This free game contains many character classes. Thanks to this, deep gameplay mechanics is achieved. In order to achieve great success in this game, you need to get acquainted with the basics of the system.

This way you will be able to complete all the tasks that will help you take your game to the next level. For example, focus on improving your basic skills and similar things. Read below for some tips we have prepared for you, because we want to help you improve your skills.

1. Decide on the right character


You need to make good choices right from the start. This means that the character you choose is important. Since there are few characters and not everyone can unlock them in the beginning, think strategically. For example, know that one character can be unlocked by completing a task. If that is your goal, prepare to complete the task.

In addition, you can opt for a duelist. He has great skills that will be of great use to you in fights with individual characters. For example, you can use AI Minion to fight alongside you. Templar is ideal if you like to fire projectiles.

For all lovers of magical abilities, the witch choice is ideal. In addition to her great powers, she has a very pronounced intelligence. If you still want someone who is physically agile, then a ranger is a better choice because you can seriously fight with your opponents with him. You can also opt for a fighter like Marauder.

Sometimes short-range weapons can greatly affect your game, and then Shadow would be useful to you. Finally, there is another character called Scion. He has a system of exile skills which means he can develop into more types of characters.

2. Initial character building

Be careful in this and constantly follow in which direction the character building is going. Why is this important? The reason is the large number of players trying to go their own way when it comes to character building.

So, they don’t care about the versions created by more experienced players than them. Instead, they spend most of their time experimenting with passive skills, which do not end well.

Natural progression involves collecting a small number of points and advancing, but not so fast. That is why it is best to follow the versions that someone has already made because that way you will have a certain outcome. This way you will have an endgame viable character when needed.

3. Join the league


Of course, everyone is advised to join the leagues, because that affects gaming skills the most. However, you can’t just join a league but you have to choose. You need to decide on the one that suits you best. Unfortunately, not all leagues are always available. There is a standard league that represents a classic game without changes and it is not the most popular option. Hardcore implies a standard league, but also other variants.

They allow a player to switch to another character if he dies in the game. Challenge has a great offer and in this league, you will have many prizes if you successfully answer some of the challenges. You can only be in it for a couple of months, and then move on to the standard league. Solo Self Found is destined for a single player. This prevents trading and grouping which increases challenges.

4. Use the gems

When you learn all about the gem system and their benefits, you will improve for sure. This will give you adequate support. However, in order to acquire some new skills, you need to ship the gems in your gear. No matter what class you are in, you can use any skill. Gems in any case have stat and level requirements.

Remember that you can only use slots of the same color. There are several types of gems. One type refers to skill gems. They will provide you with attacks, spells, traps, etc. We also have support gems that will allow you to replace existing skills. It is important to note that this type of gem must be compatible with the gem in the linked socket.

With higher earnings, you get more gems and they can’t be taken away from you. Even if you get to a lower level, you will only receive a penalty from KSP, but that will not affect the gems. If you need additional help and boost visit and find out more.

5. Be picky


By taking absolutely every piece of loot, you create a crowd in your space or in your bag. Since there is a limit, you will not be able to carry everything with you. That is why it is important to put each item in its place because otherwise, your bag will fill up too quickly if you take every item you see.

So, you will do best if you bypass things that are of little value or your character cannot use them. For example, you can figure out which items are rare compared to colors. White means that the object is normal, blue means that it is magical, and yellow means a rare object.

Orange is also used to denote an item that is unique. Our advice is to ignore white colors while rare ones are worth taking and selling. Of course, be sure to bring items that look better than your current equipment.

6. Maintain health

Although you cannot refill life, you can regenerate a small amount for a while. Remember this when using the flask. For example, you can improve the condition of your character by visiting a city or hideout. It is very important that you regularly recover your health so that you are always ready for battles.


We hope we have helped you become much better in this game by improving your existing knowledge and strategies. You may have learned something new from us, but we are sure that you will pay more attention to the important items on which your game depends.