In recent times, with the increase in the use of electrical appliances due to the adoption and advancement of technology, there has also been an increase in the demand for skilled electricians. The electrical business sector has undergone a series of evolutions in the past decades, with more niches being born in the electrical industry. There have been newer forms of technology that directly pertain to the use of electricity and electronics, therefore the need for electricians in space.

This increase in demand for electricians has also led to a heightened attraction for establishments in the electrical industry. There have been more individuals coming into the space, therefore, increasing the competition in the market. Although the electrical business market is highly valuable, with a market size of over $100 billion in the US alone, this is only projected to increase in the coming years, as the electrical industry has been projected to increase by 8% between 2024 and 2031.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that there has been an increase in the number of electrical professionals in the field. In a sector where there is increased competition, it is only normal for electricians to position themselves properly to get more jobs and leverage the space. According to reports from Statista, there are already over 700,000 employees in the electrical sector, and that number is ever-increasing.

Although there are jobs available as a result of the high market value, it is also critical to be properly positioned to get the best jobs available, which may offer a higher salary and possibly attract recruitment from top companies.

In this article, we delve further into how to properly position ourselves to get more electrician recruitment roles.

How does the electrician recruitment process work?


There is a huge demand for more electricians to work with several companies, but the issue is that getting the right talents to fill these spaces can become quite a challenge. Recruitment is an effective method used to find and vet more qualified professionals to fill required roles.

The electrical industry is one of the most in-demand sectors, with several corporate bodies, office complexes, residential homes, etc. desperately needing the services of an electrician to handle essential electrical needs around the office space.

With the advancements in technology and the increase in the use and adoption of electrical and electronic appliances in the form of computers, printers, photocopying machines, etc., there is a constant need for electrical maintenance to be carried out within the workspace to ensure everything is running smoothly at all times.

As a result, electricians are constantly recruited to join the workforce at companies to ensure that all electrical requirements are met to the best of their abilities. Finding the needed professionals in the electrical sector who are exceptionally good at their quality of work delivery poses another challenge for these employers.

To avoid this, most employers prefer to recruit electricians through vetted and reliable sources. These sources could be job boards, holding physical interviews, collaborating with top electrician recruiting agencies, etc. in a bid to get the best electrical professionals to work with.

These electrician recruitment agencies make it easier for businesses to find top talents and professionals to work with by curating a list of vetted and top electricians from across the country to connect with businesses in need of electrical services, all while adhering to agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Necessary Skills/metrics Recruiters Consider before Recruiting an Electrician


Recruiters do not recruit anyone and everybody for a specific job role, and this is also very much applicable in the electrical sector. Recruiters are known for carefully vetting applicants with an eye toward necessary skills or requirements before deciding to accept a recruit.

Proper knowledge of some of these metrics, which recruiters look out for before choosing an applicant, could go a long way in helping the electrician create a better impression. These metrics are divided into

  • Professional work skills and
  • Soft skills

Professional work skills

Professional work skills, also known as “hard skills,” fall under having in-depth knowledge, technical know-how, and experience as an electrician. These hard skills are the technical skills that are needed to fill the role of an electrician, including technical know-how and a proper understanding of electrical systems and structures.

These structures and services include efficient wiring, the installation of electrical appliances, troubleshooting, maintenance of lighting and wiring systems, sourcing out failed power outlets and fixing them, etc.

Soft skills


It is a clear fact that to deliver an efficient and quality job, an electrician’s role requires more physical and hard labor, as well as a strong understanding of the technical aspects of the job. However, soft skills are also important in increasing the quality of deliverable work.

Soft skills are the skills that are essential for working effectively in an organization, and they could be seen as interpersonal skills that are not related to hard skills but are a huge determinant of the level of success and effective work that can be done within any organization.

Soft skills are crucial in building and maintaining a healthy work environment and working relationships between employees. It also contributes to ensuring that quality work is delivered by the employees at all times and everyone is working at optimal capacity.

Some of these essential soft skills include effective communication, being proactive, interpersonal skills, keen attention to detail, friendliness, etc. Most of these soft skills, particularly as an electrician, would greatly influence the quality and effectiveness of the work that could be delivered.

Best Ways to Position for Easy Electrician Recruitment


To make the most of your available opportunities, especially as an electrician, you must develop your skills as an electrician and be willing to work and storm the market. The electrical business sector is in high demand, and there are lots of job roles available, but only those that are properly positioned can make the most of them.

One of the major differences between electricians who are easily hired for several job openings and those who struggle to get hired is simply proper positioning. Proper positioning assists individuals in maximizing and selling themselves to prospective clients.

Some of the best ways to position yourself for easy recruitment as an electrician include:

1. Acquire the necessary certifications or qualifications

Becoming an electrician requires intentional training, focus, and commitment to getting the job done right. Getting a license to work as an electrician is a highly valued requirement that can determine if an electrician gets hired for a role or not.

Since electricians work directly with electrical appliances and power materials, it is a requirement to get the necessary training from a verifiable source, get certified, and also acquire a license to work as an electrician. These demonstrate to recruiters and potential clients that you are a professional in your field and can deliver quality work safely and effectively.

2. Demonstrate professional work skills


Acquiring a certification and license is necessary, but it is insufficient to make the most of the recruitment process. Aside from getting the license, recruiters want to see how professional and handy you are in handling your work and completing tasks.

This could also include how well you have the technical know-how to be fully effective and professional in handling electrical components, finding and fixing faults in electrical circuits, etc.

3. Possess some necessary soft skills as well

As discussed earlier, one of the best ways to create a great impression on potential recruiters during the interview or recruitment process is by possessing some necessary soft skills. Aside from the needed hard skills, soft skills act as a form of “icing on the cake” and could serve as a differentiator between competing applicants during the recruitment phase.

Possessing a few soft skills, such as a keen attention to detail, friendliness, problem-solving skills, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, etc., can go a long way in creating a great impression on potential clients about the level of quality work that can be produced while maintaining a healthy work relationship within the organization.

4. Check for jobs on top electrician job boards


Platforms that regularly post available electrician roles are one of the best ways to stay on top of the best jobs as they become available. Some clients or recruiters for companies post about job openings whenever they need electricians on these job boards or platforms, where these electricians can get to see them and apply accordingly.

5. Market yourself and your skills

The process of self-marketing is a highly essential factor in positioning yourself to get recruited easily and additional factors like electrical training, such as the comprehensive
Electrical Training by Skills Training Group. Even though the electrical role is a handy and physically laborious one, the ability to sell yourself and convince the recruiters as to why you are the best person for the role is very important. The ability to effectively sell yourself and your skills, knowledge, and experience will contribute to setting you apart from the competition during the recruitment process.


The electrical sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industrial space, with an ever-increasing demand for electricians in various work and home settings. A lot of hard skills and experience are needed to excel efficiently in the space; however, some methods can be applied to get more recruitment for electricians in the highly competitive market.