Cryptocurrency is the new buzzword in all sectors of the economy. Unlike traditional currencies like the pound, yen or dollar, a cryptocurrency exists only cryptographically in a computer. They are not issued by a government agency like a central bank of a country; hence, their value is not guaranteed by any federal agency.

These currencies are not issued by the government; hence they have minimal regulations associated with them. Moreover, they allow people to have a level of anonymity while they are transacting with these currencies.

As these cryptocurrencies are gaining broader popularity, people are trying to use them to make money with them. Trading with them has emerged as a promising avenue to make money, and if a person wants to trade with them, he can visit online websites.

6 Ways In Which One Can Make Money Using Cryptos

1. Verification Of Cryptos

Unlike traditional money, which is printed based on the demand and supply of money in an economy, cryptos have to be mined using very powerful computers. Miners compete with each other to verify cryptographic information that demonstrates the integrity of a transaction.

Thus verifying a transaction is a way in which new currencies are generated. Thus, if a miner successfully verifies a transaction in a block, it proves that the block has not been tampered with and also testifies the origin and the way the transactions on that block have proceeded.


Whenever a miner successfully completes this process, he gets some rewards and getting a part of the mined cryptos is a usual reward for these miners. However, purchasing high-end, high-power computers is a necessity for carrying out these mining operations. These computers are very expensive, and they are a significant reason why most people do not find mining to be a profitable venture.

However, people can now start mining without investing a huge amount in computing power. At present, there are cloud-based mining operations where the miner just has to mine without investing much in the computer’s hardware.

2. Affiliate Marketing

In simple words, affiliate marketing for other brands using one’s own popularity. Famous vloggers and bloggers go for affiliate marketing of a number of products and earn vast amounts of money as commission. If a person has a blog with many viewers, that particular blog has a lot of visibility.

Thus, if famous bloggers advertise or talk about any other product, that product also benefits from the popularity of the blogger. If a blogger talks about a crypto-based trading site or company on their blog, they get commissions from that company.

3. Trading In Cryptos

Trading in these currencies has picked up in recent years. Day traders usually carry out buying and selling activities depending on the price fluctuations of a product. Hence, if crypto has a high price at the beginning of the day, a trader would sell them. And if their price is low at the beginning of the day, a trader would buy them.


Thus, a trader makes clever use of the rise and fall of prices over a day to book profits for themselves. In fact, these traders utilize analyzing tools to predict the prices so that they can register more enormous profits. Though the crypto trading market is not as huge as other trading markets, they are making steady progress.

Trading in these currencies is also fraught with risks, and any sudden change in the political or economic affairs, be it oil prices or the declaration of wars, can affect the markets. Thus, they suffer from huge volatility and significant risks. But at the same time, if people invest time in analyzing past trends, they can gain windfall profits in these markets.

4. As an Investment Option

People buy houses, metals like gold, silver and pieces of land as capital assets in the hope that the price of these commodities will increase steadily in the future and they will make a profit when they sell these assets.

Cryptos are also long-term investment assets. Also, the prices of any property are subject to a number of factors like government policy, the economic status of a country etc. The same is true for cryptos as well, and people have to wait for an opportune moment to sell them if they want to earn a significant profit.

These currencies can be a great investment option because market experts expect them to be in high demand in the near future. Since the price of any commodity is a function of its demand and supply, these currencies could fetch high prices in the long term. The probability of being highly profitable in the future is precisely why high net worth individuals now invest large amounts of money in these currencies.

5. Staking The Currency


Staking means giving currency to another person and earning some interest or commission for letting them use the currency. Staking is equivalent to renting out a house that one owns. The property might belong to a particular person who does not have any immediate use of the property. So if he rents out his property, the person who takes the property for rent pays money to the original owner.

So if a person has some cryptos that he had either mined or invested in a long time back, he can simply stake it to gain some money.

6. Gaining Free Tokens

At times cryptos are given away as free tokens as a means to generate more awareness about a particular type of crypto etc. In such cases, the currency earned as a token can be traded or sold to make money.


Apart from these, there are many new companies based on cryptos that are starting out. These companies will need marketing personnel, human resource executives etc. So if a person works in these companies, they can indirectly earn via cryptos.


These currencies have a lot of potential, but they come with some uncertainties, and people should tread with extreme caution when they are looking forward to making money with them.