal and professionals separate. They usually use one for business or work, and the other one to sign up at different places.  

You cannot sign in to an online tool or application without an email address. In fact, even for signing up for an account with Facebook, you will need an email address. To access the facility of online banking, an email ID is needed. Hence, people with internet access own a mailing address as it is a mandatory requirement. 

The best part of using emails is that it allows you to design it the way you prefer, and you can make it highly personalized for various sections of consumers.  

Emails are Designed and Created easily 


If you are looking to develop a custom email that catches the attention of the recipient and is created on a small-business budget, then you can effortlessly do it. There are tons of email service providers available in the market which you can use to design one of the most attractive templates. Small businesses can use some budget-friendly options and produce robust email marketing crusades that are confident to convert.  

Some major benefits of using these tools are that you can work on them without knowing how to code to formulate your templates. They generally have drag and drop features. An individual can simply drag necessary components and drop them at required spots, and the template is prepared to use.  

Benefits of Using Email Marketing 


Below stated are a variety of reasons that explain why it is still beneficial in 2024 and proven beneficial for organizations to attract consumers.  

  • Measure the Results – While leveraging other digital marketing channels,​ sometimes it is tough to examine the success rate of a campaign that you are running. But, with email marketing, you can successfully do that. There are certain metrics with the help of which you can measure the achievement rate of your strategies.  

Insights include the ratio of users who opened your email, its bounce percentage, and the ratio of users who clicked through the emails. By observing these insights, you will obtain valuable information about the interests of the consumers and their behavior. You can gauge which type of content your viewers are liking more, and then you can use somewhat similar in your next campaigns.  

  • Cost-Effective – Comparing email marketing to the other traditional marketing​ techniques, it emerges as a solution that is budget-friendly as well. You will not have to spend money to run ads, or getting them printed and posted. You can just formulate your templates and send them according to your needs.  

Generally, digital marketing endeavors and strategies have costs related to them, but with this type of technique, you will not have to bear additional costs. It was also estimated by the Digital Marketing Association, that businesses can significantly bring in $30 back for every $1 expended on campaigns. Hence, email marketing is highly effective as compared to other similar options.  

  • Improve Brand Recognition – Potential customers are significantly exposed to your​ business that certainly helps to earn more revenue and profits. It is natural that people do not readily purchase products just after they come to know about a particular brand. It is only after when they are able to rely on the offerings.  

By sending emails that are specifically targeted to them can help to keep calling them about your brand. This way it will become difficult to forget about your brand. When they are in need of your offerings, they will surely give your products and services a try.  


By now, you must have concluded that email marketing prevails as an extra powerful plan than people think it to be. You are required to utilize its full potential and do it tight to gain the benefits provided. Try to reap the maximum benefits of your marketing techniques. Email Marketing is not lost, rather it is gaining acceleration in the digital world.