In every corporation, employees get gifts for the successful efforts they make for the company. It is not easy to choose one gift out of endless options. But giving a pen as a corporate gift is quite common. Even a small business or startup can also afford to provide such a gift to its staff.

But now, the toughest part is to choose a fine brand and specific pen type. It can either be the ball pen or the fountain pen in many cases. Instead of giving another gift, any pen will be the best choice for a company owner.

In the following write-up, we will discuss various reasons employees must get a pen as a corporate gift. It can either be the ball pen or the fountain pen. But there will be certain customization that makes it belong to the company. Let us know why giving a pen as a gift is so common and popular in every business.

1. Brand Exposure

As a gift, giving a customized pen is a great marketing strategy. Many brands prefer this strategy these days. When you give someone a luxurious pen with the customized logo of your company, it leaves a good impression on them.

The staff, customers, and clients will always remember what you have given them. A good quality ball or fountain pen is expensive, and it looks like the perfect choice as a gift. In the case of fountain pens, you can enhance your pricing range and buy the most expensive pens and gift them.

2. Easy and Lightweight to Carry


Instead of gifting any big item, you can choose a small, classy, and elegant pen for your employees. It is not important how small or big your gift was. But what type of gift you have given is more important. You can invest in a high-quality ball or fountain pen that looks expensive and classy. If you have a good choice, no one will forget your gift.

The best part of giving a pen is that it is easy and lightweight to carry anywhere. You can pick hundreds of pens with you and give them to your staff. They will also keep the gift with them and carry it everywhere. In this way, you can also market your brand and get other people’s attention.

3. Different Brands and Designs are Available

If you want to give a pen as a gift to anyone, you can pick any design from the plenty of options. Different manufacturers are coming up with luxurious and expensive designs for pens, and you can consider them for giving a gift to the staff or your clients.

If you purchase bulk pens, you can also get discounts. It is the best way to save your money on premium pens. You can also hire a designer to manufacture customized pens for your company.

4. Business Tradition


There is a tradition of giving pens as a gift to the staff and clients in many companies. The pen is considered a traditional gift, and it is quite common in many companies. These pens may vary because they can be expensive for high-class brands and an affordable range for startups.

Such gifts help build a strong relationship with customers, clients, and the staff. Such a tradition will never go away. You can work in any company you like, and you will get a gift as an appreciation.

5. Pens Can be Used as Business Card

The customized ball or fountain pens in a company can be used as business cards as it is the perfect strategy for brand marketing. A company can buy bulk pens to provide them to everyone inside and outside the organization.

In this way, more people can discover the company by checking out the customized pens. Instead of sharing a business card, it is good to provide a pen as a gift. The receiver will be good because he got a gift, and at the same time, you can promote your business through that person.

6. The pen is a Basic Stationery


Innovations are introduced to people and most switch to new technologies. But when it comes to writing anything, a pen is the basic stationery that everyone uses. The use of a pen can never get outdated, and its purpose will remain the same. Therefore, giving a pen as a gift is an excellent idea because everyone will use it.

No one will throw or waste it. Even if it is customized or not, people will still use it. Whenever any person uses the pen gifted by the company, he will always remember your organization. This thing applies to your customers and clients.

7. Creativity

If you give a fountain pen to someone as a gift, you inspire creativity. When the smooth ink leaves the pen’s nib, one can write flawlessly. If any staff gets the gift, you want to write and present the company details creatively.

The person must work on the presentation of documents and prepare something that attracts their clients. Fountain pens are good for sketching and bringing your creative side to a paper.

8. Writing is Good for Health


Undoubtedly, writing is good for our health. A pen gift encourages a person to write about his thoughts and feelings. If anyone is struggling from stress, the person must write it all in a notebook and get relief.

A fountain pen provides smooth writing and reduces stress levels. But you can also give a good-quality ball pen that can last for more days. You can improve your mental health by writing as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of reasons are there to give anyone a fountain or ball pen as a corporate gift. You can find here to get this stationery in bulk. As a corporate owner, you need to work on branding and provide appreciation gifts to your employees and customers. Before selecting any gift, consider the mentioned reasons and think of a pen as a gift.