Gambling is a form of entertainment for many people. In the past, people used to visit racecourses for watching horse racing and enjoying gambling. Today, horse racing is still popular, but gamblers have found many other scopes for betting. Various online betting games like 12Play esports betting and sports betting have become popular today. You can sit at your home and gamble on the virtual platforms. It is not only entertainment today but a source of income for many people. If you are dedicated and passionate about betting, you can earn a good amount of money from it. Many people have become wealthy overnight through it. Hence, it is not bad to give a try to online gambling.

About Esports Betting


When people discuss various options for placing bets on virtual platforms, Esports has been viewed as a common and popular option. Millions of punters from different parts of the world prefer Esports as it comes with exciting rewards. There are many scopes for earning a high amount of money through low-stake bets. From beginners to experienced gamblers, everyone can enjoy betting at the virtual platform of Esports.

Esports betting takes inspiration from sports gambling. For a long time, people used to gamble on various indoor and outdoor sports. They will invest money in football, cricket, baseball, and many other popular sports betting. With the popularity of esports, it has attracted attract the younger generation. It gives people a virtual gaming platform that allows them to play games and win money by placing a bet. In the last one or two years, a sharp increase in the number of bettors has taken place. People like this type of platform for two reasons. One of them is that it delivers excellent entertainment and you will get the chance to play video games with stunningly realistic graphics. Additionally, you can place a bet and earn through gaming. For getting benefits, you need to acquire good gaming skills.

How to Make Money Through Esports Betting?


In different parts of the world, video games are popular. Hence, gambling via video gaming is also getting popular among people. Industry experts have noticed a striking trend in the growth of online gambling across the world. Apart from playing video games, people now want to make money through them as well. A person does not need to be a skilled gamer to earn. Punters can make a profit with their proficiency in predicting the game results.

Punters will find no differences in classic sports and Esports. The rules are quite similar. You have to predict the winner to win money. Apart from predicting the winners, you can also predict various game situations to earn through video games. There are some differences too, and you can find them below.

  • In conventional sports, you need to predict the winner based on a team or individual’s performance. In video gaming, you need to predict the winner based on the skills of the gamers.
  • For video games, there are many options for placing your bets. In conventional games, the scope for betting is limited.
  • There is a difference in the number of events too. For example, conventional horse racing events happen for a limited period of time. Punters have to find other options for making money for the rest of the years. In virtual gaming, there are many events. There is no specific season for gambling. You can avail of the facility throughout the year.

Live Streaming and Esports Betting


Both veteran and casual punters have widely accepted the concept of live gambling. After creating an account on the Esports betting website, you will find an option for live streaming. Many skilled gamers participate in various tournaments. You can watch those virtual competitions live on your smartphone device or desktop. Watching these competitions is great entertainment. You can learn many things about virtual sports. At the same time, you can bet on various games. It would help if you predicted the winner to earn money. The rewards of virtual gambling can make you rich overnight.

People across the world enjoy live streaming of the tournaments. Punters can easily find fellows who are ready to invest money. You can also invite your friends who love online video game streaming. You can play with unknown users from some other part of the world. The best thing is that you can start with a small bet. Despite investing a small amount of money, people can obtain a high return. Bookies offer various deals to gamblers. You can choose a deal that suits your budget.

Advantages of Esports Betting


If you want to gamble, you will find a lot of options with Esports games. Hence, people find it easy to make money through such virtual platforms. There are many trusted bookmakers. You need to find them to make money. Some of the benefits of earning money through Esports games are discussed below.

  • Investment is minimal. You can find various bookies that offer low-budget schemes. You can place a bet with a small amount at the beginning stages. When you gain confidence, you can invest more money to get a bigger return.
  • It is a growing market. Hence, you will find many bookmakers. With different virtual platforms, you will get different options for placing bets. Hence, it is convenient for novice punters to make money easily through these virtual platforms.
  • With Esports betting, anyone can become a winner. In real sports, tournaments often become predictable. You know that the strongest side has the highest winning probability. In video games, none is the strongest.
  • Games are available anytime. Conventional sports happen in a specific season. The matches come with a specific duration. In virtual gaming, there is no specific time and season. You can always find arrays of active games on the websites of the bookies.



For enjoying video game gambling, you need to find a trustworthy website. 12Play’s Esports Betting can be such a trustworthy website. It comes with a lot of interesting features. For low-stake betters and beginners, this website is suitable. Veteran punters can also enjoy online betting on this platform. Casinos and other physical outlets of betting are not closed due to the COVID-19 situation. Hence, you can gamble your money on the virtual platform.