In the age of digital technology increasing numbers of things are now possible to accomplish at the convenience of home. All you require is an internet connection and a device can be connected to it. To keep up with this growing trend, many industries and businesses are moving more of their operations as well as sales and offers to websites. Gambling is among these sectors.

With gambling becoming more easily available in everyday life it’s worth spending some time to be aware of the specifics of the industry. If something all of a sudden becomes feasible to do on your couch it is likely that the chances of performing it will increase. Many people who are entering betting for the very first time do not be well-informed and consequently, many fall to the gambler’s error.

Understanding the fallacy


The gambling fallacy of the gambler has to do with being related to probability calculation.

This kind of math is easy to get confused which is probably the reason this fallacy even exists in the first place. This is also called the Monte Carlo Fallacy.

The gambler’s fallacy is the idea that if something occurred frequently over the years, it is more unlikely to occur in the near future even though it has been proven that the likelihood of happening is not affected by events of the past. Let’s do an example that will illustrate how this works actually. So let’s assume that we will do a coin flip ten consecutive times. All of them have landed with tails but at this moment after the ten flips, someone can assume that it is only natural that it will land ahead. With that knowing you have a fifty-fifty chance of that happening, so that’s where the fallacy kicks in. You need to understand and know that the chance of getting ahead is only 50 percent. Each flip is for itself with the same percentage of chance, the fifty-fifty chance. The new flip does not rely in any case on the previous flip. If you would have been given the chance to bet on eleven flips where you will win if you get 11 tails, then the good thing would be to turn it down as the likeness of that happening is very low. However, if offered the same bet with ten flips having already produced ten tails, the gambler would have a fifty percent chance of winning because the odds of the next one turning up tails is still fifty percent. The fallacy comes in believing that with 10 heads having already occurred, the eleventh is now less bound to happen.

In the realm of gambling, the gambler’s fallacy could be that gamblers believe they’re more likely to succeed in winning the next round in the event that they’ve just lost the last several games. For instance, when they’ve gotten low numbers on the die for a number of rolls, the chances of receiving one of six numbers on the following roll are likely to be higher than normal. This is not the reality and can be harmful thinking as it could encourage gamblers to play again and over again, believing they are much more successful even if they lose. The most famous case of this happened in Monte Carlo when the roulette ball stroke black 26 times in total where millions were lost. This is the event that leads to the name of the fallacy.

Play for fun and avoid the fallacy


Gaming and gambling on casinos online shouldn’t be done to earn a profit. The act of gambling is high risk and gamblers hoping to be rewarded for their gaming are most likely to be dissatisfied. But many players who play online casinos prefer the actual games and the ambiance, which is why it makes sense to play casinos online.

If you’re playing to have pleasure, then it’s more about the experience and playing instead of the potential cash reward at the conclusion. A lot of people love the atmosphere of casinos and some of the top online casinos have been able to recreate this experience on the internet. The best way to avoid this is to always think of a new play and a new hand as that. It is new and won’t have any connection to the previous play.


This is all very common in big casinos and you need to understand that this is the way casinos make money. They will outsmart you in most cases and this is just one of their methods. Another tip would be to play very randomly or strategize your plays to have the balance needed for the win. Especially in poker where this can be very advantageous for you in most cases. When you are playing against human opposites, you need to think about how you think and how they think. So this will allow you to strike that balance needed to win the hand. Always be on the lookout for this fallacy and know that you can always leave the game and minimize your losses in a way that it won’t hurt you the next day. Achieving this state of mind and knowing this will make you a better player and it will increase you chances of winning big in casinos, be it real or online.

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