Need some help refining your pickup game when dealing with Brazilian ladies? Well, you have come to the right place.

We understand that chatting up these beautiful and confident ladies can be a little intimidating even for the best of us. So, we have prepared a list of 9 tips that should help you successfully flirt with a Brazilian single.

How to flirt with Brazilians

Work on your Portuguese


97.9% of Brazilians speak Portuguese as their primary language. While many of them speak some degree of English, it is still best to approach them in their language. So take a class, do your research on common phrases and do whatever else it takes to learn as much as you can.

You do not have to be fluent overnight. However, the effort is usually very endearing and will earn you a lot of points, even if your accent is atrocious.  If you want to up your flirting game, take a look at this article listing all these Brazilian Portuguese love phrases.

Make the first move


Brazilian women are very strong and independent. However, the Brazilian dating culture expects the guy to take the lead on some things. That includes making the first move. So, instead of sitting at the bar or going through some online platform, pluck up the courage and say hello.

Brazilians are instinctively social and, more often than not, will help you carry the conversation, so you do not have to worry about what happens next.

Leave the stereotypes at the door

They have heard it all before – everything from being called sassy to assumptions about their openness to sexual advances. Trust me; she doesn’t want to listen to any more of it. Hearing something over and over is very irritating if you mean it as a joke.

Instead, treat her as a unique individual and figure out what makes her special. And if she does live up to some stereotype, do not make the mistake of pointing them out as predictable. It will only hurt your chances.

Go with the flow…


As mentioned above, Brazilians are often very social and great at carrying the conversation. That makes having banter with them easily from the get-go. If you are shy or clueless about what to talk about, go with the flow.

If the conversation is heavily flirty, do not hesitate to compliment her back. If it is comfortable small talk, then respond the same way, and if they want to talk about serious things, then put on your philosopher cap and indulge her. It´s all about mirroring the way they approach the chat.

…but don’t get lost in the flow

While it is essential to go with the flow, you must be careful not to have your personality and views swallowed up. Do your best to show some character in the conversation.

The most important thing for you to do here is to help out with steering the conversation. If she feels she is doing most of the heavy lifting, she is likely to lose interest. By contributing to the flow direction, you also give her a chance to get to know you better. That is always a bonus.

Make eye contact

When talking to a Brazilian single, you should always keep eye contact. It is considered rude in their culture not to do so, and the last thing you want to do is offend her. It may come across as you lacking confidence, which is also not an attractive way to come across.

Keeping eye contact is also a fantastic way to establish and maintain a connection. These women are very passionate, and something as simple as eye contact is a sure way to create some sexual tension.

If you are shy, fake it until you make it


Brazilian women are very confident, and they like men who are the same. Any sign of weakness or self-doubt, and you may promptly lose her. To avoid this, be confident in yourself and keep in mind that you are a likable person.

If you do not feel confident, then we suggest that you fake it. Eventually, the nerves will wear off, and you won’t feel as cripplingly shy. Just do not overdo it as there is a fine line between confidence and obnoxious cockiness – a line you do not want to cross.

Leave no room for awkward silence

If you follow the tips highlighted above, it is nearly impossible for the conversation to hit a dead end. However, it is not a hundred percent outside the realm of possibility for your flirting attempts to fall into the awkward silence trap.

If things get here, it means that she is slowly but surely losing interest to the point that even her social side isn’t willing to salvage the conversation. That usually happens if people feel like they are carrying most of the conversation or are offended by the other person. So, be a gentleman and, most importantly, let it be a fun back and forth fueled by confidence.

A little PDA goes a long way


Brazilians are very tactile in their displays of affection. So, if you want to flirt successfully, you will have to throw in a bit of physical touch. It could be lightly touching her hand as you laugh or your arm around her shoulder as she is talking about something close to her heart.

The important thing is that you stay vigilant to her cues. Is she receptive to you touching her? Is she dropping hints by touching you too? That way, you do not end up overstepping the boundaries and undoing all your good work.