Gambling and gaming have become a topic of interest recently. Furthermore, it is not only the gaming industry but also the politicians and media channels are also debating on it. In addition to all of these, researchers are also taking interest in them. The “Computers in Human Behavior” is an international journalist who has also showcased the relationship between Esports, gaming, and gambling.

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The term gaming involves using mobile phones, computers, laptops, and consoles to play games. In this terminology, you won’t have to risk any valuable thing to play the game. Although there are paid games too you have to pay only once to buy them.

On the other hand, the term gambling involves risking some valuable thing to win the desired outcome. You will have to bet something valuable (usually people play with cash) and play the game. If you win it, you will get back your actual cash and also the won amount from others.

How it started


The connection between Gambling and Gaming started from the premium game “Battlefront 2”. This game comes under the category of premium games. Despite being somewhat expensive, the number of users was quite high. So they introduced “Loot boxes” in it. It was a part of the game economy. To win loot boxes, the players have to use their game currency and as a result, they will get random rewards. The fun thing was you can exchange these rewards with real currency.

This was something mind-blowing. You can actually get real-world currency through playing a game. This thing attracted more and more users towards Battlefront 2. Afterward, several other video gaming companies started monetization of their games.

But what is the connection between electronic games and gambling?


Previously, online games don’t involve the factor of gambling. You only play the game for fun and not for winning some prize or bonus. But recently, several video games are providing opportunities for the players to gamble. This happened because gambling games are not fun for everyone. Moreover, the number of video gamers is far more than that of gamblers.

The widespread use of the internet and gaming and gambling platforms have made it easy for users to utilize their services. Furthermore, the greed to earn while playing your favorite game is attracting more people into gaming gambling.

Most of the video games offer paid upgrades for the game and their characters and items. If the user wants to upgrade his item or character he will have to pay for it. Thus, through upgrading the game, the user will have more power and you can quickly win.

1. Playing games


The first connection between gambling and gaming is the fact that the players have to play a game. You will have to invest some amount to be able to play the game. Afterward, if you win the game, you will get your prize money or bonus. Moreover, you can exchange the bonuses with real-world currency and get your reward in cash. It is all fun and you can spend your free time in such activities. Furthermore, you can also get a cash prize for doing so.

The previous gambling games seem boring for some people especially youngsters. But now you can play your favorite video game and can still gamble.

2. Getting real-world and virtual currency


The strongest connection between gambling and gaming is getting money. You get your reward and now it’s up to you whether you want to exchange it with virtual currency or real-world currency. You have to play the game, make achievements, and have to win in-game currencies. These in-game currencies can be bought with real word money too and also through online market exchanges.

In-game currency becomes useful for upgrading your game. Thus, after you get your character and game upgrade, you will have a higher winning chance. With the speedy game win, you can get more loot boxes in less time. Furthermore, as your gaming record gets improved, you become one of the favorites among gamers too. Thus, you can win more bonuses from the developers. So, with a little investment, you can get more cash rewards similar to online casinos.

These are the positive connection between gaming and gambling. But that’s not all. Some things are not apparent and you need to know them.

3. Unregulated sites


Whether it’s gaming or gambling, several unregulated websites are in operation. Furthermore, international regulatory practices are unable to control them. Therefore, users need to be careful. Instead of winning the money, you can lose your investment. So if you are going to pay, choose a licensed site to prevent any fraud or mishap.

In both gambling and gaming, the responsible authorities fail to address the issues. Apart from the international agencies, the game developers also ignore the concerns of people. Furthermore, some of them are purposely developing consumer monetization.

4. Development of behavioral problems


Gaming and gambling both are addictive and therefore, there should be a time limit for their use. If you fail to regulate your playing time, you will end up getting deeper and deeper into the trap. Thus, you will lose control of your mind and will start to invest without thinking much. Consequently, you might lose all your investment because you will make bets without thinking much.

If you lose a game, you will start playing more. It will be because of the anger to make more money and overcome the loss. But that’s not how things work. As you get blinded by the loss, you make emotional decisions that are not right. With time, you will develop behavioral problems because you will be spending most of your time in the online world.