Welcome to the digital world! This is the age wherein freelancing is no longer frowned upon, instead has slowly become an attractive career path for different walks of life. From the young startups to the established professionals, the number of freelancers has spiked in the last few years thanks to the rapid transformations and advancements in technology, particularly in communication and networking.

What does freelance mean? Most of the freelancers may have started having other family members or friends being reluctant at your prospecting for leaving that 9-5 job. Though the potential of working in pajamas, not having to deal with the break room gossip, and having to be in control of your work schedule is too tempting.

Opportunities in earning online are fruitful and plentiful, we’ve gathered the most popular ventures from present freelancers, that are legitimate ways to help you earn money in no time.

1. Content Writing


Virtually, almost all transactions are done online. Businesses need to be visible on the largest platform of potential clients. To market their services, they need a web page to advertise and place their services. This means business owners need content.

There are two ways to earn as a content writer, either writing for someone else’s blog or writing on your own blog. However, you can choose to do both when you are able.

If you have flair for words, great grammar skills, and willing to know more about SEO, then working as a content writer can be lucrative for you.

2. Graphic Designing


Like content writing, business is on the look for talented graphic designers who can create visually appealing images on their website. Visuals and graphics combined are strategies that many companies utilize to market their services.

If you have that artistic talent and versed with Photoshop and other graphic design software, then being a graphics designer is a great option. Plus, it pays well.

3. Web Design


Almost everyone has visited a website and it’s an interface where your content write-ups and graphics go. Businesses will need a web design that matches their brand may it be the color, design, and content. You may find templates online to build your website, but most companies are still looking for a customized web design that can capture their brand.

If you love designing and have a good grasp of your HTML and CSS skills then web design is for you. Take note though that web design involves the frontend and the backend designs. You can do both or be an expert in one.

4. Social Media Management


Social media has taken over almost every aspect of marketing and companies are taking advantage of the large pool of audience in the media. Though with the number of social platforms and the work needed to keep a social media platform up and running, business owners need a social media manager. Dedicated social media managers ensure that strong and relevant content can reach as much as many customers as possible.

If you’re social media savvy and enjoy doing social media campaigns, a social media manager is a great fit for you.

5. Virtual Assistant


This position has the potential to be a steady and continuous flow of income and a lot of companies seek help online to manage their administrative or other aspects of the business. Generally, these can include setting up appointments, checking email, updating on the books, writing emails to clients, and any other tedious task that most busy business owners can’t handle themselves.

With this, you need good organizational and communication skills since you’ll be dealing with multiple tasks at the same time.

6. Online English Teacher


English is second nature to Filipinos and the difference is that we speak better than most other Asian nations. With your good grammar skills and patience, you can be an online English teacher. Most of your students will include Chinese, South Koreans, and Japanese. There’s a good range of demographic of people who want to learn the English language and these can include students to professionals.

An online English teacher is a great option if you want a stable and continuous flow of work but you’ll need to be versatile in terms of your teaching methods as the age group can vary. You’ll also need to be well-adjusted with the schedules of your students as their availability can vary as well.

7. Online Selling


Today, almost anything and everything could be bought online and this means the platform needs sellers and online selling business can be a lucrative option. Just like selling physically, you’ll need to set up a store, but this time using an online store. You can either build your own or if you’re still starting out you can take advantage of the two most popular online stores namely Shoppe and Lazada.

Being an online seller means you’ve got to be a jack of all trades. This means you need accounting, managerial, secretarial skills, and a savvy business owner to be successful on the field, especially if you’re still just starting out and can’t afford to hire an accountant or assistant.

This is popular. In fact, the rise of online shopping sites like Shopee and Lazada is a testament to how popular online shopping is these days.

8. Affiliate Programs


Basically, affiliate programs are offered by businesses that give you a commission when you have successfully produced a lead or purchase. This can be in a form of products or cash typically ranging from 2% to 12 percent. Depending on the shop, you can have higher commissions and perks. You can utilize affiliate programs with your social media platforms to generate successful leads.


Just like any venture, starting up as a freelancer is hard but with determination and time, you can succeed just like other online workers who have got high-paying jobs. This is something that Robocash understands and we cater to freelancers like you who need cash especially during emergencies.

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