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Among so much ideological discussion about machismo, feminism, and gender equality there are issues that have not been sensitized in public opinion as they should be and that for both sexes are very important to understand its full dimension. Rights or duties, more or less, there are several stereotypes about the condition of men and women that are not entirely known to the opposite sex, and that, in the light of the honest conversation, can come to light at any time.

For example, in the context of the current debate, that belief that a man does not cry or cannot express his feelings is archaic. And well, the fact of expressing or not your internal and external fears is also. Like tears and feelings, fears are inevitable for any human condition, especially if you are full of insecurities or you don’t have the tools to avoid them. Check this page for a concrete scenario of insecurities of a man and to deal with it.

And since in the end, we all have ever felt it, we made a list to know what are the 10 fears or insecurities that affect a man at some point in his life.

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1. Lose most of your hair

There are men who always enjoyed abundant and beautiful hair, but sometimes due to genetics, diet, or stress, it begins to weaken, and finally, you are bald. Many of us are afraid of the insecurity that can cause us to face the world without hair.

2. Not getting a well-payed job

Many men are afraid of not finding a job that makes it easier for us to have the lifestyle we want. Also, social and family pressure makes us always compare ourselves to other successful men, which is quite annoying.

3. Not knowing how to dance

It sounds silly but many men are afraid that if we invite a girl to a bar or a party, she asks us to dance. Many of us have 2 left feet and as much as we have wanted to practice and learn, we simply cannot.

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4. Not fulfilling our dreams and goals

There are people who always dream of being free, traveling, and dedicating ourselves to carrying out our passion, but later we realize that we live in the real world in which you need to have money to live. It is then when you realize that it is increasingly difficult to do what we like so much.

5. Having an illness

Why do you think that men never want to go to the doctor, even if we are dying? The reason is that we are afraid of having a serious illness. This situation can be seen more frequently in men who are the mainstay of their family since they know that if something happens to them, their family could be abandoned. For this reason the refusal to visit the doctor, which is, of course, wrong on so many levels.

6. Penis size

It works in almost the same dimension as physical appearance, since size is also part of male competitiveness. Even the extremes are not good. A lot or a little, sure problem. A lot of people opt for penis extenders and to understand how they work, click here.

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7. To get a pregnant woman with whom you would not like to have children

We are honest, sometimes men sleep with women who do not attract us. We only have one night of passion, but we don’t expect to have a family with them. The fear that any of them will get pregnant is terrifying.

8. Have a relationship where they control us

Sometimes when we fall madly in love we want nothing more than to please our partner in everything, thus losing our essence and decision in important things. It has happened to some and not to others, but it is possible that during some stage of our lives we have had this fear of becoming something that we are not.

10. Loneliness

And I’m not exactly talking about not having a partner, I mean that fear that would cause you to realize one day that you have no real friends or people who are interested in your life. That is why it is always important not to fail those people who give you their trust and love.

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11. Not being an exemplary parent

The older you are, you are afraid that by educating your little one, they will not remember you as an exemplary, loving, and caring parent when they grow up. We know that they will be the only thing left of us when we have to leave this earth.

12. Fear of saying “I love you”

There are a thousand ways to say “I love you” to our partner every day, transmitting that emotion is wonderful in a relationship. However, many people are afraid to say it because they fear the reaction of the other. You should face this fear with communication, with assertiveness (to mark the limits without offending) and with negotiation.

13. Fear of saying to someone “I no longer love you.”

Saying “I no longer love you” is very painful both for those who hear that phrase and for those who say it. In fact, many people continue a relationship because they don’t dare say it. According to the psychologist, you should have humility (to recognize that we have made a mistake), empathy (to understand the “shock” that our partner will feel), active listening, assertiveness (to be able to be firm and the decision) and a good dose of self-esteem.

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14. Jealousy of other men

The old typification of the “alpha male” is one of the reasons for this fear. There is no worse situation than to put your guard up against the arrival of a new and better “specimen” to the herd.

15. Little experience with women

That same eternal competitiveness in adolescence begins to be a problem when it comes to meeting women. There are even men who come to lie to justify behaviors and add stories to their sexual curriculum.


It is important to understand that, like many others, fears are normal and natural and that everyone encounters them. The sooner you understand this, the easier it will be to overcome them.